[dew of loquat of hut reading aloud kind relieves a cough syrup] _ relieves a cough how does methodological _ relieve a cough

[the effect of Qi Laxi ketone and action] _ Qi Laxi ketone _ advantage

[bezoar step-down bolus can eat for a long time] _ often eats _ but with

[boil Chinese traditional medicine a few hours] how long does time _ boil _

[the effect of multiflora rose root and action] benefit of _ of advantage of _ root ministry

[dosage of manual of natrium of laborious of head Bao Fu] how does _ take dosage of natrium of _ Fu laborious

[cerebral a place of strategic importance is connected should take a few months] how does _ eat _

[cerebral clever element piece treat insomnia] action of _ effect _

[children is law-abiding Huang Namin grain] _ usage dosage _ note

[6 classics have a headache piece effect] benefit of _ advantage _