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The little sister came back eventually, although already year nearly 30, however still so beautiful so lovely, it is beautiful only beautiful in appearance much kind of mature flavour, what experience probably is much, resemble no longer so innocent before?

She is wearing vermeil eider down crossing genu to take, render pants of black, cross genu skin boots brownly, it is cheesed that some exhaustion perhaps say complexion appreciably suit more. Mom holds in arms before she goes up intimately: “Mom, think me dead! Think me? ” the girl shape that she acts like a spoiled child one pair as before.

Mom a pair amiable helpless however expression: “Think you, also do not come home so for long Mom seeing father, had a man to forget Mom! You this conscienceless! You this conscienceless!!

Little sister and mom embraced, just rise to making call with the person in house next, when she delivers the view to me, taking open-eyed: “2 elder sister? Did you come back eventually? Don’t you know pa Mom has many to remember with concern you? I and elder sister also worry for you! I and elder sister also worry for you!!

Did not think of her actually can so say? The blood that looks true is thick at water, we are the full sister that suckle a brethren after all. I am smiling: “I also am remembering with concern you, can see you, I am too glad really! I am too glad really!!

Beautiful male saw the station is in again the Chong Wen that looks at us aside, see the person surprised and bewildered inside house ask: “Who is this? How am I known? How am I known??

I glance Chong Wen answers amiably: “This is you 2 elder sister’s husband. “This is you 2 elder sister’s husband..

“Wow! 2 elder sister, do you marry again? ” beautiful male be surprised. And inarticulate is harsh if I am listening to her to speak, what makes marry again?

She begins to look Chong Wen up and down licentiously, the sort of eyes makes a person a little uncomfortable! Chong Wen’s appearance is not distinctive, the sort of his accomplishment and temperament resemble beautiful male the person of this kind of judge people with their appearance also is to look not to come out anyhow, so, I do not fear the little sister can is opposite this Chong Wen uses what method, and I believe Chong Wen more is not the sort of man that does not stand temptation.

Probably I am in one day is bitten 10 years to be afraid of well rope by the snake! I should believe at the outset beautiful male He Xiaoliang is two people fall in love at first sight really together, is not she wants horizontal knife to seize love of purpose! So old past, they also parted company finally fail to obtain if really, I always always also ought not to put on the heart, she also should think over.

Look enough later, the laugh that the little sister distains: “2 elder sister, the standard of your choose husband how lower and lower? Won’t be a man go? ” my face is particular bright red, didn’t I think of the little sister speaks this kind of word before Chong Wen’s face actually? Is this ** is in nakedly provoke? What I was used to her is defiant, but this makes Chong Wen much more embarrassed ah?

My shame apology remorses go seeing Chong Wen, his complexion is gentle what do not have a bit is vinegary, the expression that sees me changes, he looks at me with what friendly look comforts, indifferently laugh, next to beautiful say of male not cold lukewarm: “I call Hao Chongwen, gu Jiali’s sweetheart! The level that is not her is lower and lower, be she can see a person more and more! Still we married not merely, and the son that still has a strong a baby’s completion of its first month of life! ” although his sound is very amiable, listen go up to have however kind of majesty and divine.

Beautiful male the sort of inhospitality in the word that also finds Chong Wen probably, do not want to touch soft nail again, calculate her to have self-knowledge, doesn’t with person bicker she have the sort of can one-up eloquence and brains at all? The raise hand of her as if nothing happened points to that man beside her, the say with ringing sound: “This is me show male friend — Chi Manlin ” this introduces me of course, because besides the person in I and Chong Wen outbuilding they had seen, do not have the new male friend to her however seriously introduce I and Chong Wen.

Is I do not know the little sister is inherent carelessness still essential don’t have me are this 2 elder sister put in the eye? The indolence in the heart is fast, I see Xiang Chongwen subliminally, he seems not to feel to have what misgivings, like him this kind of experience passes the person of great storms, the person of experience is much, to the little sister he won’t mix this kind of peripheral and frivolous person of course her dispute what!

He bestows favor on be addicted to look at me, also be at the same time in comfort me, since Chong Wendou not dispute, I do not want to be the same as little sister dispute of course.

Mom is like some to look to go nevertheless, before walking up, hint to the little sister: “Beautiful male, how don’t you give Introduction Man Lin with 2 elder sister’s husband to 2 elder sister?

“Be when a moment ago we talk, already clear? Still use designed introduction? Man Lin, is you won’t connect two people before who does not know? ” the little sister shows what a pair of absent-minded appearance has some of dissatisfaction to be answered designedly.

“Be 2 elder sister are mixed 2 elder sister’s husband? I not foolish, do not listen to even this to come out to look not to come out? ” this man be laughing and playing that calls Man Lin is worn say, to the person a kind of impatient enrages impetuous, ungracious feeling.

Be turn for me this time to come of unbridled look him up and down, a meter of his 8 height beyond, figure appreciably appears thin be like, hei Gong’s skin, in the middle of the head the needle that seems to one is highlighted, the head dummy that lets him shows trigonometry model, a pair of eyes that smile a thin smile are not big not small also, high bridge of the nose, thin thin small mouth.

He is wearing brown cotton skin jacket, the private parts is blue-black canister pants, of a pair of black be able to bear or endure gram shoe, look the sense that gives a person besides tall thin black beyond return it seems that gutty let a person say not clear incongruous feels.

Conversation of his ask for a favor gives the person’s sense or smile a thin smile, bare a white tooth, the sort of laugh is not amiable laugh, always let a person feel feigned or too hypocritical. Hear the mood that he talks and expression, subliminal in feel he resembled reaching beautiful male, probably so called not be the family does not take one door.

Chong Wen is facial without what too big change, he also is not the sort of arrogant person that despises others. He just stands silently over, from him I know to I am worrying in his heart in that auspicious look, want to comfort me, hinder at the person much, he is so silent only standing to do not have conversation.

Beautiful male swept the person inside eye house, next bright sound say: “Come today? The person is neat! ” she decides the look finally case is on my body, have some of humble enigmatic say: “2 elder sister, I still look down upon you really, cope with a man to still really one is cover! Time imparts experience. Time imparts experience..

This word is listening not very lets a person easily accept, don’t I know she is to be aimed at I or her intentionally to with respect to what also to understand at all? Should be peripheral?

We are so long did not meet, want to be less than really, meet again, and it is the face before so much person, she actually the so satiric contempt of unbridled I? Is I do not know after all what because of,wishs? Say really, I do not think and her dispute, how to just know Chong Wenhui thinks me? Should not suffer the effect of her word.

I found the solution in the look that assumes from Chong Wenxin, I won’t be the same as of course oneself little sister again dispute. What am I like to also was not heard, or beautiful male word does not say with me at all, pair of my natural and amiable her say: “Take quite long car very tired? Very fast with respect to serve a meal, eat meal breakfast to resting. Eat meal breakfast to resting..

Do not receive stubble to mine, beautiful male not only do not have feel grateful, instead mood some sneer at: “Ah! Cannot think of, so long do not be in the home, we still is 2 elder sister say calculate! We still is 2 elder sister say calculate!!

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