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Cheng child an A-certificate that the son does not know to learn to come from where, amuse everybody so that to one’s heart’s content laughs, think what I laugh to get continuously hide below the table.

The relation of I and Chong Wen had been approbated by everybody place so. What he also is this kind of relation spy to fasten is happy. That day in the evening, he is my cuddle in the bosom, summary belt asks hesitantly: “Beautiful beautiful, your operation already half month, can you do that? I should wait really not as good as! I should wait really not as good as!!

Of my be ashamed what to know to should say? It is he is afraid that this is afraid of that, how does my where know to return a responsibility? See I do not talk, he is next to the mouth my ear, soft tone delicate language: “Do we try otherwise? My person moves, you should cooperate me to go only! You should cooperate me to go only!!

I am stuck tightened him, he understands my limbs language of course. Not by defend oneself one is held in the arms with respect to the horizontal stroke remove me, entered the bedroom that I sleep urgently to what rush, in the mouth as before soft the sound of soft evil spirit be puzzled: “Beautiful beautiful, what I wait one day this is too long! You do not know, I ate your heart to have now! I ate your heart to have now!!

Of his too impatient to wait flake quickly the clothings of 2 people, he has been the man of more than 40 years old that has married, is doing not have those who think of to still have this kind of excitement even when be being controlled? My heart is frisking in phut phut with the movement as him… the attack that also is beginning to expecting he is violent it seems that, overlooked the reason that he says at all even, do not invite the argument that I use.

He what bare city meets does not seem wool head fellow, although his movement is dear however very attentive, have measure of proper limits for speech or action very much, he thinks by most initial foreplay slowly guide me to enter sport, I had mixed little imagine he is same early entered sport, I am in actually of a happiness in dizzinessing, gutty to what without any consideration expect!

He also forgot actually between excitement most begin want me to cooperate only, of 2 people this kind interacts is actually moving intensely at the same time, to later, I feel the heart wants to be spat from guttural mouth actually came, after fitful excitement passes, I cannot be moved again really!

He is like a little tired also, turn over lie to a side, the instant establishs a the upper part of the body again, ask afraidly: “Beautiful beautiful, a moment ago brains heats up an important thing to be cast after the head! Don’t you have a thing? Where to have uncomfortable? Should go to a hospital rapidly? Should go to a hospital rapidly??

“Again gas does not blow me, tell you, is my sturdy worn? Follow not to delay me to do anything originally like this bit of ailment… ” the word did not say, came a slam the brakes on. My this person is too shameless, say to be not delayed actually do — anything? Can he think the anything that I say includes to do this?

He is seeing the where a thing can be put to best use of my operation carefully, what did not think to my word is too much, the where a thing can be put to best use that sees me has grown almost close, he gently touching that scar, the face that then looks at me some feel distressed ask: “Ache? “Ache??

I did not notice for him my a moment ago word is rejoicing, listen to him to ask, shake shake one’s head. He is like the face that sees my be ashamed is red what to think suddenly however, bad bad laugh wears: “What did you a moment ago say? How didn’t I listen clear? How didn’t I listen clear??

What I bury the face in him is axillary in, he has moved I am whole the body, let I and his face to the face: “Do you say to be not delayed do this thing? Can you do several days ago? Why do you tell me not early? Do you look at me to suffer suffer very happy? ” the mouth that saying him collect comes over: “Since do not delay an issue, we are done then! We are done then!!

Doesn’t he also think how I can expert to throw oneself into his arms actively to him? Even if is to fall in love with him really, I this kind of Mu Ne’s indrawn disposition shows love actively impossibly also to the other side!

Although I am a woman that has married twice, do not know however, so the thing of two people is done return so your popular feeling gallop be charmed, have the kind of cannot help doing sth, assuming that also does not stop forever even want. Probably is he belonged to the sort of did not smell for a long time the person with sweet flesh? The tolerance of for a long time lets have fleshy comestible eventually he is big fast a cheek while, do not feel tired at all?

I just know that one evening the young woman that becomes a happiness should have how adore making a person! My pillow is worn his arm, what the face buries in him is axillary in, the body closely sticking him to stretch tight closely husky muscle, so sweet fell asleep! That connects a dream to also was not done it seems that overnight, actually so melting shut-eye sleeps to day break.

Open when me sleep faintly eye, admire a face, the eye that sees a pair of broil are hot is staring at me to look, tender sound asks quietly: “Woke? Is those who sleep good? Is those who sleep good??

My frank inclination. See my satisfactory expression, his this ability one frown, soft track: “Do I still think your cerebella bag melon is empty? So heavy also before? The arm me presses wood! The arm me presses wood!!

Oneself actually pillow is worn his arm slept to lodge for the night, pardonable those who sleep is so comfortable and smooth and steady. Feel embarrassed hastily sit up massages arm as him. He looks at me sweet the say of dirt grime: “We are registered today marry? I want to come down some more quickly surely, in case a long delay may cause trouble! In case a long delay may cause trouble!!

I am stupefied, also long to be able to be registered with him immediately exceedingly in the heart actually marry, but Nuo of the Nuo like a curious coincidence: “So urgent? Had I not gotten ready? How to meet a long delay may cause trouble? How to meet a long delay may cause trouble??

“You are so young appearance is beautiful, show consideration for softly so again, remember with concern your man scarcely is in a few — provide what what I know to have good opinion to you to have Yin Xiaotian, Jiang Kuo, Cao Xinjun — this is expression come out, did not come reach profession how many to know to want to have? The concern that cannot you always allow be nervous of my all day long can you like to go up who? ” his expression is very vivid, resembling is very serious resemble be in again josh, then his nutation face comes to what decide surely look at me, of soft tone delicate language: “You need to show a face only, the bride that becomes me darlingly next goes. ” he goes to my cuddle in the bosom, the say of soft dirt grime.

I think: “Wait a moment? Should cross the Spring Festival are we registered again marry? Should cross the Spring Festival are we registered again marry??

His mandible is carrying my the top of head on the head, muttered to oneself: “Cross the Spring Festival? Still have the time that is less than two months, still do not calculate too long, of the firmly that I should see you only during this won’t what problem appears! So good, listen to you, must not go back on his word to moment! Must not go back on his word to moment!!

I admire the face that looks at him at first, of affectedly sweet vital energy of affectedly sweet sound: “Boss, when to let me answer go to work in inn? Of family idle very afflictive! Of family idle very afflictive!!

“Time go to work in inn? With what identity? Proprietress? ” his mood is joking the burning eye that looks at me.

“Be a clerk of course, I like to be together with everybody very much, carefree, work to come happy also! ” I am true so feeling.

“Do a proprietress not happy? ” his sound spins ask.

“Not be not happy, it is to suffer manacled! Sisters are appointed and I have estrangement, have a space. ” I can think of of course, if the identity changed, relation nature also does not have so pure and random nature.

“It is OK to want to go to work, just you are occupied still was not finished. ” what he says is very earnest.

“Am I occupied still? What thing? ” I won’t know of course.

“You do not feel your dress is too little, connect a pretty bag to be done not have even? ” he looks at what I indissoluble to ask.

“Do not have, I feel him whats are short of, it is not important that those things are had, it lives with mine and do not endure an edge happily! ” I am so old whats are done not have, be to also come over? Those external things besides the body are dispensable really in my eye.

“That how can same? You are my woman now, although I cannot let you have a whole world, I should use up me of course can let you have best, the thing that you like most! ” he sends the say from the heart.

I am very amazed: “I am together with you is not to have these things! Have you enough, you just are best thing — incorrect, it is best person! It is best person!!

He me closely cuddle wears: “I am you — but I think your best thing! “I am you — but I think your best thing!!

“Need not, I am quite good now, have ample food and clothing! ” I am very contented really.

Long neck of his pull out is good the clearer face that sees me clear, hold dye-in-the-wood say next: “Be known according to me, you do not have even the dress of change garments according to the season now, how can you calculate on have ample food and clothing? , do you prepare so hibernate? Be afraid that oneself are frozen photo? Those who listen to me, we shop today! We shop today!!

His heart is really fine, when I come, took only change washed clothes, wearing inn to take all the time in inn, did not acquire really the dress, do not have the cotton-padded clothes of hibernate more. Look true should buy some of sound clothing and other articles of daily use, one’s share is lost to him when lest goes out with him.

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