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Think of mom is right the manner of annals brave, be opposite in my heart many somes of his ashamed remorses and sympathize with, if mom can resemble be opposite to him small brightness in that way, probably won’t I have too much feeling?

Because mom is right my classmate attitude is really chilly, my bottom of the heart has kind of intense revolt consciousness it seems that, of course, I just want to compensate annals brave to be in in the heart mom there the grievance that suffer, not be to want to mix mom to work, disobedient goes against her intention, do not know this to calculate do not calculate go against turn over psychology?

Annals brave arrived early with respect to anticipation it seems that to mom’s manner, he always is good the suitable rebuke that listens to mom and accusing, the grievance that even if has myriad he himself just also swallows quietly, never express to take up the post of why malcontent, also had not explained for oneself, he is understanding father Mom probably, which parents does not hope his child is good, they can consider an issue of course from a lot of angle, they say what does understandable.

His manner jumps over abasement sincerity, many feeling to him is jumped over in my heart. Get along in a very short time of a month in, I also calculate some understanding to him, although, his oneself condition is not too good, where is domestic condition it may not be a bad idea less than, he is very laborious, fortunately honest, devoir, the most important is right I 100 percent cherish.

He besides work, do not smoke more very few drink, connect the recreation with the basiccest modern even — hit mahjong won’t, has this to calculate a strange flower? Although he is not good at I know the way one speaks or what he says however he is bit more frowsty only, not foolish however. Search now so is the man of devoir an easy thing it seems that? At least, I think to there is the advantage that a lot of other peoples do not have on his body!

Compare his Tong Xiaohui especially, at least annals brave won’t make the issue that hurts me, have so individual stick, admit dry, the man that can defend the home together with oneself, flatly light get alonging is pretty good also.

When he is taking thick love to propose like me again: “Beautiful beautiful, we marry! I waited for you more than 10 years, nowadays already person of more than 30 years old, you let me taste the time that wife, somebody aches. You let me taste the time that wife, somebody aches..

Also do not know how to return a responsibility? Him brains is heated up at that time, actually the inclination of a curious coincidence: “We will be registered tomorrow, say with family again next. Say with family again next..

He work listen to mom, where has do sth without authorization to do advocate when? Divorce besides He Xiaohui. Know mother won’t agree this probably, probably oneself are clear that mom does not have a bit good impression to annals brave, say what also won’t allow? Anyhow oneself did not think of so the seriousness that makes consequence, still think, mom of what is done cannot be undone is met very quickly change one’s views.

Get my answer, annals brave the same night comes home go taking testimony of portion of itself of registered permanent residence, our morrow is being pressed down photogenic get together, of fast take a marriage certificate, next of in fear and trembling in returning the home.

Mom and father are taking a son to sitting before the television to watch TV. I resemble escaping the pupil of the class, punish of mom of for fear that, I am taking a marriage certificate, pretend to be glad some visit father cowardlily talk in whispers in a low voice before Mom: “Pa Mom, I am registered again married! I am registered again married!!

Mom seems to do not have reaction to come over, her attention has not hopped from peaceful drama come out. Father asks amazedly: “Are you registered again married? With who? Annals brave? Annals brave??

Hear this word mom unexpectedly turn aside comes, her facial instant is cold come down, my some apathetic nod. Mom just understands how to return a responsibility at this moment, she looks angrily to me, the chafe with clear sound drinks denounce way to me: “Are you true more and more prospect? Be registered actually covertly with him, be his cease pick up your? This ability a few days ah? Don’t you have elder with respect to the eye that learns with him? Who is there still in your eye? Who is there still in your eye??

Grouse to do not let annals brave fall, I explain hastily: “Mom, go registering the idea that is me, annals brave also listens to me. Did not say with pa Mom, I am to think pa Mom a surprise. I am to think pa Mom a surprise..

“Is this surprise or fright? Do you want to enrage me dead intentionally? ” mom is bordering on piteously wail, at the same time she stretchs her hand had accepted a marriage certificate, two tactics exerts oneself to do sth. , rip certificate into two half, fall forcibly next on the ground before me.

I did not think of mom can give birth to so great energy of life, want to fool mom one time well, oneself had never made similar move again, do not know to should say what is good really. Bite gnash one’s teeth to murmur path: “I become a girl when pa Mom fears I am married do not go out, now, I had divorced, still taking the boy, who still agrees to want me? This time I give myself at long last marry went out, mom of pa of so as to save worries for me, it is certain that I still think pa Mom hears this news the meeting is glad… “

“I aux would rather you rot all one’s life in the home, also not be willing you are married so play meaning! This picket marriage my disapprobation! Did divorce procedure on delighted horse! ” the growl path that mom nots allow to oppugn.

Father comes over to helping the humeral head that mom enrages so that quiver rapidly: “Him child thing, bear hardships herself chooses have a hard time, do you make on give birth to so great energy of life? Write down now also be ascended, we am left alone so much! We am left alone so much!!

“How am I born so sneaking defeat the home to play meaning? Can have old pig reins, what him thing dare be done advocate, does what moment listen to those who cross you? I am to look understood, I time of this old order should be thrown on her body! ” mom is enraged the lip is palily.

“Calculated, the day wants herself to pass, you always cannot accompany her all one’s life! ” father is persuading mother, give hint given with the eyes to me at the same time, we leave signal first, he is good persuade one time, lest stimulates mom, if heart disease made, that but with respect to the world big chaos!

I am in face before going out, bow pick up case rip the two marriage certificates of half.

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