48. cannot op广州品茶工作室en a mouth to deny unexpectedly

Besides TV voice, a hush.

Chi Lengmin is knocking clavier quietly, did not say a word.

Chen Yu is pure considering emotive issue, not self-conscious cast aside come over the face goes seeing Chi Lengmin.

Incorrect, how be met, how can like a such men.

The man before, be like abrupt and special gravity, common, he also can have now and then some childish, drunk like that wine…

Say so, his what does she like after all?

Feeling this kind of thing, it is to say what not be clear about is complex really.

Do not know when, TV is sowed, room at a draught static come down.

This is the noise in the sitting room that swings for nothing removed ring.

“Hello? Now? ” Chi Lengmin turn aside, chen Yu is pure look hastily at once to TV, pretend oneself are looking all the time really.

“Chen Yu is pure, ” Chi Lengmin puts the right hand that is put on computer on sofa, body slightly Right deviation, look at Chen Yu pure.

Old rain pure Yu Guang cast aside Chi Lengmin’s pose, dare have not turned the head comes, just very answered nervously acoustical: ? Saddle. Handsome?

“Do you work? ” Chi Lengmin corners of the mouth is not self-conscious up raise, cannot help wanting to laugh.

“Look… watch TV. ” old rain pure insecurity begins to float slightly to ear root red.

“The what that sows inside that TV? “The what that sows inside that TV??

“Sow… ” just just said a word, chen Yu is pure come over with respect to reaction incorrect, TV screen when black?

“Hey? ” Chen Yu is pure take remote control hastily, “Hey… alas when don’t have ah it is really… “

“Foolish woman. ” of Chi Lengmin laugh said sentence, yell a few, stand up next, knead Chen Yu’s pure hair, “Go, go changing clothes. Go changing clothes..

Chen Yu is pure never have by the person this appearance has kneaded a hair, one, that deep revolutionary change became full cheek.

“Amah, take her to go up change clothes. Take her to go up change clothes..

? ?

Same inn, same person, come this, the feeling is very different however.

Because experienced this 10 days, everybody was known each other.

“Leng Min how are you the last those who come ah! ” Du Chujie is the first sees Chi Lengmin.

The clerk on the side hears Chi Lengmin’s name, the first reaction is to think Xiang Chi cold Min there lean, saw a woman stands beside him however.

Other woman sensible, what to mean till this, but however one twists a waist femaly, squashing painstakingly somewhere, lane became affectedly sweet voice goes toward Chi Lengmin, “Pool total ~ today, otherwise should play with the family ah ~ “

Use up all one’s resources of land of inhospitality of pool cold Min bend head, saw that female.

She thinks to tick off Yin hopeful today, use Xiong loiter again loiter he.

Chen Yu is pure also see everything of course in the eye, close lightly close lightly mouth, did not talk.

Chi Lengmin reachs a hand, one holds her the lower jaw, “Dirty woman, bit further from me. Bit further from me..

Refuse next, swing her.

She piece ask for a favor, those who ache, clang clang ground sheds the tear, but do not say to give a word, also had been willing without the person help her up.

Chi Lengmin is new closely pull a Chen Yu’s pure hand, sit to sofa.

“Leng Min, we now can be man-to-man right, you still do not contact a woman, when can you just have a girlfriend? When can you just have a girlfriend??

“Girlfriend? ” Chi Lengmin carries eyebrow to ask in reply.

“You won’t want to say you do not need again. ” Chi Lengxi receives a sentence.

“Not. Didn’t you see? Didn’t you see??

Everybody one face is muddled.

Chi Lengmin raised Chen Yu’s pure hand, “This is my girlfriend. “This is my girlfriend..

“Wow! ” Du Chujie and Che Yunyan jeer together.

“Kiss kiss! “Kiss kiss!!

10 days ago, be like the setting that ever was acquainted.

This, chi Lengmin turn aside, serious ground saw Chen Yu pure 5 seconds, chen Yu is pure piece ask for a favor, do not know unexpectedly why, do not say to give what word.

Double lip is stuck gently.

Infinite gentle diastole leaves.

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