Fiftieth 2 chapters are neu北京体验论坛交流ropathic daily

Zhou Yinan sees Su Qian 1000 have a dot to want to raise this issue not quite, mediate a dispute path: ” good good, not was troubled by, go aunt of marvellous marvellous Cui. Go aunt of marvellous marvellous Cui..

After Song Xinyi saw them go, laughing at 1000 to look at Su Qian: “How, got angry. Got angry..

Su Qian 1000 took a quilt to drink saliva, saw Song Xinyi hold a shoulder in the arms not to talk. Song Xinyi does not pay attention to Su Qian as before the manner of 1000, catch: “Did that take away your handsome young man that day who ah? “Did that take away your handsome young man that day who ah??

1000 conveniently meet and discuss sends Su Qian: “Dry, are you occupied? Are you occupied??

Song Xinyi coughed one track: “Do not have a thing, feel he holds out cruel namely. Feel he holds out cruel namely..

Su Qian good impression of it doesn’t matter of 1000 pairs of Song Xinyi, conversation also is silk ruthless path: “Hum… how don’t have Chen Bu, begin to remember with concern my person. Then you may want disappointment, our home does not like this to pay back. Our home does not like this to pay back..

Song Xinyi also is paid no attention to, laughing to: “Your this ask for a favor, can be enough caustic. Can be enough caustic..

Su Qian 1000 cold recriminate: “Say what word to what person, I am all along such. I am all along such..

Song Xinyi sees Su Qian 1000 pairs oneself are inimical also, also be disinclined to be in again Su Qian 1000 over there between take time. Informal hum help after sound. Su Qian 1000 also feel embarrassed sitting, also took grip in the past.

After waiting for everybody to eat a meal, he Yan hopes to must play game, zhou Yinan bars came down, say to wanted to go back rapidly, the day is black.

Su Qian 1000 nod again and again, cui Ze sees the look of two people tacit understanding, the mouth that does not run oneself speaks: “You You, both of you must go together, what meaning oh… “

He Yan hopes also is to follow blind jeer, su Qian 1000 the helpless path that support the specified number: “Do not be troubled by do not be troubled by, I am the Fu that has a husband. I am the Fu that has a husband..

He Yan hopes to cast aside what twitch one’s mouth resents to say: “How did you cheat the family, used wizard! Used wizard!!

“With respect to my this Yan Zhi, my this actual strength, the move that I use is wizard! ” Su Qian 1000 distain sweep eye and one character to hope.

“Cough, that your what moment parts company alas, change me to moment. ” Cui Ze watchs the scene of bustle not to mind an issue big.

“Cut, cuss I am, careful I beat you. ” Su Qian fist of 1000 brandish brandish, look at Cui Ze to.

After was troubled by a little while, zhou Yinan is successful still, getting Su Qian 1000 came home. He Yan hopes to also be worn by He Yanqing hold tight ear was taken away, 4 people two roads.

Get along alone, atmosphere is awkward very, still be Zhou Yinan broke halcyon: “You feel He Yan hopes to mix He Yanqing how, one cold the feeling of one heat. one cold the feeling of one heat..

Su Qian 1000 take out Er of a pair of blessing rub this appearance, new and analytic path: “Not, I feel they more resembling is Gay, attack suffer… “

Su Qian the gold of 1000 sentence, rectify Zhou Yinan one face frightens: “You learn from which these, still having them can be brother… “

Su Qian 1000 spit piquantly spit a tongue to: “Wear in messuage of idle those who look, then they are not brother-in-law. Then they are not brother-in-law..

“Good good, you are justifiable. ” Zhou Yinan still shows pleasant smiles incompact not slow talk

All the way Su Qian 1000 what chat with Zhou Yinan is carefree also, also put down the guard to Zhou Yinan. Zhou Yinan also said clear to give meaning of him it doesn’t matter, offend Su Qian 1000 but feel oneself have some of narcissism. Also be before Zhou Yinan not missish, the dripping wet that the attitude of that female fellow shows is delicate.

Wait for Su Qian the 1000 gates that turn him home, hum move when ditty enters room, saw unidentified live thing suddenly. Su Qian 1000 run over excitedly, run to oneself byway of old Mom body: “Mom, what is you hold that posse in the arms? What is you hold that posse in the arms??

Revive Mom eye does not carry time: “You look not to come out, kitten young. Kitten young..

Su Qian 1000 be disinclined to pay attention to oneself the manner of old Mom, run to oneself before old Mom, this wanting that have a look at this cat. But discover the dress that this cat wraps is a little familiar suddenly, gently old Mom gives him weigh in hand of weigh in hand the dress way that the cat wrapped posse: “Mom, this dress I how so look familiar ah… “

“Your dress you not look familiar! ” revive Mom cold-shoulders say.

“… Mom, my dress… ” Su Qian 1000 piece of open-eyed move mouth.

Revive Mom’s simple response is worn, work aside forward next revive pa cries: “Laosu, let you search those who eat became good do not have! How so slow. How so slow..

Revive pa is being responded to revive Mom, striding little quick short steps to run excitedly, want to adopt a kitten, by revive Mom’s cruel rejection. Su Qian 1000 be overcome really this two people, enduring anger line by force: “Mom, you how so defeat the home, I that clothes just can be bought, was not worn a few times! Was not worn a few times!!

Revive the path that Mom cold-shoulders: “Went, your dress is so much, change again. Change again..

Face revive of Mom cool, su Qian him shoot a glance at of 1000 grievance old father, revive pa pats helplessly pat Su Qian 1000: “Your Mom has bought the clothes to the cat on the net, still will give you your clothes tomorrow almost ha. Still will give you your clothes tomorrow almost ha..

Su Qian 1000 face so cold-blooded pa Mom, temporarily language Sai is disinclined to do struggle meaninglessly, run to back room to plan to look for Gu Ziheng complaint.

Su Qian 1000 after just wanting to wash gargle to be over, call to Gu Ziheng again. Did not think of Gu Ziheng is called first however.

“Hello, 1 million, had a meal? ” Su Qian the 1000 excitement that are in that to be able to hear Gu Ziheng are strong.

“Ate, ” Su Qian 1000 answer weakly.

“How, so slouching. ” the path of delicate language of Gu Ziheng soft tone.

“I do not suffer in our home bestowed favor on, my Mom got my pa a cat, do not want me. ” Su Qian 1000 say to jump over grievance more.

“Hey, I think what thing that, you still do not have me, small fool. ” Gu Ziheng slowly bestow favor on be addicted to.

Su Qian 1000 just wanted to scatter a charming, hear the someone there cries Gu Ziheng: “Consider old handsome young man, still call, went to dine together. Went to dine together..

Su Qian 1000 still want what to say, hear Gu Ziheng cries: “Wait meeting, the girlfriend is important. ” Gu Ziheng this word, offend so that the person on the side of him jeers one blast, bend over to cry continuously to the side of Gu Ziheng mobile phone: “Elder brother’s wife, elder brother’s wife. Elder brother’s wife..

Su Qian 1000 old faces one red, after coughing to cause Gu Ziheng’s attention, say softly: “I also thing of it doesn’t matter, I will go to school tomorrow. You go out to play, breakfast goes back rest to go. Breakfast goes back rest to go..

Su Qian 1000 one’s voice in speech just fell, jeer with respect to another there: “Elder brother’s wife is brilliant, elder brother’s wife is brilliant. Elder brother’s wife is brilliant..

Gu Ziheng was scolded sentence ” boil ” , to Su Qian 1000 say: “All right, then you sleep earlier, good evening, love you. Love you..

“Hum, I also can think you. ” Su Qian 1000 a little bashful.

Two people are in somewhere else be bored with became crooked after the meeting, eventually to hang up of be willing to part with or use. Su Qian 1000 after hanging a phone, those who hold cheek in the palm to look at the sky outside to be unable to bear or endure is bemused.

Look at the hair nerve path that the sky cannot help: Ah! Go! Go seeing the person of your infer. Subsequently tender drizzle is grave body news channel: “Take the advantage of sun just in time, take the advantage of gentle breeze not a confusion of voices, take the advantage of you young still, take the advantage of him (she) not old still. ” after waiting to sigh with emotion, 1000 ability discover Su Qian this word and oneself not quite build…

Next him gush that oneself cannot help: “Hum hum, neuropathic daily… “

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