Young mistress of the house of marriage of concealed of the 18广州桑拿夜网th chapter 4

“Hao Tian? You do not have a thing Hao Tian! ” in Lin Qingqing heart complacent by hidden very good, of the care before going up.

Admire Hao day was pullbacked by Lin Qingqing reality, chased accordingly eventually.

“Good, madam! I this is arranged ” chamberlain puts down a mobile phone, “Driver, again quickly! Again quickly!!

At the door hospital rescue room, admire Hao day differs bit of break into anxiously!

“Childe, you do not want first anxious, ” on chamberlain before.

After two hours, the lamp of surgery destroyed eventually! “Doctor, the person inside how? ” double eye of admire Hao weather is aglow!

“Feel sorry, foliaceous young lady had broken away from life danger, but- – ” look at a doctor a pair desire the about that character stops again, breath of admire Hao day becomes nervous.

“Foliaceous young lady aborted! The possibility that has 90% won’t have the child again after her! The possibility that has 90% won’t have the child again after her!!

“What do you say? Do you say again? ” the light that eye of admire Hao weather is showing be astonished person, wished to rip the person before!

“Childe, you first sober, we see little madam first! ” before going up, chamberlain checks rapidly.

Leaf article was advanced Vip ward, whole person is angry without!

Abortion? Won’t have the child? The heart of admire Hao day as having a few knives desperately delimiting he, the pain face that lets him also follows twist!

“I am sorry, child civil! ” the face that gently stroke has been made by him too, admire Hao day never aching to pace of this cultivate land!

Child civil! How should I do? How should we do?

A week, leaf article says a word without the mouth, come to even Zhang Guo if really she did not start to talk, so quiet look at the ceiling!

Admire Hao day is defended everyday in the hospital, take the job into ward directly! He also does not want to leave momently, his him for fear that now and then departure farewell bearer has been absent! Such feeling lets his be agitated and disturbed!

“Child civil, it is so good to fasten? ” the looks at sickbed to go up leaf article that admire Hao day feels distressed.

Leaf article does not think a mouth, closed an eye directly!

Admire Hao day comes bitterly to smoking area, one catchs · of · of · of · of · of a ·

“Little madam, go now, is the body OK? Is the body OK??

“Hum! “Hum!!

Admire Hao day comes to ward anew, had done not have the shadow of leaf article!

“Childe, how? ” there is messtin in chamberlain hand, come over from corridor!

“Child civil disappeared! Go moving monitoring rapidly! ” all corners that admire Hao day sought a hospital all the time, that uneasiness in the heart lets him also do not want to stop momently!

“Childe, as it happens overhauls the monitoring of the hospital today, do not have method to check “

“Ah · · · ah · · ah · of · of · · · ” Mu Hao day gave out theroid cry!

Leaf article, calculate you to escape to the remotest corners of the earth I can look for you · of · of · of · · ·

Red wine of person of one family property is manorial, helicopter slowly whereabouts.

After a month, admire Hao day does not know he searchs overmuch little a place, asked how many person, it is a bit clew is done not have.

“Elder brother, or else goes to a company, the company is about to give an issue really! ” admire is satisfying those who feel distressed look at already extremely decadent elder brother!

Those who look at one face of admire Hao day is apathetic, admire is satisfying one face is in anxiously the circle turns back and forth in the room.

“Mom telephones say to stay in the United States even a few months, eldest brother there encounter an a Gordian knot, do you know? Somebody buys the share of my door company in high price, so Mom lets me come back to help you first! So Mom lets me come back to help you first!!

“Satisfying, child civil she is this angry really! She dare not get angry with me, do you know? The eyes that she sees me at that time has how chill, resemble seeing a stranger! Do you know stranger? ” admire Hao day does not know what is to regret, but that costal seem in the heart is born forcedly to break off unripely to ache commonly man!

“Elder brother, child civil she is so kind-hearted, she won’t hide too long, you make her silent ” ! Admire is satisfying know why her mom lets her come back first eventually! Is this close Mom? Admire is satisfying dare not say more, the mother before she did not forget before leaving is warned to hers!

“Announcement company, drive a high level tomorrow morning knowingly ” Mu Hao day again admire is satisfying voice gave when taking an entrance.

Time goes every day, admire Hao day drinks namely besides overwork job everyday smoking! Flash a few months went, lin Qingqing looks at the study of lock, the resentment in the eye increased a few minutes again! Leaf article has left several months, no matter she is,carry bright, exhausted days of all sorts of method admire Hao look not to see her repeatedly! Hiding intentionally even she! Look rely on her only one the individual’s force was not to take admire home, she wants to just go with person collaboration!

“Green, taking! ” admire Hao day comes to the sitting room, draw out a piece of check.

“Amount is insufficient I am added again ” ! The pupil of iciness of admire Hao day does not bring any feeling!

“Hao Tian, your what meaning? ” the check of a huge sum in looking at a hand, lin Qingqing seemed what to guess!

“In me this besides money, you cannot get any your conceivable things! ” admire Hao day is carried directly bright!

Expressional instant of Lin Qingqing is Protean, she did not think of admire Hao day is met such ** speak out nakedly, immediately laughs slightly, plan go up mind.

“Hao Tian, I am not together with you! I do not want this money, if you want to compensate me really, look for a place that live additionally to me, let me go next you go to work, I have some of thing to be able to be done very much! OK? ” this is direct beyond of Mu Hao day unexpected. Want, nod agree!

“Elder brother, you are mad, let Lin Qingqing come MC goes to work, what can she do? Besides, besides ” admire is satisfying within an inch of says to export her is mountain pass hero the adopted daughter of one such word.

“Besides what? ” of admire Hao Tian Minrui discovered the unknown factor in her word.

“Besides our family so be fed up with her, I do not like her ” the fictional reason with satisfying and careless admire!

“I owe her, do not spend money to be able to be measured, satisfying ” ! Admire Hao day is helpless.

He is have favour the person that signs up for surely, more what is more,the rather that they still once were so love each other!

Lin Qingqing was in by arrangement sale ministry, everyday working hours is very free!

Everyday admire is satisfying can wait for Mu Hao day come off work together, come home next, she is afraid of go down so again, this man was given to destroy with alcohol by the job!

Sibling arrives home twice, laurel aunt is already ready dinner.

“This cup whose, so lovely! ” admire is satisfying the milk cup that sees a small Huang Ren!

“When just coming before young mistress of the house, this is taken, I just gave search, preparation is put into storeroom “

“The cup gives me ” admire Hao day does not know when to had arrived at the door the kitchen, stretch one’s hand had taken a glass, the Na Genxian in the heart is rapid take up, those who let him ache became red eye.

Admire is satisfying aunt following laurel looked each other, who also not dare phonate!

Admire Hao day takes the glass into the bedroom directly, put on ark of the head of a bed.

Fist of right hand of admire Hao day, desperately hit on the wall, abreacting bitterly the compunction in the heart! Why? Why can you start work to her? Why can you let her bear such harm? The hate with so painful first time of admire Hao day is worn oneself! The shocking bloodstain on the fist on the wall, the feel better in the heart that fails to let him · of · of · of · of · of a minute of ·

“Elder brother, you open the door rapidly! ” admire is satisfying hearing the depressing sound that transmits in the room with chamberlain, frighten not thoroughly!

Chamberlain opens the door, laurel aunt opens the emergency treatment box of the room rapidly.

“Elder brother, fasten such! She meets elder brother’s wife certainly come back! You believe me ” admire is satisfying the cry out that feel distressed sound.

Admire Hao day sits in bedside silently, the hand that allows to give him by everybody is wrapping up!

Chamberlain is looked at helplessly knowing is the a fewth wrapped up to him!

” elder brother, you should be defended well in the home, waiting child civil come back! Fasten again such, calculate her to be here, see you such, she also can feel distressed! ” the checking admire Hao day right hand that leaf article is not at ease.

Feel distressed? He such harm she, can she still feel distressed? Admire Hao day closed · of · of · of · of eye · · bitterly

Day already daybreak, clutch of admire Hao day drops last smoke in the hand, rise entered a shower room. He does not know himself from what when begin insomnia, such all night all night sleep to be not worn probably already for ages · of · of · of · · ·

“Mom, you came back ” admire is satisfying and happy before going up, give greatly hug.

“Mom, you can come back, my elder brother his ~ ” admire is satisfying a pair desire the expression that character stops again.

“I know, he deserves! ” admire madam looks at what the Mu Hao that comes down from upstairs enrages inherently to fasten a face!

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