The 16th chapter promises to propose, by every 广州佛山桑拿论坛REWmeans obstruct

Hedge falls had cleared away everything, come to 6 buildings dining-room. Fall when hedge when wearing black to show humeral evening dress to appear, wu Hao day still is admired by Jing.

Appear by the side of the bud silk of the black before the bosom hedge falls more Ming Yan is moving, the bowknot with the amice proper wavy hair that half coil up wears and A word skirt is placed, foiled hedge falls the sort of high temperament, the foot walks bright argent high-heeled shoes, glaring move letting a person does not open his eyes.

“How? I such very strange? ” ” hum, really beautiful. ” ” ah, you still are old pattern. ” ” by you detection, come, sit down first. ” say Wan Wuhao Tian Bangli falls pulled open a chair. Hedge falls look around all around, do not have one person for nothing: “Did you come down this packet? “Did you come down this packet??

“Right. ” said to hit a noise to point to, go head on a few people, among them a person holds a bundle of rose in both hands to hedge to fall before: “Hedge young lady, birthday joy! Birthday joy!!

“Thank. ” subsequently music rings, atmosphere is sweet and sweet, wu Hao day and hedge fall those who have josh eating. Inside abrupt dining-room inky, just when hedge falls when doubt, hand of Wu Hao day is holding a cake in both hands, appear in hedge to fall before.

Wu Hao sky just fell cake in hedge before, nutation body kissed the forehead that hedge falls: “Hedge falls, birthday joy. ” ” thank. ” ” fast promise. ” make wish, hedge falls blow destroyed the candle, apropos the firework outside enlightened dining-room.

Hedge falls can’t help looking to the window outside, just saw a word: Marry me, hedge falls! Hedge falls to had turned stunnedly first, odd genu of day of disclosure Wu Hao kneels down, there is ring on the hand, the say of one face sincerity: “Marry me, hedge falls, I can am opposite all one’s life you are good. I can am opposite all one’s life you are good..

Hedge falls hesitated a short while, flash of the one instant in brain Ouyang Shaoxuan’s face, think better of thinks, oneself also should be put down almost, will 5 years accompany those who be beside all the time is Wu Hao day, if can be together, also was a satisfactory final result.

Final hedge point of fall nod, wu Hao day takes ring asply to the hand that hedge falls slightly, immediately is holding hedge in the arms to fall place turns circle, saying aloud: ” too good, too good, hedge falls be willing to marry me, I am the happiest person on the world! ” ” Hao Tian, put me quickly. Put me quickly..

“My this all one’s life won’t unlock you. ” ” Hao Tian, thank you, all the time since true thank you. ” ” should be I thank you, thank you to make me organic can accompany you to spend the remainder of one’s life together. Thank you to make me organic can accompany you to spend the remainder of one’s life together..

“That more than survival asks great keep an eye on. ” say hedge to fall head bend over is on the shoulder of Wu Hao day say. Return as a result of firm of Wu Hao weather the following day occupied, went back first, want to handle the issue of good company as soon as possible, after waiting for hedge to fall next, two people discuss conjugal issue together.

Meanwhile, ouyang Shaoxuan and Sai Xuan sit in a dining-room to having a thing, think of what one face cold-shoulders Xuan to look at Ouyang Shaoxuan, eating to complain at the same time at the same time: “Father, do you plan to let mom to others really? Although father of Wu Hao day is very handsome also, very good also to me, but I know mom likes in the heart actually is another person. But I know mom likes in the heart actually is another person..

Ouyang Shaoxuan did not think of the person that think of Xuan is impish big: “Sai Xuan, how do you know your mom does not like Wu Hao weather, and why do you call his father? ” the eyes that Sai Xuan throws to distain: “Father, you are really enough stupid, what do you know I call the name? What do you know I call the name??

“Sai Xuan, sai Xuan, think of. . A small room? ” ” at long last not stupid, I also am to discover mom inadvertently of this secret, I know mom had a lover to be called Ouyang Shaoxuan in the past, and had seen a picture be father you. But after be born from me, it is father of Wu Hao day is taking care of me all the time, mom had never let had called his father, just identify father just, are you clear now? Are you clear now??

“Although be such, can you be her is yesterday those who promised him proposed? ” ” because,still not be father you are too trashy, all the time since had not wanted to seek mother, day father tells Wu Hao me later, because you make mom sad, so mom just did not excuse you all the time, and are you to wanted to marry with another woman? And are you to wanted to marry with another woman??

“At the outset I ever also had searched, but she is hiding intentionally I, I did not find her all the time, and I follow to do not have plan and others to marry, because she says she married,still not be. Because she says she married,still not be..

Think of what Xuan is drinking to hear this word, was gone to by choke at a draught, ouyang Shaoxuan pats the back after wearing those who think of Xuan at once, crossed ability delay for ages come over: “In the final analysis, actually you two people are in namely be difficult with sb, so just 5 years since the news that does not know the other side all the time. So just 5 years since the news that does not know the other side all the time..

Sai Xuan straight from the shoulder speak out a focal point, ouyang Shaoxuan is a bit awkward, dry cough a few, did not talk, sai Xuan is in already become very happy aside: ” be at ease, father, my meeting secondary attack your. ” ” really the person is impish big. ” ” really the person is impish big..

Before long hind, ouyang Shaoxuan sees time not early, sent a hotel Sai Xuan, at the moment hedge falls to having waitinging in the doorway: “Mom, we came back. ” ” it is good to come back, thank you to accompany Sai Xuan today. ” ” hum, it doesn’t matter, sai Xuan is quite obedient. Sai Xuan is quite obedient..

“Hum, that is good, goodbye. ” say to pulling Sai Xuan to leave, sai Xuan still does not forget to turn round to use the mouth model said one is cheered. After returning a room, sai Xuan is saying the thing that produces today with pleasure, hedge falls to just listening silently, after saying, the head that touching Sai Xuan says: “Sai Xuan, play happily recently? Play happily recently??

“Quite happy, we also should not go back more. ” ” so fast. ” ” hum, we will set out tomorrow go back. ” ” hum, good. ” after Ouyang Shaoxuan returns a public house, body and mind feels exhaustion, after developing a bath, lie in go off of the heavy on the bed.

The following day in the morning, ouyang Shaoxuan clears away good thing is, an envelope slides to go up, europe this world highs pick up comes less, opened an envelope, a word was written only above, I am sorry, I love you, but I am willing to help sb to fulfill his wishes more you!

What did after Ouyang Shaoxuan looks, the instant understand, seize the door and go out, will to hedge fall hastily place hotel, be informed however they had left.

When firm preparation face about leaves, be called: “Wait below, this is the letter that the guest leaves you. ” in relief little a small room opens Europe to look is to think of Xuan to be written, the meaning of substantially hopes he is cheered namely, did not miss again, ouyang Shaoxuan laughs, walk out of a hotel, look oneself also should step this one pace.

After hedge falls, did not do more rest, to go to the lavatory, also take Sai Xuan to the company directly, the heart wants to be fostered ahead of schedule pretty good also. The person of the company knows hedge fell very excited also, hedge falls before the person is in all the time home, the company has what thing is direct and long-range video, it is this to come back really, everybody is nervous and awaiting excitedly.

Fall when hedge when appearing in company entrance, all employee stand in the two side of the door, all with one voice said: “Hedge direct, welcome to come back. ” ” hum, I came back, this is my daughter, prospective heir. ” ” wow, grow very beautifully, very lovely hey. Very lovely hey..

Sai Xuan also not be shy with strangers, hit very quickly with them, hedge falls to think of Xuan with respect to indulge, oneself returned the office first, handle an issue. After handling an issue, hedge falls to preparing to take Sai Xuan to come home, be informed to think of Xuan to had been sent to come home by someone however, hedge falls the home was returned at top speed after listening.

Just opened the door, sai Xuan attacked: “Mom, welcome to come back. ” ” fall fall, dinner is already ready. ” ” why you also can be here. ” hedge falls one face looks at Ouyang Shaoxuan helplessly. “It doesn’t matter, it is transient only, sent Sai Xuan to come back incidentally next, sai Xuan comes over to wash one’s hands, prepare to have a meal, fall falling also is. Fall falling also is..

Hedge falls sighed, wu Hao day prepares to come to those who go back to receive her originally today, because of this thing, hedge falls specially shifts to an earlier date came back. Had eaten dinner, hedge falls to want to let Ouyang Shaoxuan go back earlier originally, who knows Sai Xuan is pestering Ouyang Shaoxuan all the time, forbid him to go, all the time do sth over and over again makes to Sai Xuan stranded, hedge falls find a place for after good Sai Xuan, with respect to remnant two people were in alone.

Hedge falls took the lead in breaking silent: “That, time is not early, you also go back earlier. ” ” but, I promised those who be here to think of Xuan to be able to stay tonight, if my disapprobation she, perhaps cheated her, sai Xuan is sure the meeting is sad. Sai Xuan is sure the meeting is sad..

Hedge falls instantaneous petrifaction, how do this meet have the child of Mom of this kind of special hole on the world: “Then you sleep other guest room. ” ” but, cleared away two rooms only at present. ” ” I and that Sai Xuan sleep, additionally one sleeps to you. Additionally one sleeps to you..

Say, walk into a room, took out a dress to fill in to stand in back Europe Yang Shaoxuan, said to will see sentence tomorrow, preparation opens the door when leaving, a hand maintains Ouyang Shaoxuan to go up in the door, hedge falls to feel accident quite, face about looks at Ouyang Shaoxuan: “Occupied still? ” ” have. ” ” have..

“What thing? ” the say on the shoulder that Europe this world highs the head relies on in hedge to fall less: “I knew, all everything. ” ” be? ” ” hum, I am sorry, be I misunderstand you all the time before, I am sorry. ” ” irrespective, these are bygone affection. These are bygone affection..

“Do you think these were indifferent to really? ” ” I had promised Hao Tian proposed, prepared to marry next month, if you are available, will drink a cup of wedding feast. ” look at hedge to fall serious expression, without a fun inside, ouyang Shaoxuan feels very disappointed, faint ground is lop both hands. Faint ground is lop both hands..

“You rest earlier. ” say to leave, hedge falls outside the door, stayed a short while, just hear him to say in that way, obviously oneself are very nervous very excited also, more much one expects, can be final oneself still chose to escape, once oneself so hard, final result is such nevertheless also, go again why again what does excessive beg.

Hedge falls arrange good mood, walked into Sai Xuan’s room, look at asleep Sai Xuan, feel such enough, the choice that since be oneself,makes at the outset, regret again why.

The following day, ouyang Shaoxuan goes out downheartedly to think of Xuan now before, sai Xuan looks to knew to fail, after breakfast passes, pull Ouyang Shaoxuan to the room directly inside example, let Ouyang Shaoxuan make mind at long last, be this to think of Xuan also is to hold broke heart.

Ouyang Shaoxuan is occupied do not have a thing to be able to take Sai Xuan to go out idle away in seeking pleasure, because the thing of the company is busier,hedge falls, also be too busy attend to, ouyang Shaoxuan also can take the chance to be reason in order to take care of Sai Xuan, hall and of emperor lived to come in, sai Xuan gave Ouyang Shaoxuan to fight successful expression.

Hedge falls know them two what planning in the secret, also be disinclined to be in charge of, open an eye to shut an eye to go. Although Ouyang Shaoxuan sees hedge fall of purpose innocently, perhaps send a few gifts to fall to hedge, all is fallen to disregard by hedge.

Until one day, wu Hao day will fall hedge remand company, when Ouyang Shaoxuan just sends back Sai Xuan, encountered, after hedge falls and Wu Hao day leaves simply, pulling Sai Xuan to return a company directly.

Wu Hao day looks at hedge to fall far hind, walk along Ouyang Shaoxuan before: “We chat. ” Ouyang Shaoxuan nods, followed Wu Hao day to leave.

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