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After wind of boreal celestial bodies goes out, does Xia Xinghui ask: ? Bursa of Lv of Hu of one of  of saddle ィ  shakes colour of  of confused  capture to cut felt to carry Hu of antrum of sword   on the back to change Yao and suffer from Yi Ying. Eyeball of handsome? Su Yuelan turns, “Still be really! See me, do not have an attention, this surname is very few, still perhaps be really. Still perhaps be really..

“Look the child of home of boreal celestial bodies is try to make a good showing really. ” Xia Xinghui laugh, “Dry dry! Cold-shoulder your daughter? ” Su Yuelan jokingly. “Hey, click of the tongue, my daughter can be in the world is best, the daughter that takes how many to have money comes I am not changed! ” summerly lord says haughtily, su Yuelan is laughing to shake shake one’s head.

And after boreal day young son comes out…

Two should approach the wife of 3 hit under a public occasion unexpectedly fight noisely be troubled by, after wind of boreal celestial bodies comes out to see, express very headache.

“Aha Hahaha. . Boss! We this is sportive. ” Xia Liang stands up awkwardly, “Uncle aunt still thinks you go lost. ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is used impolitely see neuropathic expression look at her two, the raise on corners of the mouth. Glare of Zhou Yiqing glare he, pulling Xia Liang.

“Eldest brother? ” face about of wind of boreal celestial bodies just wanted to take the door, right hand side transmits call out, take the door repeatedly Zhou Yiqing and Xia Liang were stupefied, face about, saw a woman student that the figure selects high, although wearing white unlined long gown, did not make up on the face, do not block the glamour with her colourful Jing as before.

Frown of wind of boreal celestial bodies, look at snow of boreal celestial bodies lightly, when he comes, know this is the hospital that snow of boreal celestial bodies is in, still think so large hospital won’t be encountered, did not think of she also came inpatient department, this calculated, still be in this one unexpectedly, good, still enter same a ward?

“Light snow, speed will sit. ” Su Yuelan is laughing to say, xia Liang and Zhou Yiqing’s courteous also laugh is worn gangway, expression of wind of boreal celestial bodies is light, very at odds, still ask a: ? Does neon of bay Kang a key to do sth wait till tranquil bursa capture  handsome?

“Hum, eldest brother, will you visit summerly uncle? Is the son-in-law that can you be him Ji Zixun? ” the eye of call back the spirit of the dead with beautiful snow of boreal celestial bodies is a little strange blink to wind of boreal celestial bodies ah blink, the blueness on the face with nice wind of angry boreal celestial bodies a Bai Yizhen, do not have good energy of life say: ?

This word one, zhou Yiqing is laughing to run over clutch his neck, “Who does follow base friendly! ! Wind of boreal celestial bodies your skin itched! ” subliminal finish after a series of movements, zhou Yiqing just realizes what he is doing, of course, xia Xinghui is to mind not strange, but at the moment still has others! !

“Breathe out ah ah ah… that you are good! I call Zhou Yiqing! ” some female careless stretch one’s hand, after snow of boreal celestial bodies is stupefied, also stretch his hand handhold she, “I call north Chen Xue. “I call north Chen Xue..

After unlocking, zhou Yiqing open mad mode, “Hahahaha… the little sister that you are wind of boreal celestial bodies? Be too beautiful really, when I see wind of boreal celestial bodies for the first time before, feel, this piece of face, growing to go up in man body is really too regrettablly, if be female, sheer beauty, wind of boreal celestial bodies often mentions with me your, see today, as expected outstanding. As expected outstanding..

Of this word boast, xia Xinghui a yell, with respect to Lian Beichen snow was frightened after jumping, also cannot help titter, have wind of boreal celestial bodies only a piece of a person is black face, a cuddle crosses Zhou Yiqing, pull at the same time, “When had I mentioned her, often still carry? ! ” ” who lets you do not tell me, did the girlfriend that serves as you meet to say not to know to there is her with your little sister this individual? ” say two people all the time goggle at the other side.

Su Yuelan and Xia Xinghui shake helplessly shake one’s head, this two children! Outer person looks two people are saying what private words.

“Light snow, this north celestial bodies also is to come for the first time, a moment ago I am thinking, you surname boreal celestial bodies, can you be sibling? It is as expected. ” Xia Xinghui laugh.

“Light snow, with the fine be act as a lunatic, do not mind, cool, return discomfort to call light snow doctor to sit down, what to send to stay! ? ” Su Yuelan glare a Xia Liang.

“Oh oh… you take boreal time doctor! That thanks you to take care of my father. ” Xia Liang is laughing to had pulled a chair.

“Not not not… fasten so polite, you called my light snow to go. ” snow of boreal celestial bodies also did not sit down, feel some feel embarrassed.

“What to call light snow, immortal little sister! ” Zhou Yiqing walks over to say carelessly, everybody yell, really drunk this woman.

“Still never mention it, I am fast this year 26, call a little sister too tender? ” snow of boreal celestial bodies laughs, feel sincerely Zhou Yiqing the disposition of this woman is very forthright, pardonable also eldest brother abandons elder sister of size of so much all trades and professions.

“Never mind! I also am 26 years old ah, hey I May, xia Liang with respect to bit this month 15 just 25 years old, you? ” the age that Zhou Yiqing a bit does not care about him.

“She in November 3, zhou Yiqing, here with respect to you the oldest! ! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies says comically. Snow of boreal celestial bodies is a little open-eyed, write down every are secondarily day when it is to call ahead of schedule tell him, can be that day every time phone him again in the evening he just comes home, and often say to forget, so…

“You ability is old! ! ” Zhou Yiqing turns round glare him, the laugh that wind of boreal celestial bodies pays no attention to, “41 branches spend the man, me this has not arrived 30, besides, this woman 30 with respect to posse broken bits good? This woman 30 with respect to posse broken bits good??

“Wind of boreal celestial bodies! ! ” Zhou Yiqing big growl, everybody cannot help bursting out laughing, small ward a warmth.

“Eldest brother? ” small, everybody looks, it is boreal day rain and Ji Mengyun. Ji Mengyun some feel embarrassed, how doesn’t this man knock go in, calculated so, pulling oneself even, does Ji Mengyun say: awkwardly? Bank circle yellow kite. Pa of  apology Luo returns bath of  of stand upright  ! ! ?

“Dream Doctor Yun also comes, xing Hui, today how so lively, speed comes speed comes. ” what Su Yuelan and Xia Xinghui laugh is very happy, wait for in ward so long, deserted, have the energy of life that select a person at long last.

“Elder brother, elder sister! Are you in? ” boreal day rain this word, everybody was to show more than just even open-eyed expression, xia Liang is very dizzy, day verbose, who will tell her this world how! ? Did not buy lottery to have a deficit for certain today, the rhythm that shoot with great accuracy, this one child get together was here.

“Wind of boreal celestial bodies? ! ” Zhou Yiqing has some of gnash, it is a little sister a little while it is a little brother a little while, how many thing does he still have to did not tell her after all?

Wind of boreal celestial bodies feels nose, boreal day rain sees northerly Chen Xue, the mouth that sees snow of boreal celestial bodies only — — ” sister-in-law! ” is the laugh of courtesy of boreal day rain worn say: ?

“Twin little brother! Boy-girl twin! ! ” Zhou Yiqing and Xia Liang simply of divine synchronism cry greatly come out, eye of Ji Mengyun pop, return somebody unexpectedly response is bigger than oneself! !

“Very handsome! ! Not be! Hello hello! I am your elder brother’s wife, not not! I am the girlfriend of your elder brother, either! That I call Zhou Yiqing! ” this insecurity gets Zhou Yiqing conversation is not agile! Stretch one’s hand and his my handclasp, everybody cannot help laughing.

“Ah. . With the fine this slaves girl even if so denounce happy event, everybody is not stupefied, ouch, this chair is insufficient. ” Su Yuelan laugh.

“Do not have the aunt of the thing, you sit, our youth is standing to do not have a thing. ” Ji Mengyun laugh.

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