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Xia Liang pulls Lin Tianze hastily at the same time, “Your bullshit some what! ” nevertheless this movement looks in Xia Xinghui, resembling is Xia Liang and Lin Tianze very close and general.

“I do not have bullshit, xia Liang, since today, I should go after you! This is true! good uncle aunt did not have a meal, you fasten lose time. ” say Lin Tianze face round.

“Uncle aunt, probably before the thing that does red to hear about Xia Liang and me, let you have a few bad impression to me, and hear about my red more than still this one, can be uncle aunt, when who is filled without junior gas? Ask you to believe me, I am open-armed to Xia Liang’s feeling. ” Lin Tianze corners of the mouth is hanging light laugh all the time.

Su Yuelan looks at this groups small, quite satisfactory, compared with Ji Zixun, how much cannot differ. A piece of Xia Xinghui is cold faces say, “Didn’t you see the ring on summerly cool hand? Do you still have bravery to go after him? Calculate us not to object, the opportunity that can be you is however 0. The opportunity that can be you is however 0..

Lin Tianze nature is to know, the feeling that for the moment does not say Xia Liang and Ji Zixun has base of 5 years early, two people still are loving besides each other, but he does not think namely so abandon.

“Uncle, this I know, but, want them to had not married only, is the opportunity that I still have competition? Besides. . . ” Lin Tianze turns first, look at Xia Liang deeply, xia Liang is stupefied slightly, lin Tianze is laughing to say,

“Besides, I like her, like very much very much, if do not go been strive for,abandon directly, my this all one’s life can regret certainly, youth, is spelling ability to won’t take a pity? Perhaps, regret, the surprise piles. The surprise piles..

“Breathe out breathe out. . . ” Xia Xinghui laughed unexpectedly! ! Summerly cool Jing gets pop eye, is the word that Lin Tianze says very funny? ! Very comical? ! Su Yuelan’s light also laugh is worn, only she knows, xia Xinghui why so happy.

In those days Xia Xinghui, come to this big city works, wanting to want to hit originally spell the world that gives oneself, cautious and conscientious worked 3 years at that time, put eventually enough poineering capital, he knows, with one action of this poineering investment or is successful, or is returned overnight before liberating.

At the outset he, saw the market very long, considered very long, let go eventually one wrestle, invest a success unexpectedly, opened a studio from now on, had oneself cause eventually, be opposite so for him, lin Tianze this disposition and oneself in those days some is tasted, he very appreciation!

“Forest manager, god-given Xia Liang can by your settle on, if she was not together with Ji Zixun, I can agree with you to be together certainly, regrettablly, you come late one pace. . . ” Xia Xinghui laugh.

Hear Xia Xinghui this word, xia Liang was stupefied! Not be, does old father value Lin Tianze so unexpectedly? ! And Lin Tianze nature also is to be no good with joy.

“Never mind, it is OK that you call the uncle my forest Tian Ze, need not so polite, good uncle aunt, time is not early also, you had not lunched, do I take you to lunch to send you to go back again first how? Do I take you to lunch to send you to go back again first how??

“Need not bother! You walk along Lin Tianze rapidly! ” Xia Liang grabs a word rapidly, return glare incidentally he is one. Su Yuelan and Xia Xinghui nature are to know, lin Tianze wants to please them.

“Xia Liang! How so conversation! ” Xia Xinghui is berated, say lightly again, “That Lin Tianze, have a meal this thing still is sometime, I this just left hospital, wanted to come home. Wanted to come home..

“Good uncle, so I send you first. ” Lin Tianze is very natural take a thing, then but under, xia Liang also is forced to go outside accordingly.

“You and Ji Zixun are troubled by quarrelled? ! ” Xia Xinghui suddenly secretly ask, xia Liang one Jing, how does he know? ! !

“Do not have, you think much! ” Xia Liang lies.

“You can not receive me to leave hospital without him? ! !!

“. . . . . . . ..

27 building president offices of flourishing age firm.

Ji Zixun is eating Yang Qi silently to bale come back outside sell, always feel taste is bad! Yang Qi stands to brush sweat silently aside, was over, the food that the boss likes fails to please him, eat so less instead? ! Was over. . .

“Did they leave hospital? ” Ji Zixun asks suddenly, yang Qi brushs sweat, “Boss, today I not idle. . . ..

Suddenly, a bundle of glum view is shot to him, yang Qi brushs sweat, “Yes! Boss! ” a phone goes, han Si puts through, yang Qi gives the past silently.

“Boss, summerly gentleman leaves hospital today midday, next. . . Be forest always receive them those who come home. ” bang! The mobile phone is patted on the table, the hand that Ji Zixun is holding a chopstick appears blue veins.

Blamed, this woman, know perfectly well oneself to get angry to still do not fool him unexpectedly! ! Still continue to come and go with that man unexpectedly? ? !

“Old, boss, you drink water disappear calm one’s anger. ” Yang Qi’s silent water cup give the past, ji Zixun glare he is one, handle machine gives him, continue to have a meal! Yang Qi brushs sweat silently. . .

Be good! Be very good! She gets cheesy pleasure too by what, are oneself born here however fuggy? ! Eat! Continue to eat! What to have marvelous!

“Since today, do not carry those two words with me again! Also do not send a person to look at her again, do not tell me again about everything her! ” of anger of Ji Zixun anger say.

“Are those two words Xia Liang? ” Yang Qi daredevil asks, ji Zixun grabs water cup assume a posture should throw the past, “I knew I knew I knew! ” Yang Qi raise one’s hand. . .

Ji Zixun is white he is one, continue to have a meal, yang Qi brushs sweat silently. . .

“So boss, should Miss Lin arrange your this issue tonight? Should Miss Lin arrange your this issue tonight??

“I can go. ” Ji Zixun does not have good energy of life say, as it happens, some things are to should say to be clear about.

Xia Liang is sitting depressedly on sofa to watch TV at the moment, but the eyes is in all the time rove, there is a mobile phone to walk back and forth to also do not know to want to work in the hand, the Zhou Yiqing that washs a sheet came out, one buttock sits on sofa.

“Oh fine case, do decide? Pretty good and pretty good, hey, the technology of my boss how? ” Xia Liang changes a mood.

“Hum! Compare your home Ji Shaohao absolutely! Was opposite, how he didn’t receive a father-in-law today? Be his this expression at that time when? Your this expression is incorrect. . . How? ” this ability discovers Zhou Yiqing, mention Ji Zixun, xia Liang’s expression is factitious.

Xia Liang tells Zhou Yiqing the thing then.

“Xia Liang! You are no good so! You explain with him rapidly! Do not want hard to part company into you? ! ” part company? These two words reminded Xia Liang, she does not want to part company. . .

“But, he has gotten angry not to see me! Do repeatedly leave hospital formalities, he lets Yang Qi do secretly, oneself are hiding not to appear! ” Xia Liang also very be agitated. .

“Request! You won’t look for him? ! Do not return hard into you bashful ah? He is active so much second, you are active won’t how! ” this word holds out Zhou Yiqing reasonable.

“Can be Lin Xin’s thing. . . ..

“Xia Liang your head is broken, this has been the thing 5 years ago, you need to tell me only, you love not to love him! Love him to look for him actively then! Love him to look for him actively then!!

“. . . . . ..

Week 8 coffee hall.

“Merit elder brother, let your kick one’s heels. ” Lin Xin is willing to Ji Zixun and she meets, very happy.

“I also am to just arrived, look for you tonight, you should know a reason. ” Ji Zixun is becoming warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, languid leans lazily on sofa chair, eyeball of have sth in mind of half narrow one’s eyes, wearing formfitting business suit of black, did not wear tie, opened two button, very handsome.

Lin Xin cannot think of, ji Zixun starts to talk so straight ask the thing about Xia Liang in vain. Forced smile, “Ah, merit elder brother, I see those pictures intentionally to her, do you still look not to come out, she is not to love you really! If she loves you, how to because,meet you malty the fault that commits is worn with respect to hold tight be not excused! How to because,meet you malty the fault that commits is worn with respect to hold tight be not excused!!

“Enough! Lin Xin, I treat you as all the time previously the little sister will take care of, to your a few behavior, I become you only not sensible, can be this thing, still have last that thing, you are true too make me disappointed. You are true too make me disappointed..

“I warn you, if dare make the issue that hurts her again, do not blame me not to read aloud mutual affection, do not think nobody knows the thing that you conspire with He sister, with respect to that traffic accident of Lian Xialiang’s mother and daughter, also you incite Fang Lingling to send a person to work. Also you incite Fang Lingling to send a person to work..

“I let off you, do not think you are met however be insatiable, the next time, but so won’t cheap. ” say, ji Zixun rises to go, a bit was reluctant to leave, left dumbfounded Lin Xin. . .

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