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After feed ends. “Child merit, do not want later so grand, still have those doctors of what, also need not seek technical person, let them resembled going in that way usually. So luxurious, I am needing height resembling muddy in this thorn is euqally afflictive. Removed the person. ” of Xia Xinghui sincere words and earnest wishes say.

Is Zhou Yiqing right: of Xia Liang make eyes? Herd of  mulberry ∠ considers Ψ foolish? shuts up! Ji Zixun maintains polite smile, “Good, nurse nevertheless person and special recuperation division still want, 3 eat want eating health. 3 eat want eating health..

“It may not be a bad idea, hey, your job is busy, always need not see me, need not accompany me to have a meal more, I am not dot! Especially you! ! ” is summer of Xia Xinghui goggle at cool when saying this word: ? Fei of Qian melon care thinks of course of study to seek Se of joyous still Suo to agree? of dark blue of money of herd a legendary venomous insect knows!

“Knew father! That we with respect to foregone? ” Lao crack with teeth in mouth a long time, a bit faster also, ask for leave so long, xia Liang has a lot of thing to want to do.

“Go! Also need not see me tonight, ear root is kosher. ” Xia Xinghui waves see a visitor out. Gave Xia Liang, those present cannot help titter. “That, summerly uncle, you rest well, we with respect to foregone. ” Zhou Yiqing courtesy greets sb. “Available come ah slave girl with the fine. ” the hand that Su Yuelan is grabbing her is put in control to pat, “Of the meeting of the meeting. “Of the meeting of the meeting..

It is one greets, they give Ji Zixun ward, send Yang Qi to plan the issue of the hospital. After getting on a car… Ji Zixun’s phone is noisy, the mobile phone since Ji Shaona looks, hang, did not pass how long, the mobile phone rang again, sit in deputy driving Xia Liang eyeball turns ah turn, with Zhou Yiqing simply the god is synchronous, should this kind of moment magnanimous say: ? Does tuft of dog of herd of a key to do sth of emperor of canister of Qiang of  of bluff of bank of Se of shelfing  of U of grand of emperor of cheek of shadow mulberry  corrupt excuse me?

Reality is such, xia Liang has grabbed Ji Zixun’s mobile phone, put through. “Merit elder brother, hear you are away on official business came back? You are had empty, I want to ask you to eat a meal. I want to ask you to eat a meal..

“Feel sorry ah Lin Meimei, your home merit the elder brother helps me cook in my home, be afraid do not have this idle affection to have a meal with you. ” Xia Liang is intended like see Ji Zixun, provoke all over the face, remain calm of how Ji Shuai, one face is indifferent to, right also, if he cares about Xia Liang to still do not chop him?

“Is summer cool? You interact with my elder brother at the same time, pester move merit elder brother again at the same time, after all what meaning! ” hear Xia Liang provoke, lin Xin’s mood was done not have just tender feelings, if it were not for is afraid of pectoral decrescent, xia Liang wants to pat very much take wind, otherwise of your bifurcation speech should invert so fast, on one second hears the voice of immortal elder sister, below one second turns black hill into the sound of old bewitching directly, afflict a person! !

“What meaning? Feel embarrassed, I and your elder brother are Yi night Qing only, do not pass, your home merit the elder brother is interacting with me now. ” this word, connect Zhou Yiqing pop eye, this woman of bifurcation when so dragged, set upright a thumb silently to extend the past. Does Xia Liang laugh at: extremely extremely later?  S

Ji Shuai is seemingly insusceptible nevertheless, as before remain calm. Lin Xin wind rises and fall quickly, how likely! Before she feels Ji Zixun is compared to her manner obviously a few years a lot of, how to meet… not! Absolutely not OK! Ji Zixun can be her only! She waited for him 7 years! Full 7 years! In him the saddest the most helpless when, only she is accompanied silently all the time beside her, comfort him, amuse him happy, for him, she desertions oneself dignity, as long as he can be happy, but, why! Why he returns in the end is the woman that the choice injures him that! ! Not! She won’t let this kind of thing happening absolutely! Absolutely not OK! !

“Xia Liang! You! Your bullshit! Merit how can the elder brother agree and you interact! You once so harm him! He is cheated how possibly by you again! ! ” some broke Lin Xin to heart.

Respecting harm, xia Liang still paused, eye eye is bleak come down, did not have just small complacent. “The letter is not believed by you! ” call up silently. Lin Xin utterly discomfited, be indifferent to, she has a plenty of a method, and this thing in her hand, xia Liang wants to be less than absolutely, connect Ji Zixun to also won’t think of!

After hanging a phone, xia Liang is silent. Ji Zixun starts to talk faintly, “Just return a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of one face , at the moment how? ” Zhou Yiqing draws out an earphone to pretend to hear music. . .

“Don’t have a thing? How, I so with you domestic Lin Meimei talks, are you not angry? ” Xia Liang is laughing to say. Ji Zixun also not expose she, what Zhou Yiqing says is right, she says be a holiday to do not have a thing.

“Just you are in when calling, I want to say, I am not her home, she more have nothing to do with with me, still have, do I work angry? ” Ji Zixun explains slowly. Before becoming her hard to still be cared about those things?

See Ji Zixun’s light explanation, warm in summerly cool heart warm, white he is one, also did not talk. Send them to come home after resting, ji Zixun calls to Lin Xin.

“Xia Liang! You want what to say again! No matter how you say, I won’t believe merit the elder brother is interacting with you! ” had not waited for Ji Zixun to start to talk, lin Xin goes back with respect to growl.

“Lin Xin, it is me! ” Ji Zixun says lightly.

“Merit, merit elder brother! ” be frightened apparently jump, lin Xin is a little nervous, some are excited. “Merit elder brother? Xia Liang says… ” ” come out to see one side, I in Weisiting crystal is spent wait for you. ” Lin Xin sets out rapidly.

Crystal spends Weisiting.

“Merit elder brother! ” V of a white gets leotard, it is short skirt matchs filar socks below, the long garment coat of a light pink was covered outside. Full bosom, be squashed to give a deep trench, delicate makeup look, sexy red lip, grow hair hang down loosely, the figure is carried high, coquettish, so beautiful, it is a man should be intoxicated for her.

Some take Lin Xin bashfully to Ji Zixun on.

“Had a meal? ” Ji Zixun returns be courtesy to say, look in Lin Xin nevertheless, this is a care.

“Still do not have… “

“Order meal? ” though Ji Zixun had eaten, do not pass or wanted a beef, appetite of Lin Xin it doesn’t matter, but Ji Zixun is asked, returned be grace to eat some.

“Merit elder brother, when still remembering be in the United States, go having a meal every time you can choose these course, you still know my be fond of as expected. You still know my be fond of as expected..

“Still once I go with you bar, was dallied with, your within an inch of still fights with the family. Your within an inch of still fights with the family..

“Still have ah… “

“I and Xia Liang were together. ” Ji Zixun’s light mouth, though he has done those things right, but what can this show? Be a man metropolis so do? What is more,the rather that do they have friendship twice?

“Merit elder brother, this those who compare the United States is delicious, next time had we still come? ” Lin Xin looks up laughing to say.

“Lin Xin, I know you like me, also very thank you 5 years this to stay in the United States to accompany me, but I am sorry, the person that I like is Xia Liang all the time. ” Ji Zixun still tells her this fact.

“Merit elder brother, I know, you should forget her to still need period of time thoroughly, irrespective nevertheless, I can wait. I can wait..

“Lin Xin, this is true, you… “

” enough enough! ! Did not say again! ” of Lin Xin out of control cover auditive, tear cannot help sliding. Ji Zixun does not know what to should say.

“Lin Xin… “

“Did not say! You go! ” Lin Xin drops a hand, turn the head sees a window outside. It is good that Ji Zixun looks at her a little while, stand up, went. Finish one second, lin Xin tear falls like rain. Enclasp fist, animosity is completely in the eye, “Xia Liang! “Xia Liang!!

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