The 27th cha目前番禺各大zj地点pter gives birth to day of Party

Midday when Xia Liang and Zhou Yiqing rambled all sorts of cate inn, barbecue, tea with milk, ice cream. . . The mood immediately a lot of.

When coming back to go to work, there is a gift case on summerly cool desk, day, lin Tianze won’t have come, this if by the Eight Diagrams but bad, “Xia Liang! General manager looks for you. ” Xia Liang has accepted the gift, the gift that sends Xu Lei incidentally also gets a package in. “Good! “Good!!

“Do you look for the boss I? ” after Xia Liang knocks, go in. “Do you follow Lin Tianze what concerns? ” wind of boreal celestial bodies asks, xia Liang felt puzzled, how does he ask this the thing suddenly, “Boss how are you abrupt so ask? I had met 3 times with him! ” ” 3 faces! 3 times face other people sends you birthday present! Does 3 times face other people know your birthday? ? See a gift, he lets me take you, look quite expensive ah! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is white she is one, “I know you is not the sort of meeting falsifier, be only, want to let you notice, by person gossip bad. ” it is good that Xia Liang knows wind of boreal celestial bodies is for her, “I know the boss! My my meeting has been handled, you are at ease! ” ” travel, know to go, go! ” Xia Liang just thought, wind of boreal celestial bodies calls her again suddenly, “Wait meeting! You come over! ” the eye since Xia Liang narrow one’s eyes sees him, one face is vigilant.

“Receive expression of your that wretched! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is cold hum, xia Liang yell, go to the side of him. “Birthday joy! Your gift! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies laughed. Xia Liang looks at him amazedly, “You do not have the boss take wrong drug! Send me the gift unexpectedly? ! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies is not willing, the first, he feels Xia Liang is a good girl sincerely, make friend with her affirmation is pretty good, the 2nd, he can not want to be seen by Zhou Yiqing flat.

“You did not want to calculate! Still have, the salary of this month buckles a half, go! ” Xia Liang yell come out, “Boss you this is malpractice! ! Nevertheless, thank you my handsome old boss! ” wind of boreal celestial bodies laughed, “Good, the job goes! The job goes!!

Came off work eventually. Xia Liang thinks and Zhou Yiqing watchs TV at the same time at the same time snack feels happy, although, without Ji Zixun’s blessing. . .

Xia Liang returns the home, zhou Yiqing still is done not have come back, than her evening comes off work Zhou Yiqing half hours. Then Xia Liang turns over a cabinet to seek a gift. The yell after Xia Liang sees a gift, shi Diji’s cup, of Shi Diji hang adorn, still have continous slipper of Shidiji! ! “This woman, where look for these after all! ” Xia Liang’s happy laugh.

Bathe to come out, xia Liang wore that pair of loafer, “I come back! ” Zhou Yiqing’s straightforward sound is transmitted, “Case! Good-looking! Thank your gift, I like very much! ” Zhou Yiqing and she is embraced, “Is what I choose not good-looking? Ha. . . Was opposite, I bathe first, next we go looking for landlord aunt to dine together! ” Xia Liang nods, “This idea is good! “This idea is good!!

Zhou Yiqing washed half hours, after coming out, two people raise his wine cup, biscuit, fruit all has been installed. Xia Liang calls Zhou Yiqing to blow dry hair to go out again, suddenly, xia Liang’s mobile phone rang, “Feed a group leader. ” does move of Xu Lei laugh say: ? Be proud cheek of buy stalk  steals bucket of alkyne of Sui О Yu to sift boil in water for a while of  Qiao Mou Arty of Zha of post carve  , did not tell you to give you a surprise, ah, you come over rapidly! ” ” what! Group leader you. . . This also too spend money! ” ” ah! ! Of it doesn’t matter, everybody the member money of collect, you are fast come over! You are fast come over!!

“Was over. . . We this dines together do not get together, xu Lei they opened a birthday Party to me, case, we goes! ” summer is cool helpless laugh, zhou Yiqing is gone to day deep sigh. . .

Xia Liang turns box, “Bang ” ” birthday is happy! ! ” ” breathe out ~ ” next the crowd is diffuse, xu Lei is shifting a car, “Wish ~ of your birthday joy ” next everybody was sung together, “Wish you birthday joy ~ wishs you birthday joy ~ wishs you birthday is happy! ! ! ” ” breathe out. . . Summerly cool birthday is happy! ! ” ” thank! Thank everybody! ” was touched even Zhou Yiqing, “Fast promise! ” Xia Liang was made wish, after everybody cheers, xia Liang cuts cake, after cutting the first knife, everybody is cutting cent together. Xia Liang cut two, give Xu Lei and Zhou Yiqing at the same time. Sit to look at everybody at the same time with Zhou Yiqing next mad.

” fill in! True happiness! Xu Lei organizes this affirmation! Empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, touch not? ” is Xia Liang laughing to say: ? Zhou Yiqing of? of Liang of star of apology of emperor of establish of case discharge  wiped her a butter, xia Liang hits her to death, everybody also was troubled by rise. Passed a little while, be troubled by almost just begin to spell wine.

“Everybody is quiet, my some words want to say to Xia Liang! ” everybody is quiet, xia Liang stayed, zhou Yiqing also stayed. Xu Lei does not know a bundle of Gong Mei that where comes rares, walk over to say: to Xia Liang? Xing of Wen of excessive of  of curb of  of postscript herd stalk does not wrap up  of  of  of filter of Huang of move of Bei of emperor of show off of heart of Lang of excessive of  of storehouse of graceful second making fun of  to pull tip of Chong of  of  formic M to wish box of night of dream of  of curtain of  of Wo of  Yi Huan where is contrary to  is exhibited 4, she did not think of like Xu Lei such person also has so mad when, this was to issue how old courage, change doing is others, early agreed with respect to 100, but, xia Liang is not others.

The crowd boiled, saying all the time ” together! ” Xia Liang is low first, “I am sorry. . . I do not like you. . ” yes, she is so firm. “Irrespective. . . ” Xu Lei approachs her, put the flower in her bosom, “Can promise me you are not that Xia Liang that I like. Xia Liang. . . I do not regret to like to go up you, good, everybody continues to play! Everybody continues to play!!

Xia Liang is malty, only Zhou Yiqing knows why, xu Lei just should send them, zhou Yiqing was forced to agree. Xia Liang head is crooked the shoulder in Zhou Yiqing, “Fine. . I want. . Drink. . ” ” ouch not was troubled by get on for the home. ” ” ouch not was troubled by get on for the home..

Arrived home eventually, zhou Yiqing and Xu Lei are helping Xia Liang up to get off.

“With fine young lady, xia Liang has you so good friend is really lucky, she. . . How to drink so much tonight? ” Zhou Yiqing feels embarrassed say: ? Eight Guan vasts to Lian Mo Arty is you hold, are you afraid that she is intentional is ability says li of responsibility the member money of collect is opposite everybody? Xu Lei, I am sorry, xia Liang in her heart very afflictive also, you know, in this heart already replete a person, other people is again good to her she also does not have method reload to go in, you are good to hers she knows, but she does not have method to respond to your feeling, she does not want to harm you, must harm you again however, do you know? Do you know??

Xu Lei laugh, extend a hand to touch Xia Liang’s face, laugh one face is tender, “Thank you with fine young lady, I knew how to should be done, bother you. . . Had taken care of her. . . ” ” then you drive to be nodded carefully, we went. ” Zhou Yiqing very admire Xu Lei, if do not have Ji Zixun, xia Liang can accept him certainly, regrettablly. . . Understand Xia Liang, still be Zhou Yiqing as expected.

Xu Lei looked at them to enter a house to just drive.

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