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Mo Baichen looks at Si Youtian, si Youtian also is in look at him, xi Xiaoyou can be clear feel some kind of disharmonious atmosphere, to break this atmosphere, she was laughing to open the door to pulling Mo Baichen to enter room next.

“Elder brother of hundred celestial bodies, you had not had a meal, I go cooking to you “

Complexion of department bless day becomes cloudy, took the door accordingly next. Xi Xiaoyou is a little huffish, howl.

“What do you do, go out “

Si Youtian looks at Mo Baichen, a bit does not have the plan that go out.

“He can be entered, why cannot be I entered “

This is 3 months come they talk for the first time, this also is 3 months come, suddenly turn hostile of Si Youtian first time, also be, this appearance is before him, never conceal oneself spunk.

Xi Xiaoyou sneers.

“He is my people, you are stranger nevertheless, do you say why? Do you say why??

Mo Baichen has the lop eye of some of lose, to her he is an elder brother only.

Si Youtian hears the word that Xi Xiaoyou says, the heart begins to smoke painful, be a stranger only?

“Ah, what family is he? Is there kin? It is a man that has a purpose to you nevertheless… “


Si Youtian’s word has not said to be hit on his face by spank of banquet dawn leisurely, xi Xiaoyou all over the face fury, she is become all the time Mo Baichen is the existence with general eldest brother, if Si Youtian says, resembling is to be in insult the relation between them, he by what so say.

Range of department bless day does not have expression, just look at Xi Xiaoyou silently, there also is one after Xi Xiaoyou was hitting Si Youtian silk is factitious, but it is him really those who say is beyond the mark, she just is met of out of control, spoken parts in an opera, subconscious in she is not thought by him so.

Had not known how long, face about of department bless day leaves, did not reply a house however, go outside however.

Xi Xiaoyou looks at the back that he leaves, it is so desolate unexpectedly, the heart that lets her has so one cannot bear, but everything what think of to happen before New Year, her heart strong rise.

Mo Baichen is a little glazy, these 3 months come to no wonder manage the family name has stopped to the attack of Mohs, he thinks Si Youtian abandoned, so he had known Xi Xiaoyou’s news.

He answered a year ago Xi Xiaoyou’s request, send her to leave, do not want to let Si Youtian know Xi Xiaoyou’s thing in his self, so he hides the truth from those who issued Xi Xiaoyou all messages, tell Si Youtian, xi Xiaoyou had died, manage to let bless day give up the idea forever.

After all he is very big to Xi Xiaoyou’s consequence, he does not want to manage bless day reappear is in of Xi Xiaoyou before, but did not think of he never abandons all the time, still found Xi Xiaoyou finally.

The about with the glazy way that sees Xi Xiaoyou looks at Si Youtian to leave, what he feels a bottom of the heart is painful, can pretend only however the appearance of as if nothing happened.

Xi Xiaoyou does good meal, eat together with Mo Baichen, but her bottom of the heart always is in what to care about, appetite of it doesn’t matter.

“Elder brother of hundred celestial bodies, how long do you plan this to stay here? How long do you plan this to stay here??

Xi Xiaoyou asks unconsciously, perhaps be the thing that allows oneself not to think Si Youtian.

Mo Baichen’s tender laugh is worn, answer according to the facts.

“Will go back tomorrow, the company still has a few things to do not have processing “

Be away on official business after coming back, he urgent come, want to see her before go back, but did not think of Si Youtian is here.

“So fast “

Xi Xiaoyou one Jing, thinking nevertheless also is, the president of his company, won’t resemble her same spare time, why to manage bless day stayed here nevertheless 3 months, who runs his company?

Throw a head, do not think so much, who runs his company involve her what issue, had better break down, see him return how of aggressive rise.

“I can have handled those who will see you very quickly “

Mo Baichen say, if because he is away on official business,not be,piled up a lot of things, he also does not want to leave so quickly, but think of Si Youtian is here, he worries very much again.

“Xiao You, answer S city as you and me… “

Mo Baichen thought very long just speak this word, xi Xiaoyou is stupefied, immediately shakes his head, she likes here, do not want to leave, she is opposite besides S city shadowiness, go back she is afraid won’t happy.

Mo Baichen conceals his lose with the smile, did not allude again what. After eating a meal, mo Baichen went guesthouse.

Xi Xiaoyou sends Mo Baichen to prepare to reply a house, the line of sight falls in however next door, without lamplight, do not know him to come back.

In the middle of the night, rain fell outside, developed rainstorm slowly.

Xi Xiaoyou is without drowsiness, noting the case outside all the time, already the sound that midnight finish did not hear Si Youtian to come back.

The bottom of the heart is anxious ineffably, rise outside looking at a window, do not know where Si Youtian went to, know not to involve oneself issue obviously, but still cannot help worry.


Abrupt, the sound that what thing falls down is transmitted outside the door, xi Xiaoyou is tightened in the heart, open the door hastily go out to look, discover Si Youtian falls drenchedly on the ground all over however, motionless still.

The hold tight in heart of banquet dawn leisurely rises, before going up hastily, crouch in him beside, ask.

“Si Youtian, you how… “

Flavour of a wine uploads from his body come, he went out to drink actually, those who drink is so drunk, return what do not have figure so to fall on the ground, she sees for the first time.

Obviously ought not to she is in charge of, but she is in however right now firm does not leave a heart. He now all over drenched, if without giving thought to he, he can fall ill for certain.

Finally, xi Xiaoyou still pulls him entered a room, hesitated very long, just helped him take off the dress, look at his keen-witted and capable figure, the face that she cannot help is red, hold back lives gas takes off his wet dress quickly, take a quilt to wrap him those who get severe tight fact next.

Because do not have redundant bed, so she lets Si Youtian sleep on sofa, build one bed quilt to him without giving thought to, she can move in, do not let him outside emerge of itself and perish of itself, had been her heart be apt to.

“Xiao You… take leave of opens me… do not pay no attention to me… “

Si Youtian is murmurous saying drunk word, the body that invites Xi Xiaoyou one shake, change finally for calm, face about wants to answer a bed to sleep, the hand is pulled however.

“Do not go “

Xi Xiaoyou looks at him, discover he is opening misty eye to staring at her however. Xi Xiaoyou frown, want to take turn around and stretch out one’s hand, however he is not put not only, pull forcibly instead, xi Xiaoyou does not have an attention temporarily, was pulled by him actually in the bosom, next by him closely holding in the arms.

What Xi Xiaoyou enrages is right he is hit again kick again, exceeding suspicion he is outfit is drunk, otherwise effort how so big, si Youtian resembles is to did not feel general, no matter how is she hit,cannot make him loose, feel he holds in the arms closer more instead.

Struggle finally tired, xi Xiaoyou suspended all actions, look at him, the line of sight that discovers he is misty however falls on her face, blink do not blink.

“Xiao You… find you eventually… “

He is in all the time low saying a word, resembling is consumptive disease of a word, one did not discover he is previously so the person of Suo, is this malty the appearance after?

Xi Xiaoyou does not struggle, close an eye irritatedly, etc restore effort to push him again, side side transmits his word all the time, listening to listening to have drowsiness unexpectedly, final heavy slept.

“Xiao You… Xiao You… “

Although also can hear him to calling out her name ceaselessly in the dream, that sound is taking to satisfy, let a person listen to cannot bear the heart rejects him.

The following day, xi Xiaoyou awakes mistily, wanting to want to send Mo Baichen to leave today, just remembered a body however, discover oneself are being held in the arms actually however, cannot move.

The memory last night emerges suddenly, double eye one glare, turn the head looks, discover Si Youtian did not sleep actually however, if looked at her all the time commonly last night.

Xi Xiaoyou pushs Si Youtian suddenly, rise next, she was asleep actually. Urgent run into a toilet to close his inside, not day of infer department bless.

Si Youtian rises from the ground, feeling some to faint the head of heavy, but labial horn is ticking off a smile however, he knows she is softhearted, consider her right his give up the idea forever, he also can make her new fall in love with him.

After been clear away, banquet dawn leisurely is cold.

“Fasten misunderstanding, you are at the door me, I am conveniently saved you only, otherwise you are to death at the door me, I can have a trouble, since you became good,leave rapidly “

Si Youtian is wrapping bed sheet, show strong chest, laugh look at Xi Xiaoyou to float slightly red face, eye ground is deep tenderness, if same before love is bashful,she still is, her whats did not change, become have the attitude to him only.

Si Youtian holds firmly Xi Xiaoyou in the bosom, fu head kissed her lip, unlocked her before she is huffish next, stretch one’s hand the head that touchs her, laughing to go toward the room next.

“Xiao You, see a little while “

Logy of banquet dawn leisurely stands in place, red face, the tactility on the lip lets her cannot be ignored, what the heart cannot exercise restraint is jumpy, should be angry obviously, this are angry, but she is angry however do not rise, obviously this dusty affection is in however be ticked off to rise at this moment, let her cannot be restrained.

Next day, si Youtian still is doing same thing, much nevertheless it is him can be opposite from time to time she starts work use a base, disregard her fury, although she is angry, but a when cannot ignore a bottom of the heart however glad.

She admits she still is loving Si Youtian, if can forget a person easily really, that so won’t painful. Si Youtian’s arrival makes the affection that she plans to forget originally new emerge, the heart that lets her cannot calm, but she dare be not accepted however again easily, she fears the harm after he is tender.

Half an year, si Youtian comes to here already time of half an year, he had not raised the issue of the company, also had not left, xi Xiaoyou does not know how he is arranged, but she should not be in charge of these, she can be disregarded only.

She is in imperceptible had been used to him to be beside, if this is Si Youtian’s scheme,she must say, so he is successful, because of her already cannot oversight he.

However, his indulge him half an year, the thing of the company wants to solve after all, so he should go back. Xi Xiaoyou knows this one day to be able to come after all, she pretends to pay no attention to do not go paying attention to, and the time that he says to give him one year again, he can have handled all issues, stay together with her here like that here.

Xi Xiaoyou did not talk, till what he goes she also did not see him that day. One year time says not to grow, say short, one year time can change a lot of jobs, perhaps he can change a mind after a year, after all president of his department family name, how can abandon all all mixing she lives in this small town together.

One year time is in she is busy in spend, because have only busy rise she just won’t think too much, she does not know Si Youtian can be met really come back, although she alludes herself to calculate him not to come she also won’t have what feeling, but should arrive one year really, what is she expecting silently.

After a year, the come backing with department innocent bless, he used a year of time to foster Si Ming with all one’s strength, let him take-over next department family name, let Qi Ke be being helped.

Qi Ke although not affection does not wish, but the issue that resolves Si Youtian and Xi Xiaoyou for breakfast, the thing of he and Xi Yao also can be solved at an early date, so he can agree only, day of bless allowing a surname to the top of one’s bent go, and the beginning that he forces painstakingly is helping Si Ming take-over department family name, this lets his father do not know what to should say, oneself company does not accede, helping company of Si Youtian management instead, but think of Qi Ke can manage seriously again also be study, what to return or say eventually.

Xi Xiaoyou sees him, although in the heart glad, but she comes out without expression however, perhaps those things previously let her cannot accept Si Youtian without what any illing feeling from beginning to end, si Youtian also was not importuned, just blend in her life ceaselessly, come with time fritter away the estrangement in her heart.

After 5 years…

This day, si Youtian made an appointment with Xi Xiaoyou come out, below sky of all over the sky, ground of genuflect of his sheet genu, the hand takes ring to looking attentively at Xi Xiaoyou softly.

“It is good to marry me “

Once she pays 5 years of days to defend beside him, then he also lets her affirm his sincerity with lustrum.

For a long time of banquet dawn leisurely did not talk, just look at the ring in hand of department bless day, that is the ring when they marry last, she is put in villa to was not taken away, did not think of Si Youtian is taken again however propose.

This is having extraordinary sense to her to ring, because of it account is worn her happiness and painful memory, can be she accepted again?

Si Youtian does not let her have the opportunity that refuse, handhold her hand wears ring the hand in her to go up, see she did not refuse, the ability in the heart loosened at a heat, after all his bottom of the heart still is afraid of.

“We will hold wedding tomorrow “

Si Youtian say, a bit does not feel rate of progress is too rapid. Xi Xiaoyou looks at him questioningly, do not know him when actually stealthily prepared so much.

“I allow you to issue me in bridal upcast “

Si Youtian say, he minds himself to once had issued Xi Xiaoyou to make what she cries so sad in bridal upcast from beginning to end, however never softhearted, so he is willing to let her cast issue him, but do not allow her not to marry him however.

Xi Xiaoyou’s light laugh, she forgot some things already, since he is such sincere, why is she betted no longer.

The following day wedding is not grand, but very warm however heart. The person that will be familiar with only and family, not domestic husband and wife, mo Baichen, huo Lan, si Ming still has Qi Ke and Xi Yao, this lustrum also let them change the view to Si Youtian, changed for Xi Xiaoyou really because of him a lot of, bless them sincerely then.

Below their testimony, they finished wedding, before everything is like cloud and mist general and abreaction, remain happiness only.

5 years with me sheet is defended, still you await 5 years, install to change your lifetime heart!

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