Come across o广州佛山桑拿论坛f dozenth chapter park that girl

The next day. The morning is fine as before, yu tall mood is very good, have the view that will stand in building top to look at sunrise and far early, silent slow-witted.

After-thought is worn the ” fun ” that encounters in these days game makes his mood auspicious.

A long time, from inside beautiful scenery ” wakes ” comes! He still looks at distance, temporarily be seized by a whim, the ” that has eaten breakfast to taking him likes ” — the ” equipment ” that sketchy; place needs to take went out.

Go leisurely on the road, do not know where to should go to however, perhaps say to had not seen one place can be achieved; Let him draw a pair demand for its!

Imperceptible in, he visited a park. Look at the person here, recreational and comfortable, the smile on the face can affect someone else it seems that; The person that lets come to here was done not have at ordinary times pressure, become relaxed, comfortable. Then he fixed a place, went in.

Went to one place to like the place of ” of ” general stand, he begins ” of ” be stationed, because of here angle has been compared, the appreciation that can let his take in everything in a glance arrives the picture all round.

He wears good palette, drawing at will.

See the picture greet of left ahead accidentally subsequently, let his ” keep ” to be in instantly that!

That is a girl, she is wearing the recreational outfit of a suit shallow red to crouching before couch right now, there is white paper on the leg that giving the dog that bends over to go up in the chair the dog, it seems should be to get hurt. Girl movement is extremely tender, the dog dog of one face distress bends over silently over, not sad cry.

What Yu Qiao looks is completely slow-witted, the pen in the hand stopped to move already. That is just as a pair very only beautiful dynamic picture, let him last ” of ” sleep deeply is in this beauty Lun Meihuan.

A long time…

Had wrapped up when the girl, when preparation is pulling it to leave, yu Qiao is just as made a fond dream, slowly ” wakes ” comes, continue to be being looked attentively at, the trends of ” of this ” beautiful scenery!

Dog dog hardship took one step, fell, the pen in his hand is synchronous also move ahead. This makes he and that girl clear, it cannot walk temporarily. But this looks be like a little stubborn Labuladuo the dog still is trying however…

Then, girl resembling is it was touched in what comfort, prepare to hold dog having a dog in the arms to leave later, can be a Labuladuo then dog, constitution is giant, girl reluctance holds dog dog in the arms in the bosom, it is demanding very.

Yu Qiao is just as be moved like, dropped palette easel to go by: “Hello! I see you this pulls cloth to pull much dog to get hurt only, what what can help you do I have? What what can help you do I have??

Right now he just faced up to the girl, it is pure very, comely, the air bang before eyebrow added a few minutes for her delicate. Feel oneself and she appears to had seen where suddenly.

Yu Qiao Hai did not think more, dog dog looks up to look at him alertly right now, suffer from color a few minutes less, increased sex of a few dividing line.

He is worn to inspecting likewise it, want babyishly to tell it with the eyes, “I am well-meant. “I am well-meant..

“Thank, need not, myself is possible! “The girl is politelied decline to him path.

Face her ill feeling, yu Qiao Shen thinks to catch say like that: “Need not help really? . ..

“Hum, true need not, I do not want to waste your time. Do not pass or should thank you! “The girl refuses again.

“Oh! Good. You are then bit more careful. “Next Yu Qiao Chao is worn oneself easel direction goes, still thinking in the heart, whether had seen really…

Although appreciation delayed brushwork, nevertheless right now already be perfectly satisfied, clear away ” of good ” equipment, preparing to leave.

Look to her again when Yu Qiao, she still is holding it in the arms demandingly to go outside the park, did not go a little while with respect to a pair of very weary look, put it.

Yu Qiao looks piece, she is held out individualize and very independent. He is taken convenient easel goes again to her.

Went to the side of her to put down easel, yu Qiao did not pay attention to the girl, saw this a few times pull cloth to tug much dog, saying well and truly is to observing it can bite him, after all he cannot be contacted pertly, outsmart oneself bad.

Because get hurt,knowing is, still be the reason of itself, it did not have hostility to Yu Qiao, he was felt a few times down its hair, and pair of its say of ” babyish ” : “Let me take you to see a doctor! “Let me take you to see a doctor!!

Slowly, yu Qiao appears courage became great rise, hold it in the arms in the bosom, in the heart however still nervous ” plumps ” jumps continuously pit-a-pat. Any its right now slight movements are below his eyelid, how should him revolt that if it is true,Yu Qiao Ye does not know do…

Next Yu Qiao feels it, not repellent be held in the arms by him. Be opposite with respect to strong the girl say beside: “Go, still be I help you. “Did not wait for girl answer to take the lead in then forward face goes.

The easel follow at sb’ heels that looks at the girl to taking him comes over, yu Qiao starts to talk: “Actually I also like puppy very much, it is my mom only she does not like, did not raise so. Did not raise so..

“Oh! “The girl is light said a word only.

“We seem to had seen where! “Yu Qiao is a pair of sturdy expression say however right now.

And because,that girl also has this word, he saw very serious day, abrupt and evasive. Say of Yu Qiao Jixu: “Be in the United States, you called in the evening that day too devoted, happening of within an inch of is accident, are you still written down? I know you call He Yuanxi. I know you call He Yuanxi..

She looks again to he, “Hum, thank you, I think, just the light is not very good that evening, I did not think temporarily. I did not think temporarily..

“Can say we are too artful only! “Yu Qiao catchs say subsequently: “See your well-advised take care of this to pull cloth to tug much dog only, do you like to raise very much? Do you like to raise very much??

“Hum, I also am thanked very much have it, can accompany my left and right sides all the time. “He Yuanxi has some of feeling right now saying, repel no longer besides a thousand li of Yu Qiao ” ” .

He Yuanxi catchs say: “It is the birthday present that my pa buys me, when at first I just contacted it, like it without how. But I also did not treat it as purely birthday present. No matter I am angry,be being returned later is be perturbed when, it resembles knowing my mood is same, all the time my; still can perform for company even a few acrobatics are funny I am happy. Just reached my home when it is very small still, but special however obedient, sensible. Sensible..

Of Yu Qiao Jingjing listen to her to be being told, always feel she is one has the girl with not common perhaps old practice. More those who look give she and that Labuladuo canine love is very deep.

“Catch us all the time around dog dog this topic is chatting, it seems that we had been to know long person. It seems that we had been to know long person..

Gave a park to go a little while, see travel of a taxi come over. Yu Qiaoben wants to send dog dog to go to pet hospital together with her kindly. Was rejected by her nevertheless, it is probably in her heart, he has helped her as stranger very much, also probably she is not had to him feeling, do not think what Yu Qiao Zaiduo helps really.

Look at taxi swoon to be in Yu Qiao’s line of sight, this ability prepares face about to leave. But suddenly discovery dropped a piece of photograph on the ground.

When Yu Qiao interrogative pick up looks at the person in the photograph, the feeling appears on bearing and that girl part is similar, nevertheless the person in the photograph wants apparently mature, a lot of more sedate.

” is this piece of photograph her? “Yu Qiao Xin thinks. Continue to look at this piece of photograph, although look like her mother, appear not at all however for ** .

“If be hers really, carry again, does that explain this piece of picture is very fundamental to her? “Yu Qiao Jixu is guessing.

Stand in place, silent for a long time. When Yu Qiao resolved preparation is here when waiting for her, the mobile phone rang however at this moment…

“Feed Mom! What thing is there? “Yu tall mouth enquires.

“Last night, your uncle came back from the other place, want to eat a meal together midday so, are you in now? Are you in now??

“True ah! I am returned now outside, good… “

Yu Qiao You saw the picture in the hand, correct oneself say: “Be no good, I have bit of thing to still be done not have now. You went to otherwise going. You went to otherwise going..

Yu mom does not believe one pair ask again: “In busy what ah? Are you to like to talk about historical culture with your uncle most? Are you to like to talk about historical culture with your uncle most??

“Hum, occupied really, that my uncle come back this, journey ' is nervous ‘ , a few days can you live in the home? A few days can you live in the home??

“This does not know, according to before convention, also won’t live more than 3 days. Also won’t live more than 3 days..

Yu Qiao visits the place that the taxi disappears, continue say: “Oh, then you go, if he does not go, I go again next time. I go again next time..

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