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On the rich road of the city that overlook the lake, one looks be like millions of inside car of a person of extraordinary powers, the free that Yu tall family is happiness very is chatting. Face all sorts of queries of the woman and long-winded all the way, yu Qiao is not urgent not slow answer talk.

Morrow the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. , yu mom prepares food personally, carry last course from the kitchen, put down while saying, “Dish is neat, have a meal rapidly. “Later very coherent sit on the chair!

Yu mom smiles look at Yu Qiao, place dish for him: “Will taste, this is the meat of braise in soy sauce of the daily life of a family that you love to eat most. This is the meat of braise in soy sauce of the daily life of a family that you love to eat most..

Yu Qiao is assentationing tasted, show the smile with one very satisfactory face. He is experienced deeply; This is the home taste and respecting: “Mom, so you still remember! So you still remember!!

The lunch of a simple warmth, did not get ready in Yu Qiao Hai go suiting next environment, had ended; Yu father sits on sofa to rise with his prattle…

“Be in abroad, a life is vivid how, suit? Suit??

Yu Qiao’s simple and natural answer: “Quite good. “Quite good..

He stopped later the mobile phone in the hand saw Yu father, add path: “Abroad waits for this a few pass quite well, also let me understand a lot of, it is mature to also should have little. Many good friends were known in the school, also have a lot of with me, it is the person of our country. Achievement! Hey… OK still, cannot take the first, but at least I calculate outstanding. But at least I calculate outstanding..

Yu father laughed, genial reply: “That is good, in the life oneself grow, it is best, resemble a man. As a child you did not make I and your Mom much worry about. As a child you did not make I and your Mom much worry about..

Yu tall deep feeling replies: “Hum pa, you also as before. Nevertheless I consider the home quite however, the meal that ate mom to do is after coming back especially… “

Yu mom right now firm from the kitchen busy be over come out, the ” equipment ” that solving him body to go up at the same time, inscribe say down their word at the same time: “Your pa as before young, that your Mom son. “And if she did not hear to say at the back of Yu Qiao it seems that.

Yu Qiao is very clear what should say next, taking one face to compare the riant say with ” pearl true ” : “Mom you are young of course, mix simply I in one’s childhood you are same, did not change all the time. Did not change all the time..

Hear his word, yu mom beams with smiles immediately, give out particularly true ” to breathe out breathe out ” sound…

Right now Yu father received a telephone call, said with Yu mom, “The company has bit of thing, I go below processing, you accompany a son well in the home. “Rise left.

Yu mom is cleared away, sit to Yu Qiao beside say: “Does time learn to tighten outside, have a meal well on time? Have a meal well on time??

“Hold out good Mom, you look. Before should be being compared taller stronger! “Yu Qiao intended ostentation oneself catch say: “You busy in the company all the day, did not worry about for me, I had been brought up, oneself can have been taken care of completely! Oneself can have been taken care of completely!!

Very clear parents has Yu Qiao much busier, nevertheless every time he is in the home when, they can manage to find time for company he, he feels the life is very happy in a such family, but he present plump like an assistant birdie, completely OK oneself are flying to prey. If be waited for even,be in ” nest ” , waiting for others to feed him; Then he won’t grow forever certainly…

Yu Qiao adds path: “Mom, it is you and pa, want to had taken care of oneself, fasten to earn money, what do oneself is very tired, money does not earn, it is good to can let us live happily all one’s life. It is good to can let us live happily all one’s life..

“Son, you are grown really, still know to care mom. “Yu mom all the more looks at his say happily; And a pair of very gratified appearance… it seems that the exudate of Yu mom orbit is in do not be aware of, gradually grow in quantity.

“Was opposite, come back this, be returned? “Yu mom asks then.

“Hum, did not go temporarily, had not planned good what to do next. Perhaps 3 months perhaps can go again after half an year the United States looks, go learning increase knowledge< ; To moment the classmate there should be met contact me. "Yu Qiao's priggish say, very serious appearance of expression. Of course this is he says casually only, where to go to as to future, he had not planned right now.

Then Yu Qiao sees mom appears to want what to say with him, what to remember suddenly again however, hesitated a little while to just start to talk: “Son, I remember you calling before say, is having a girlfriend? What to call, when to bring back let us look! When to bring back let us look!!

After Yu Qiao listens, deny to the utmost: “Ah! Do not have! You were misremembered, how can I have a girlfriend, and be like have really if really, how can I bring back! How can I bring back!!

The word of Yu mom makes him a little accident, also cancel the past event that had those not to wish to remember immediately!

Face him so the answer of ” serious ” he thinks mom does not have reason not to believe, and he is seldom make a telephone call, although say the thing has really… proof of final nevertheless fact, yu mom still believed, “Oh, that may be I was misremembered! That may be I was misremembered!!

However if what Yu Qiao wishs to end at this point,the thing is done not have however…

Yu mom continues say: “That as it happens, I and business are companionate yesterday, of flourishing age group why total prattle when, what the daughter that sees him accidentally grows is graceful, pretty has the look of the daughter of an eminent family. Still do not know he has a so good daughter really before, with similar of your age as it happens, you see you not small also, if you have the idea of this respect, I am OK… “

“Do not have idea, I do not think Mom temporarily now consider these, you see you busy also midday, go resting first meet! “Had not waited for Yu mom to say, yu Qiao interrupts her say.

He rises later took the lead in answering a bedroom.

“This… “

In gorgeous sitting room, keep a woman a person is sitting awkwardly.

“Breathe out ” ! Yu Qiao is just as avoid the double like plague to answer a bedroom, sit to bedside.

This is the occasion that he has thought of, what did not think of those who come is such however is fast.

” of the nerve after moment tells ” him: “Was opposite, want suddenly to had not played game today. “Later interest opened play abundantly!

[faction channel] congratulation ” of affection of Long of ” of another new personality, tall joined this gang.

Mailbox synchronism sent a message: "You join ' brother successfully already homocentric ‘ faction. “You join ' brother successfully already homocentric ‘ faction..

Yu Qiao was swept deleted mail. Subsequently polite response wears the person that new faction welcomes him: “Thank everybody! “Thank everybody!!

The good friend ” in Yu tall game does addiction ” to pull him to come in this alone, still be an intermediate side only, in still have above it advanced, top class distinction, than what actual strength abundant, the top class band of talent many can say to differ an a great distance simply then.

Returned to game this to come up against a lot of strange flower incident because of him only, just be act against one’s will in a month changed 56 times, he has himself to propose the idea of a side finally, but had not carried out be pulled by his good friend.

But that does addiction to just came to Yu Qiao La alone, say to Yu Qiao however, he himself is occupied, want evening 3 days two to just can play, this lets Yu Qiao is depressed very, resembling is him those who run is same, did not introduce 2 introducer to not was in, finally can he himself makes self introduction.

And what he adds is so much funny than faction, he is right now specific already did not consider think back, what cheater is helped, help advocate funny than, open faction task half to help advocate oneself run however disappeared, still the large faction with a few thin favor is waited a moment, can say to let his meet unexpectedly completely.

And he does not know, also be such drift from place to place, just let his game henceforth the life and before machine-made game experience produced disparate change.

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