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Ordinary world add

Yao of origianl work road


Days elapses quickly. Tian Runxie’s child be about to 5 years old!

Tomorrow, it is 5 years old of birthday of small Le Le.

Does the likelihood have a few people here meeting ask a question — is Li Le April be born? Now will be September!

Say, this still must thanks to of Li Le outside father Tian Futang.

Blessing hall checked next old almanac, discovering the first ten days of a month is parturient that year in April is big fierce! For this, he went to time of sorcerer Liuyu rising the home secretly in night of designed arrangement old partner. “Half immortal ” clutch points to calculate — move birthday, september 5 is the day of big auspicious, it is OK that the child’s birthday moves ” have a good luck ” .

To changing the thing of birthday, li Dengyun and Liu Zhiying prep let alone — the one’s very life that small grandchildren is them! Old two moved the birthday of small Le Le at once September 5.

Decline old person also feels embarrassed before Tian Runxie and Lixiang, so Le Le’s birthday so was deferred a few months.

As the son grown, embellish leaf experienced a kind truly more rich the life connotation with profundity — that is a kind of inarticulate proud with pride! Look from appearance, complexion of present cropland embellish leaf is ruddy, complete come out of girl period bashful, changed the breath with particular place of a kind of mature woman (the object) that this is love of children of a lot of cadres, even if is such, she has been done not have to love a bit of the husband shake.

Li Xiangqian blows insolation as a result of the wind of street however and become more anile, look, age has not come not of be puzzled year, white hair already was raided however full half; But that pair of hands that hold steering wheel are in mend shoes become more strong below the burnish of appliance, plus artificial limb auxiliary, he can stand up eventually adopt the child — to a father this is greatest happiness! Carry incidentally, had divided at present mend shoes, li Xiangqian developed again ” the New World-the Americas ” — sell a toy, and he makes these toys with one’s own hands. He loves to make some of car especially, look at a son to pushing a car to laughing livelily, he ased if to return cab again, oneself this pair of deft hands handholded again steering wheel!

Since embellish Xie You is original little ministerial deduct a percentage from a sum of money vice secretary of round perfectural Party committee, she almost every day so busy that cannot leave hand in. Fortunately the side of grandpa mother-in-law is held, small Le Le grows handsome healthy, this is really glad bad this family.

Le Le’s annual birthday, li Dengyun and Liu Zhiying always are sponsorred. Old two lead one great nation in this day constantly child the person comes home celebrate, as if Le Le is ” Wen Quxing descend to the world ” same. Nature is not exceptional also this year, after the business of daylong without a stop, the preliminary work of birthday banquet of Li Le was finished at long last.

Differ meeting, the first guest arrived.

Embellish leaf hastens open the door: Ah, it is little brother embellish gives birth to actually child!

Embellish leaf is too glad!

She did not see embellish is unripe for a long time, the little brother has become an adult, changed even about. That pretty woman is the sister-in-law Hao Gong Mei that says in little brother letter on the side of most propbably, long Zhen Jun! A few young sister’s son also what each grows is beautiful, answered really that adage: “Its mother has his surely child ” !

“What which regular bus comes do you take? ” she at the same time this child bring in house to ask a little brother at the same time.

“I drive take them to come. ” embellish is unripe say.

“Pa and Mom body how? “Pa and Mom body how??

“Mom is good, pa body is more powerful also than in the past many, the work since doing of go to the fields comes and euqally husky in the past. The work since doing of go to the fields comes and euqally husky in the past..

“Do not let father as far as possible again go to the fields, be no good I send some of money every months to go back more again… “

“Elder sister ” , embellish is unripe sighed, say: “Elder sister, our pa does not lack cash, still have me besides, need not bother you… “

“Does that return go to the fields how? “Does that return go to the fields how??

“Elder sister, you also know, he refuses to obey namely… “

They hear somebody knocks, embellish leaf is forced to stop inquiry goes opening the door: Those who come is Wu Huiliang and Du Lili — they had resumed marriage, wu Huiliang’s job is new also recall Huang Yuan, still hold the post of secretary of perfectural Party committee of yellow former group, the one’s direct superior of embellish leaf. Go up as to the province ” poet of the Five Dynasties ” antediluvian bell, since after fizzling out to be fastened formerly last, lili also basically had not met with him again. Later, the epistolary communication between them also was interrupted. As the ablution of time, du Lili had been cast off in those days temporarily actuation, she realizes she should love truly with real love is this man before, antediluvian now bell is right for her, the friend that is poetic article bound only merely and elder stopped. More what is more,the rather that the teacher and friend that Hui Liangru also is her today!

Following those who be behind Wu Huiliang is a little brother little gentle glow of little sister dawn, below the family member’s encouragement, make the same score less already from ” explore home ” restore to come over in pain. Embellish leaf not long ago learns, brother little sister was about to marry, as the elder sister, of her from the bottom of one’s heart for them glad…

In the philtrum that pays a visit this, how does forward He Runxie also want to be less than have an individual, he is Tian Fujun of vice secretary of provincial Party committee. Not, should be new allow Tian Fujun of secretary of provincial Party committee.

It is before a month, qiaobainian of secretary of former provincial Party committee announces formally to retire, secretary of retired provincial Party committee call-overed to give Shi Zhong the seat of a party to an undertaking, nevertheless stone vice secretary gave Tian Fujun forcedly seat decline, the word that uses him says, “The billow before the billow after the Yangtse River is pushed ” ! This not, several days ago, tian Fujun just goes to take up office.

As a result of Tian Fujun’s arrival, occasion rises ardently very quickly, especially a few old following that Tian Fujun goes, chat with old superior even if a long time…

Actually, the arrival of secretary of provincial Party committee is for a public affairs. Provincial capital cadre just is finished change blood greatly, because bring extent into play outwards big, front of provincial capital city faces hand shortage problem. Especially Ministry of Education left a few young people only almost, be in a group without leader condition basically. It is somebody recommends a province to make in the province assist ” morningstar lily red ” the ancient wind-bell of modernist school poet of editorial office, but was overruled by a lot of person such as Wu Bin instantly, antediluvian bell this boy, follow last black old ” visit ” Wu Shu is time, careless before the leader the entertainment cigarette that smoking the secretary on tea table, and still become warped wear a cross-legged or with ankle on knee, the air of arrogance with self-glorifying a suit, be afraid hold the post of greatly when this hard. (educational issue is the focal point that he pays at present) . Below a kind of such states, tian Fujun thought of poetic merchant puts Huang Yuan on the ice, the Gu Bing that is a poet together is person modesty, say the qualifications and record of service by him again, become an undersecretary of Ministry of Education absolutely unchallenged.

But, gu Bing does not plan to want the opportunity that rises this. He just established company of a poem in Huang Yuan, by do not say, should give this book later some more convenient also. Pass two days again, he can be become ” merchant president ” . Regarding a poet as this is his lifelong dream, if arrive in provincial capital, other virgin soil is not ripe, be afraid come true hard! And, he does not wish to leave Huang Yuan, home town to a poet, it is a root, he can not want to become write down ” the back is worn full nostalgic ” poet…

“I am sorry, cropland secretary, I cannot go provincial capital. ” Gu Bing is opposite and oneself wait for the Tian Fujun in another room to say alone.

“Why? ” Tian Fujun at a draught pursy brows.

Poetic suppliance says: “Secretary, home town is the fountainhead that I compose, leave it, my work becomes water without a source. My work becomes water without a source..

Secretary of provincial Party committee sighed, say: “But, the circumstance in provincial capital… “

“That Sun Shaoping that I see travel together this with you is pretty good, this have a youthful look is known before me, although that meets him just just pulled labour Chinese from what the country comes, but I can find the gutty and special thing on body of this have a youthful look apparently — this kind of thing is very infrequent on a few youths. A moment ago I and he talks about climate to discover, the boy has read many books, mention literature to be differred than me not at all… “

Tian Fujun brandish wave, forced smile wears say: “But he just is moved in the city to be less than a year, besides… solid do not hide the truth from, sun Shaoping is me ” accurate son-in-law ” , let him carry this heavy responsibility for the first time, be afraid… “

Be, blessing army comrade can not think people says he promotes husband — his bring a lawsuit against letter already not little.

“Secretary ” , gu Bing pharynx buccal saliva, hearten eventually say to superior: “Take me for, when writing the first poem, ever also had hesitated, answer recall to come now however, I most the just of bear in mind constantly is that Shou Xiaoshi, although it is so immature. Look in me, what need in the life of young is these make one the individual’s life more the first time with colorful appearance, if do not have them, people lost creativity, the society won’t progress… “

“Besides, since you give him the daughter, still have what can what worry? Young needs more go through the mill, and every time training will make they become more powerful! As to the result, time can prove everything, you must are opposite ” husband ” have hope. ” him Gu Bing also did not feel, he is in actually undesigned ” lesson ” secretary of provincial Party committee!

Meanwhile, just come in the embellish leaf that sends tea also heard this undoubtedly ” admonitory ” . She also tells about know clearly to make the same score the does summer camp thing in vivid and dramatic of children of administrative office of yellow former perfectural Party committee less to 2 pa instantly.

Tian Fujun looks up see the ceiling, oneself ask in the heart: Life, it is an abloom tree, without the first greenery, which have a flower to blossom falling profusion picture. Think carefully, are you also one pace at the outset walk over? Besides, you give this have a youthful look the daughter, what what worries very much to still have?

It is good to passed a little while, tian Fujun just loosens the brows that knits closely, face Gu Bing to say: “Thank your opinion! I was adopted, ‘ what one says during a conversation audition gentleman, get the better of read 10 years of books ‘ ! To express to appreciate, I ask you to play my daughter this month 25 wedding. I ask you to play my daughter this month 25 wedding..

“Be certain! “Be certain!!

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