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The following day, 4 Huang Zidong just awoke as expected especially, the emperor also begins to treat the person of envenom, because there still is apothecary of a refine beside the other side, the emperor just stayed dream appearance.

Dream appearance looks at this not little award, still have what deliver everyday all sorts of delicious.

Calculated, the thing of day prison not dispute, do not live a few days more, her as it happens rambles palace.

Now and then the circumstance that goes seeing east spy, still knew 13 princesses, east preciouses jade.

Do not have a thing to drink tea to eat cake to bask namely now, his play chess searchs after learning go especially with east later from time to time, again later, knew east to precious jade, two people close ineffably.

Begin to ramble together palace, dream appearance follows her fishing to shoot a bird, drink barbecue, study all sorts of cate.

Of silent of small Hei Mo follow in dream appearance beside, the eye since narrow one’s eyes looks to precious jade eastwards, this is the dream appearance that should take her home bad.

This day, east preciouses jade precious jade the house top that taking dream appearance to mount her palace, jubilate next pointing to below, “Look, what can look here is very far, can see whole palace clear “

Dream appearance saw circuit curiously, look at those luxuriant palace, “Must say, your home is quite rich “

East preciouses jade precious jade laugh, “This is not a key. See there not? See there not??

Dream appearance sees the way that indicates to her, it is to be outside palace, quite far, can look clear nevertheless.

Dream appearance is a little open-eyed, that is a house, so look but not as small as palace, because leave far,do not pass, dream appearance also cannot decide.

East preciouses jade precious jade continue: “Day home is a long time ago over there “

Dream appearance feels a bosom apparently in small black one deadlocked, look up forward that way looks, later in the bosom of retractile dream appearance of as if nothing happened, as if just everything the mood is illusive.

Dream appearance looks to precious jade eastwards, ask: “Day home? Say “

East preciouses jade precious jade appearance seeing a dream has fun at, it is excited very, qing Dynasty clears the throat, begin to introduce.

Centenary before, day home still is flourishing age, a group of things with common features inside child has the majority is natural empty sky to repair for, still have so a few arrived even half god, want to have a lucky chance only, had carried Lei Jie, can fly rose.

The day home at that time, although house is built in the empire, but do not put in Caesarean canal ‘s charge, the emperor cannot take them how.

Great cause of day home home is big, a group of things with common features wife is much, have 779 people, each connate different report, familial fortune is more ginseng is more Caesarean than whole Yun Xue, and although day family is much but appear rarely inside occurrence case, resource allocation is balanced also, flourished near 800 years full however.

Later, arteries and veins of day home of or by the wife was to appear more a wizard that repair refine, half god ace of 27 years old, tian Jiu.

After a year, he drew Lei Jie to want a breakthrough to fly rose.

Also appeared accidentally at this moment, tian Jiu had not carried Lei Jie, even what his Lei Jie should come than others is fierce, his fall from the sky.

Original, tian Jiu died, lei Jie also should stop, but do not have.

Lei Jie did not stop, because did not have target day thunder to begin to fall at will,thunder is in Yun Xue is Caesarean, to protect Caesarean common people, the overmatch of day home comes out to resist prevent Lei Jie to injure a person.

After 19 Tian Lei pass, a sunshine just blossoms again on the sky, cloud snow empire is body freely however, blood dripping wet, day home in succession died the person of one most.

Also be from this the day rises, day home begins downhill.

Because of this Lei Jie, the empire also died many people, a lot of people begin expeditionary day home, day home also feels be them is wrong, did not revolt so, this lets those people more become aggravated, final massacre day home the whole family.

Day home thinks revolt again, be late however.

Those people kill day home the whole family, grab day home treasure, still think house of occupational day home, finally still is royalty appear personally, just appeased this farce.

As to day home house, it is forbidden area of royalty of empire be includinged, those people also are forced to give up finally this thought.

Nod what dream appearance listens finally seriously, “Still have so so a story “

East preciouses jade precious jade be filled with joy, “Be, I want to go to day home all the time house looks, that can be the existence like myth “

Dream appearance laughs, “Of can organic meeting “

Saying, see Xiang Tianzhai’s way, already very long the house that nobody stays in, disclosing full mysterious move.

After half month, dream appearance and east precious jade after preciousing jade to still east leaves especially, left.

After leaving palace, dream appearance is worn in the go for a walk on the street, see one caboodle person is squeezed in one place, there is be laughing and playing on the face in watch the scene of bustle.

Dream appearance looked, above is having a board, more than.

Plan to leave in dream appearance when, she heard a familiar voice, a face about took a crowd.

After the figure that sees Luo bit, dream appearance knows he does not have mishear.

How did the brother come?

On Luo star, be one civilian teenager of bright and beautiful garment, his back still has better servent.

Luo star looks at a teenager, the path with very cold sound, “Get out of the way “

Yu Xiangyan looks up arrogantly, “Informal what person can not enter more than “

Luo star looks at him, “I come recapture the thing of my woman “

Yu Xiangyan sneer: “What the thing of your woman, that is more than thing, that beast rose that day from what marry more than even if more than, her thing nature is more than, instead is you, you had been driven to go out by more than, you if or else goes, do not blame my you’re welcome “

Luo star tightens up fist, hearing his this word, angry eye is aglow, direct to Yu Xiangyan it is one fist.

Yu Xiangyan was Koed by this one fist, covering face, look at him singularly, it is indignant completely in sound, “Little beast, you dare hit me, as expected what beast is born is brute “

Luo star to him it is one fist, the servent looked to protect Yu Xiangyan at once on the side, take stick to be hit to Luo star namely.

Nevertheless they can not be the adversary of Luo star, 29 was Koed.

“Little beast, ” Yu Jialao as form of a address for an official or rich man child, one palm pats Yu Lei to be carried on the back in Luo star, “You still dare come back actually, still make trouble in my beyond home, think my Yu Jiahao is bullied really? Think my Yu Jiahao is bullied really??

Luo star is hit so that nearly does not stand by this one palm, red eye looks at Yu Lei, “I just come recapture the thing of my woman “

Yu Lei is looked at all round the person frown that a flock of watching the scene of bustle, “The thing of your woman? We give everything of your woman more than times, what thing can she have? Be here again nonsense, do not blame my you’re welcome “

Effective power of luck of more than thunder, nature is earlier, eye of dream appearance narrow one’s eyes, see Xiang Luo bit.

The rate repairing refine of Luo star is not slow also, now have been completely clever initial stage, but to going up Yu Lei still has a dot to be in an unfavorable situation, the most important is, there still is a flock of more than family on the side eye covetously.

Dream appearance knows Luo bit, so she knows, luo star won’t hope she is had a hand in.

Nevertheless, she also does not think body of Luo star Gu fights bravely.

“Do I seem to hear somebody to say to want to bully my little brother? “Do I seem to hear somebody to say to want to bully my little brother??

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