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Road sheng frown, this answer that him dissatisfaction hears, move close to Xue Ying one word one sentence: “Jade-like stone say quickly. “Jade-like stone say quickly..

Xue Ying carries an eye eye that hits road sheng, like that eye stars bright, get angry because of wearing right now slightly flagging, however also as before good-looking.

She is low first, slightly side passes, corners of the mouth a smile: “See you more jubilate. “See you more jubilate..

“That good, otherwise my deciding evicts you. ” the nose that road sheng blows Xue Ying.

Xue Ying is pursy nose in the future shrinks, blame path: ” good good, you take seriously the master have 21, my look is worn 12 about the same still. My look is worn 12 about the same still..

“Jade-like stone say 12 that 12. “Jade-like stone say 12 that 12..

Xue Ying responds road sheng no longer these bored and babyish words, spoke of one’s proper business.

“The poison in go-between of city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces added hematic grass but unlock, how does your plan do the master worker next, ” Xue Ying.

Road sheng silent a little while: “The person that can ask this has heard which place is medium also strange poison, if we go look, the person of the behind the curtain is decided more than did it to the person of these two places only. The person of the behind the curtain is decided more than did it to the person of these two places only..

Xue Ying nods: “It is current only till besides toxic did not detect have He Yi constant, the person of the behind the curtain is why harbour intentions also calls person ascertain to be not appeared, the person that what suspects can the master have? ” she turns the head sees Xiang Mo sheng.

“If say distrustful person, each country royal all can suspect with each old and well-known family. ” road sheng a thought is gotten from the bottom of the heart, his frown tosses this idea, think the move is unapt this.

“Royal and old and well-known family… ” Xue Ying mutters.

Without number of royal old and well-known family, but the royal old and well-known family that should say to be able to make this kind of issue also is to do not have a few however, monarch decides Dan Ling country is among them one of.

She still is in when when the prestige that heard of this Mr Ling Guoguo, chi Hongze of Wei of Mr Ling Guoguo, after the Gong Huang in giving birth to a mother to be, should go up that seventeen years Ling Guo crown prince, weak coronal wive, those who marry is of lineal descent of prime minister in feudal China second female.

Prince the wife of a prince did not go out 3 years, wei Chi Hongze is smooth early or late concubinage two people, do not have as before however child.

Proper in those days, ling Guoxian emperor gets a severe disease, emperor child people on the make, the force of oneself of Wei late Hong Zeping destroyed 5 king, wait for emperor is ascended after emperor goes first, after establishing prince the wife of a prince to be.

Wei Chi Hongze although ability is remarkable a little ruthless and cruel however, he achieves an a variety of brutal penalty to be used meet those enemy state captive and the person that do not arrange his intention, have bout more, cadaver of his 5 horses cent accompany his old high-ranked imperial concubine, as to cause, because that high-ranked imperial concubine scolded an empress to happened to be heard by Wei late Hongze,also knowing is stopped.

Just have formerly trifling ruthless and cruel, but since empress parting what he changes is very atrocious, the day that Ling Guobai surnames also gradually sad rise, approach is fortunately state-owned a prince is good, always can persuade Wei Chi Hongze, otherwise Ling Guobai is surnamed is unripe really be inferior to dead.

This Lai Lingshan she was not becoming aware the day has many sad, because Ling Shan does not put in Mr Ling Guoguo ‘s charge to be in charge of,that is.

Suspicion is this thing also can be in Wei Chi Hongze only nevertheless think in the heart, just suspicious after all, without evidence, and even if have evidence, meaning a put to death of Wei Chi Hongze also is difficult. She does not hope is Wei Chi Hongze, otherwise this will be an a foul wind and a rain of blood.

“What thinking? ” road sheng sees Xue Ying is glazy for a long time, mouth path.

“Hum? It doesn’t matter. ” Xue Ying answers a god, disclosure had arrived before careless house, be oneself that, the back of hand in back then: “Weather is not early, I go first go to bed. I go first go to bed..

“Hum. ” road sheng nods, see Xue Ying went in to destroy till her the candle just goes.

The next day, the soldier the same night that is handled look for hematic grass by Xue Ying found hematic grass to come back, searched any better, replete full one a large bamboo or wicker basket, of Xue Ying pick and choose will a few they pick a fault desertion, add Zun Huai to send a person to go 3 kinds of medicinal materials of fetch, 4 kinds of medicinal materials are put in to boil, then a day of whole soldiers are boiling medicine, be in eventually night general antidote deal out the person with whole toxic town, the thing with toxic city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces comes to an end.

Zun Huaifang left a heart in big stone, place child of hill of banquet fete approach greatly, everybody also ate the meat eventually.

“Common people of Dai Huluo city has thanked my Zun Huai 2, 2 are the savior of city of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces, will let them be 2 pray blessing to repay 2 every day later surely originally. ” Zun Huai says, one cup lays gut, by bright to road sheng and Xue Ying cup.

Road sheng and Xue Ying raise the goblet on the desk, stand up to be answered to Zun Huai with one ceremony, quaff.

“General need not polite. ” road sheng smiles, the place of past Xue Ying that the eyes does not stay in however is cast aside.

This is his head bout sees Xue Ying drink, nevertheless Xue Ying looks capacity for liquor is passable, just now it may be said of that one act is very natural, also did not show an any unwell sense, want to know this wine is firewater, can maintain his composure so drink go down to also calculate on pretty good.

“Punish evil is divided evil, endeavor to help the devoir that other is our Lingshan child originally, nevertheless the fatigue of raise one’s hand stopped. ” Xue Ying throat is burning, this wine is of intense really, she is not to want to be broken before everybody just now ability is maintaining appearance forcedly to drink.

“Early with respect to child of hear approach hill each ability are remarkable, can Wen Nengwu, and grow somewhat, see now if it is so, connecting medical skill also is admirable, girl can this poison shows unlock actual strength is not weak, need not such modesty. ” left bosom both hands is maintained laugh on the desk.

Xue Ying laughs, what that wine drinks is a little fierce, some come on energy at the moment dizzy, she drank a few water again and again, this ability makes in one’s right senses some.

Graceful frost sees extensive of Xue Ying ear is red, know that cup of wine makes her a little drunk, immediately: “Jade-like stone, you accompany me to go change clothes. You accompany me to go change clothes..

Xue Ying nods, 2 people pulled a hand to go.

Baiyi sees Xue Ying is such, want to catch up with go look, planning to rise to be opposite however went up the eyes of road sheng, all over one terrified, gave up thought.

Xue Ying sits on a stone, cool wind blast blast come over, blow medicinal powder all over hot meaning, she closes a key point comfortably, crooked head, one also does not say, silent enjoying this wind.

Graceful frost also is such.

The banquet inside house still is continueing, road sheng close lightly the wine in a cup, see towards the left conceive: “Do not know a general to be able to have had heard of still have also have philtrum somewhere else the thing of strange poison.

Zun Huaifang issues a chopstick, consider carefully path: “You so say, I think, it is some truly, lian Guoguo also has many person without reason it seems that toxic, died many people, than us this is even some more serious, childe the means of this word… “

Road sheng laughs and not language, the person next begins to talk about however rise.

“What connection does this both have? “What connection does this both have??

“We should join a state national capital? “We should join a state national capital??

“Visit son of a feudal prince or high official his meaning, reckon is to should go. Reckon is to should go..

“What? Also have even the state? I had not heard of how. I had not heard of how..

“Is be being answered on the general to say, you can this pig brain still remember what besides your a form of address for one’s wife? You can this pig brain still remember what besides your a form of address for one’s wife??

“Father anyhow has a polite form of address for a young woman, you also do not have even a form of address for one’s wife, you look at those who look at you to grow such, which woman is willing to follow you? Which woman is willing to follow you??

“Who says, nature is some! Nature is some!!

“Who ah? Be floret small still red? This is not you are made up come out. This is not you are made up come out..

“You you, gutty compare with father! Gutty compare with father!!

“Father is afraid that you won’t do, than be being compared! Than be being compared!!

Zunhuai headaches one blast, forehead blue veins is cruel case, take a table way of thick raw thick vital energy: “Make a noise what! Again noisy all boils to me! Again noisy all boils to me!!

What does smooth sunset alien say in him, are these a few days to approach hill child is in, how good such bicker.

By Zun Huai so one growl, a few Zhuang Han all is frank, depressed tone is drinking wine, one cup catchs a cup, what all of child of hill making approach looks is foolish, they poured this wine one cup, if really those who be a soldier is different.

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