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Road sheng takes out a list to move toward Xue Ying.

“Do you become the master worker what? ” Xue Ying in the future ran a few paces, look at road sheng with one’s eyes open.

Road sheng looks at Xue Ying helplessly, little girl is prevented he and prevent a thief like.

“Come over, lead list. ” road sheng beck.

Xue Ying’s a little loath move comes, road sheng is wanting to went up to be taken by Xue Ying however to her belt.

“Master you so how Jin Gui’s hand is able so humble work, myself area is nice. ” Xue Ying hey hey laugh, said darling belt to go up list.

List is black, the list on one belt also is lost sight of with respect to what, xue Ying can gropingly captures road sheng garment place.

Road sheng cuddle crosses Xue Ying, before wool of Xue Ying blast, teng Shenfei rises.

Xue Ying is aware he leaves terrestrial pole tall, can’ted help tackling road a reed pipe wind instrument.

Spent for a long time, xue Ying lays some of tired idea, conceive li of go off in road sheng, but two hands still are catching road sheng closely, it seems is to be afraid that he drops.

Fall in road sheng bosom in Xue Ying momently, road sheng is a little inflexible low the head looked, coughed a few times, obviously he what wind blows has some of cool idea, be in however feel to give out heat all over at this moment.

Road sheng takes out yataghan, stand on the sword, pull Xue Ying’s pocket single-handed, the little face of skill clothe Xue Ying, the glacial face with changeless all ages begins aglow, if this cries 3 presbyterial saw, calm meeting is circling road sheng curiously to look a few rounds to laugh a few times again.

Do not cross all these, xue Ying won’t know, road sheng also does not plan to tell her.

Xue Ying leisurely turns wake, at the moment inky, stretch his hand had list, lie on rocking chair with respect to him disclosure.

Extend lazy waist, look up to look, colour of sky is black already, all over the sky is star-spangled, resembling is a Bao Zhuyi Yi is unripe brightness, wind puffs tree, transmit the froufrou of the leaf, a beautiful scenery, call what Xue Ying looks to be stupefied temporarily.

“Woke to come over, foolish sitting to make very. Foolish sitting to make very..

Road sheng skill is opening the lower jaw, look at Xue Ying a pair foolish appearance, become aware suddenly pleasurable.

Xue Ying should, rise forward road sheng goes.

“Master, this is the good place that you say, this world still has such beautiful scenery unexpectedly. ” can compare those palace big curtilage much more good-looking, she also prefers.

“That one be a Chinese flowering crabapple? ” Xue Ying is pointing to those tree lines.

“Yes. ” road sheng path.

“Does the master like a Chinese flowering crabapple very much? ” Xue Ying turns first, double eye is more bright below the dim light of night.

“Like, like very much. ” the double eye that road sheng looks at Xue Ying, hoarse sound.

Xue Ying looks at road sheng, 2 people a long time is reticent…

Xue Ying blinks, side overdoes, road sheng is more and more incorrect recently strong, she has some of distrustful road a reed pipe wind instrument even is… but such idea was overruled very quickly by her.

The Chinese flowering crabapple is spent renown heartbroken is beautiful, already the idea that loves painstakingly has the idea that longs for native land again, it is flower of take leave of, xue Ying can’ts help remembering the dear one of Yuan Zaixue country, in the heart sigh with emotion indefinitely.

“Was opposite master, which compatriots are you? ” Xue Ying takes out a cake, place on the desktop, took to bite, as expected, still be A He those who do is best eat.

“Ling Guo. ” light of road sheng eye is darkish.

“That master considers the home can go back. ” Xue Ying.

“Hum… ” road sheng is low first, forced smile.

The home? What home does he still have?

Xue Ying rub wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water, see the look of road sheng, she feels she is like missay what word, push cake Xiang Mo sheng.

“Master, you are tasted, a He’s craft can compare me a lot of. A He’s craft can compare me a lot of..

“Good. ” road sheng takes, bit a sip of.

“Hum… still be apprentice craftsmanship is fine. ” road sheng is priggish path.

“Thank a master complimentary. ” path of Xue Ying laugh, “Do we live in this all the time? “Do we live in this all the time??

“Hum, you are taken before the winter is surpassed, I was planted here many poisonous weeds-harmful speech, not want to be touched in disorder, wait for you to be known so that use along with you after the thing here. ” road sheng path.

“Apprentice be written down. ” Xue Ying nods.

“Time is not early, stranded for division. ” road sheng rises inside trend house.

Xue Ying blurt out answered sound, holding hamper in the arms to look for a stone to sit down, white cat also follows Xue Ying to come over, shaking a tail, one person one cat, so sitting to look at a day all the time.

A cake lays gut, the Xue Ying that maintain is holding white cat in the arms everywhere shake from side to side.

This is a small courtyard, surround with fence all around, a flagging outside the door, do not know to lead to where, looking is tree of Chinese flowering crabapple completely, planting on the ground some of grass, xue Ying is moved close to curiously go looking, discovery is not little she has looked on the book, it is her only memory is not quite good, be stupefied is not to look to give these to call what to do to use.

So much Chinese flowering crabapple is cultivated here and poisonous weeds-harmful speech still has medicinal herbs, won’t be the master is planted below, this is afraid of is to should be planted some more superior year ability has a such picture.

Xue Ying wrapped up circuit, looked for a bedchamber to sleep, result quilt is too thin, at night cold cool, the 2nd day of Xue Ying got cold.

The next day, xue Ying is wrapping a quilt to lie on the bed all the time, arrived the person that sheng of road of the period of the day from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. also was not seeing Xue Ying, this ability disclosure is strange.

Knock sound is transmitted, xue Ying is weak answered sound, then road sheng pushs the door and enter, see Xue Ying shuts have sth in mind to quiver coldly, double comes Xue Ying beside, give Xue Ying to feel pulse.

Road sheng is pursy brows, move lid of one bed quilt to go up personally in Xue Ying, some are vexed, he forgot Xue Ying does not have internal force unexpectedly yesterday, now nowadays is an Everyman only, cannot resist at all in that way cold cool, harmful Xue Ying got cold.

“This quilt is thin, how will search for division? ” road sheng is good for Xue Ying assist be by horn.

Xue Ying opens an aperture to: “Forgot. “Forgot..

“Still plan to teach you some of thing originally, since you got cold that first well go to bed is worn, what can you want to eat? ” road sheng sits in soft track of Xue Ying bedside.

“Want to eat… flesh of braise in soy sauce. ” Xue Ying.

“Without. “Without..

“Ah, that drumstick. That drumstick..

“Also do not have. “Also do not have..

“Master, apprentice want to eat the meat. ” mouth of shrivelled of Xue Ying shrivelled, pitiful see Xiang Mo sheng.

“Have white congee only. ” the face that road sheng holds Xue Ying.

“You still ask that master I want what to eat, say white congee is not only good continuously, it is intended clearly greedy I. ” Xue Ying hum, bringing heavy nasal sound, listening to very soft glutinous.

“You see you fat, still eat the meat. ” road sheng is saying the emphatic on the hand to rub the face that rubs Xue Ying.

Xue Ying opens a body, one foot is put on road sheng body, how effort is little, essential shake not road sheng half minutes.

The face about that feel wronged and act rashly, left an afterbrain spoon to give road a reed pipe wind instrument.

Road sheng laughed a few times, bear supercilious look of Lai Xueying, receive Pull in your ears! to dare not amuse Xue Ying again.

“Go out a little while for division, you are darling must not run in disorder. ” road sheng path.

The hum that Xue Ying covers tightly frowzily sound, suck nose.

Road sheng goes out before long hind, xue Ying slept, white cat lies in side of Xue Ying body, if what small insect stands by Xue Ying, attack one claw was patted dead in the past, or it is to evict, altogether, xue Ying this shut-eye sleeps extremely comfortably.

When waiting for Xue Ying to wake again, be by a meal sweet to what wake up.

Xue Ying has rolled a head, sheng seeing road places a path dish, still risking steam, the greedy bug in abdomen ran, wrapping a quilt to issue a bed, holding in the arms cautiously, do not let its come up against the ground.

Road sheng solves the cape on the private parts, throw Xue Ying.

“Put on. “Put on..

Xue Ying is carrying a cape on the head, get on quilt replace bed, the cape of road sheng grows again big, xue Ying cap-a-pie wrapped a severe tight fact, a wind is not shown.

“Stay of proceedings of winter bamboo shoots of stew of juice of flesh of braise in soy sauce, chicken, acupuncture needle fries the flesh. ” Xue Ying eye shines.

“Master are you to say to have white congee only? ” Xue Ying.

“Transient buy, eat some more quickly. ” road sheng path.

Saying is transient buy, but actually is he looked for the dish house that for a long time just finds to buy, to make up for oneself neglectful the unpremeditated crime that allowed Xue Ying to get cold, he also is the intention.

“Many thanks master! “Many thanks master!!

Xue Ying is early hungry be no good, sheng of which canal road is transient really those who buy, eat especially with respect to engorge at once, solved these dish most.

After eating of be perfectly satisfied lie answer a bed to go up.

“Drank drug. “Drank drug..

Road sheng takes out a bowl black medicine, sending out unpleasant acrid.

Xue Ying is knitting eyebrow, bitter drank drug, take out cake to eat at once.

“Master, this is what medicine, so bitter. ” the tongue pins and needles that Xue Ying is sufferred from.

“Fine medicine, but this is what you boil designedly for division, apprentice tomorrow certainly with respect to heal. ” road sheng laughs.

“That with respect to many thanks master. ” Xue Ying.

Though this medicine is sufferred from, but also road sheng is boiled, also did not know to boil how long, the day is black, make a bottom of the heart she still appreciates road sheng.

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