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The ghost king red that Xie Yun looks at the pitch-dark in the hand, although present ghost king red still is of pitch-dark, but also did not have again complain evil spirit gas, red of whole ghost king is a lot of downier.

Throw ghost king red into store content give up, foliaceous cloud beauty’s beautiful sleeping shut-eye, these a few months of world of go on a tour of inspection, how didn’t she sleep good become aware, she needs to take a rest.

After waking up, xie Yun walks out of a house, pack up tree house, the felid that sees a mutation ‘ steppe cat ‘ , steppe cat calls Palasi the cat again, the person sends monicker ‘ a huge legendary turtle in the cat is done obeisance to ‘ , steppe cat sneers at one pair inherently face, have take a strong momentum oneself, the bodily form of this mutation steppe cat was brought up actually nowadays of 67 times, go up two rounds greatly even than grown and northeast tiger.

Steppe cat a piece of special exaggerated sneers at the face looks at Xie Yun, to Xie Yun grimace in pain, cloud of leaf of if it were not for has cross species to communicate endowment, still think this goods is to be in really provoke with her.

In fact, this steppe cat had opened spirit wisdom, the instinctive and how-to this mutation steppe cat with inherent animal comes to the side of Xie Yun, this goods is defended outside tree house one in the evening, want to follow Xie Yun namely.

Foliaceous cloud skill feels steppe cat that brushy big head, observed the sexual distinction of steppe cat again, mouth path: “You will follow me henceforth! Visit your this appearance, still have sexual distinction, will I call you henceforth ‘ bully always ‘ how? Will I call you henceforth ‘ bully always ‘ how??

Steppe cat: . . . . . . . . You are old man, you say what is what, what you say is right.

The loiter that Xie Yun sees steppe cat grimace in pain him loiter ham, xie Yun cannot help whipping corners of the mouth, of this steppe cat sneer at skill is a dot really full, it is acting like a spoiled child also is one pair sneers at face.

Do not cross Xie Yun also not quite care about, it is aesthetic problem probably, xie Yun or pretty like this kind of brushy round billow to still compare Chou Meng’s biology.

On the belt ‘ bully always ‘ , one person one cat continues to hurry on with one’s journey, to go to the lavatory, foliaceous cloud church ‘ bully always ‘ change personally, ‘ bully always ‘ the kitten that does not become a meter, skin of the neck after be being carried to sneaking away by Xie Yun moves quickly.

To take care of ‘ bully always ‘ , xie Yun returns sedulous rein in oneself footstep, the time that spent two days full just hurrieded back China in base.

Present base can say is to change greatly appearance, all round base, surrounded circuit to be as high as 100 meters metal city wall, need not look to also know those who follow mutation beast to this is defence funeral cadaver, and base is built-in, besides training field, the building that a lot of metals link with clay appeared in base, looking to know this is different can person the house that can build with different, task hall, announcement column, shop, change place, everything needed is ready.

Xie Yun also is the first batch of survival that join base, treatment is better still, divided a room freely at least, a need later with goods and materials the thing such as contribution changes region house use.

Although Xie Yun went near the time of half an year, but Xie Yun’s house still is in, was not reclaimed.

Xie Yun walks into a house, looked the circumstance of the house up and down, when going with her same, change without what, besides dirt much dot, a bit dirtier, other did not change.

Controlled a house simply, give incidentally ‘ bully always ‘ took shelter of a cat, xie Yun sits on the chair to observe the condition of base with mentality, still be pretty good on the whole, but have one the individual is very special.

Xie Yun opens an eye, look she wants start working to earn merits and virtues to insult movement again, this world always has Hun to want to make trouble, how can she do? Can happy earn merits and virtues to insult movement, experience darling this kind of thing, xie Yun can be those who like is close.

Xie Yun ate to nod clever fruit, cast incidentally fed ‘ bully always ‘ a few food, next one person one cat is big glare is small, day of sit back and wait is black.

With that strategy person different, this system is bound directly decided an Everyman, also do not have the opportunity of survival of anxious filch heavenly body, the mentality of cloud of leaf of if it were not for is quite powerful, him Xie Yun is quite attentive also, true still not likely can sense systematic presence.

One person one cat is big glare is small half hour, dry wait for dull Xie Yun to begin to arrange those data, come out the electronic device that still can use and instrument classification, doing those who remain character according to material classification.

Begin refine from iron, all iron material completely the iron of essence of life that refine spends into high density piece, every have brick volume, hesitant amount is huge, even if igneous different of Xie Yun can have turned different into fire, also want ability refine for a long time to finish, this is the project of a huge.

Iron of foliaceous cloud fine piece, ‘ bully always ‘ crouch sit beside Xie Yun, two cat eye see goggle at Xie Yun is busy, still sweep Guo Xieyun’s crus with the tail from time to time.

Time is in foliaceous cloud essence refine goes stealthily in iron piece.

Dong, dong, dong.

Of 3 courtesy knock sound passes into one person the ear of one cat, still differ Xie Yun rises, ‘ bully always ‘ before the pace that stepping its that refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends takes a door, hand of tail hank doorknob, ‘ bully always ‘ opened a door.

The Qi Yang outside the door sees a door open, just wanted to make a call courteously, what open the door with respect to the discovery of Jing Song is not Xie Yun, mutate only however steppe cat, qi Yang’s accomplishment is very fortunately pretty good still, packed up oneself open-eyed expression very quickly.

Xie Yun sees bearer is Qi Yang, did a signal that receives please to start to talk: “It is Qi Changguan so, occupied enter for. Occupied enter for..

Qi Yang walks into a house, sit to Xie Yun on, told the end that visit comes to, make visit incidentally Xie Yun the tendercy of these a few months.

Original Qi Yang comes round this the mainest purpose accuses cloud sending a leaf namely, base made a program afresh, because Xie Yun disappeared for a long time, house base of Xie Yun was not moved all the time, now Xie Yun came back, can begin construction rebuilt, the new building that Xie Yun also can move base to extend to Xie Yun afresh inside.

To this Xie Yun did not disagree, where be to live is not to live, change a house just, do not have a problem completely.

One cat sent one person Qi Yang, xie Yun continues fine iron piece, day of sit back and wait is black.

The base below curtain of night still cold and cheerless a lot of, xie Yun stands on the housetop of barback barrack, the system is in a dormitory on body of a inside average soldier.

Xie Yun decorated a dreamland with mentality, entered soldier living quarter quickly, xie Yun’s rate is very rapid, be afraid of far from have the supervisory equipment that photographs and so on resembling a head.

Very fast Xie Yun found the living quarter that that soldier is in, the altogether in the house two soldiers, rest on the bed.

“Found. ” become warped on foliaceous cloud corners of the mouth, look at among them a young soldier.

Double eye of foliaceous cloud open, see that soldier, do not have the place with special what, air transport is a bit a few more tallish than Everyman, the soul is very normal also, the place with special that’s all right, soldier of if it were not for reveals by day not common, xie Yun still does not see he has a problem certainly really.

“Look can search his soul only with mentality. ” Xieyun mutters to.

Xie Yun tries to search the soldier’s soul with mentality, be in at this moment, that soldier be frighted general, did directly.

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