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Xie Yun looks at a cosset to direct main forces of this funeral arrangement to attack a town, and the high-level person of this small-sized and private base, be in however different can person people desert chooses when spelling interest to fight with funeral cadaver with all one’s strength.

Inside a covert room, a space is different can person opened a space deferent door, although this door is very flabby,decide, deferent space is very limited also, but be in this by funeral cadaver encircle a city when, the action of desert is remarkable very.

Xie Yun did not provide the base high level that escaping, put the view on the cosset body that that funeral cadaver changes however, do not know the particular case of this cosset, he Linyao is same, it is pure funeral cadaver changes different only can, is not to turn funeral into cadaver really, or, this was to appear new case.

Twinkling moves beside the cosset, carry smooth cosset directly hind collar, fast twinkling moves leave.

Did not have main forces of commanding funeral arrangement at a draught random rise, different can person people the opportunity that also had to breath, the funeral cadaver of this medium dimensions attacks a city to be the hope that had a survival always also.

Cosset one face is muddled force, obviously he a moment ago directed his funeral cadaver main forces well to attack a town fortunately, the collar after how be being worn by person hold tight in an instant reached a new place?

Xie Yun passes with the cosset ‘ communicate friendlily ‘ , it is the entire process that understood a business at long last, the cosset is called He Junsheng, it is originally black 2 generation, but because liked to go up a lot of money of a house, decide so from fine, because the sweetheart’s family opposes the contact of two people, so He Junsheng was taking a sweetheart to eloped to reach F city, two people build up from nothing, the sweetheart still gave birth to a lovely son.

He Junsheng arrived happily namely simply the utmost, who is become want, he gives a wrong time namely, world last phase of an age, he is stranded outer, still was become by person circumvent funeral cadaver, it is terrestrial tragedy simply.

The He Junsheng that turned funeral into cadaver ran back to F city secretly, the sweetheart that wants to find oneself follows the child, but when waiting for him to return F city, his sweetheart is not with the child in the home, he knew the news of Hua Zhongji ground, run near base to observe the condition of base, the hope can be in base here the information that gets the sweetheart follows the child.

Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, he Junsheng is defended be in near base after two months, it is the sweetheart that saw oneself at long last, see the sweetheart is restful, he Junsheng is loose at long last at a heat, after he is informed the son’s restful also message later, he Junsheng rectified an individual to set his mind at.

But He Junsheng thinks of to turn funeral into cadaver oneself, left silently China in base, turn and search the Chou Jia that removes oneself, during this, he Junsheng passes his effort, made dead body of funeral of mutation of superhigh of a mentality, still found through indefatigable effort at the outset circumvent his personal enemy, it is the controller of this private base.

alleged personal enemy meets especially jealous, he Junsheng is not what mahatma mother, as once black path prince as form of a address for an official or rich man, reducing the capacity with decisive cut down still is very strong, main forces of He Junsheng’s decisive direct funeral cadaver attacks a town.

Xie Yun: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How is this experience letting so familiar to the ear?

Had heard over seemingly, xie Yun thought back to carefully, next clever light shows, is this Chu Lan’s experience?

“Does your sweetheart call Chu Lan? ” expressionless questions foliaceous cloud extent.

He Junsheng nods amazedly.

Xie Yun: . . . . . . “Want not to want to change a normal person? “Want not to want to change a normal person??

Hejun gives birth to those who have some of doubt to look at Xie Yun, next face of a piece of the dead special complain read aloud, saying it seems that, you is this ask while knowing the answer?

Xie Yun: . . . . . . . . . .

Be disinclined the Xie Yun of gibberish, direct together high-ranking on the cures art to fall in He Junsheng body of 12 class, on body of Lin Yao that experiences the He Junsheng that repeats again.

From store push lightly in content give up give not to know from where collect man dress still is on the bed, xie Yun gives house to close directly, he Junsheng is waiting to change outside the door a normal person.

After a few hours.

The door is opened, from the man that a natural fierce look takes in the house, hejun gives birth to height at least 180 above, adding him then deputy day is born with more atrocious appearance, the first sense that gives a person is this man looking is not a good person, the family of pardonable also Chu Lan objected two people be together to the utmost, identity setting of He Junsheng does not say, mention this appearance with respect to sheet, let a person very hard produce good opinion, nevertheless He Junsheng can follow Chulan to repair Cheng Zhengguo, also showed a person cannot appearance photograph, some things cannot visit appearance only really.

Xie Yun examined He Junsheng’s case, position is good, there is some of exhaustion on spirit namely, xie Yun also was at ease, told a few things simply with He Junsheng, xie Yun is direct a twinkling moves left near this private base.

Only Hejun gives birth to a special situation here, someone else is very normal, also do not have the element of other unrest, xie Yun also did not stay in here, hejun gives birth to the prince of a black path one’s previous experience to a form of a address for an official or rich man, lived in last phase of an age again so long do not need Xie Yun completely to worry about, his personal enemy is not Hun, oneself him enemy signs up for, xie Yuncai does not want to provide these lousy jobs.

Xie Yun is successional go on a tour of inspection tens of base, the circumstance is very normal, had not discovered what is unusual at present


Far in a building in base of security of city of the Supreme Being, a girl slowly opened double eye, some are looked at confusedly all around, the girl has some of baby fertilizer, appear very lovely and special bud, the big eye of bright is very provoking like. The girl rises look at very new house very fan, here is her home far from, day of month of in successive years is incorrect, the girl has some of terrified uneasiness, too mysterious, just bought a bead that looks at pleasing to the eye, reached this completely new place, be Jing Song really.

The girl discovers joining the body is not his original body, should she be to pass through really? The head is very dizzy, it seems that what thing is in him call, girl again dizzy in the past.

Knowing is dream, the girl sees a curl up with cold is in the white garment girl of the corner, she wants to ask a girl where this is, why she can go out to be here now, can be at one’s convenience she exerts all his strength all over skill cannot stand by Bai Yi’s girl.

The girl feels a force pounds this own cerebra, much information blends in brains in, very painful, cerebrum is like the ache with general pinprick.

In one’s childhood cerebrum eventually no longer painful, the girl arranged the memory that comes out more in him brain, whole person is bad, lovely little face is already black can drip gave ink to come.

She passed through really, still passed through a world that holds an egg, one dies out thoroughly the world of 3 view, she wants to cry, but cry,cannot solve any problems completely.

The girl was looked up and down again all around, sought the cram oneself with food that the place eats casually, the different that tries firm arousal can, the thing that cleared away a few need pushs the door and go out.

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