Th2020广州桑拿夜蒲e 6th chapter is returned once

At the beginning, this kind of measure got everybody’s opposition, minority is only cruel and superior move explodes the different of canopy can person can support this kind of way. But later, be in witting when the can be minute of him admeasure grain ration that Everyman eats off, different can person people Pull in your ears! .

The chasm over or across of an entirely different is in different can person with Everyman between, cannot exceed. But the think of a way of everybody is very realistic, just strive for to give oneself most golden eggs.

Different can person people those who want is how to eat more food, but Everyman thinks, it is however how subsist.

After this act is carried out, different can person people food at a draught big rise, they eat so that be full of glossy. Still have a few young female other even can person how pained move reduces weight, will carry oneself slim figure.

And Everyman was broken completely means of livilihood, the high-grade talent that waits an industry a moment besides a few doctors, scientist can stay in C area, other Everyman have a blind lane only.

What they die is dead, escape escape, have the destiny that large quantities of people die to cast off more, let funeral cadaver intentionally bite his, for that negligible become surprise can person opportunity.

Hear here, chen Qi asks: “Want to change all these without the person? “Want to change all these without the person??

Forced smile wears Qiu Jinyu say: “Consider a change have us only these Everyman, at the beginning we also think revolt, but different can person people far from we can contend ability. We are in loss understand eventually after millions of people, everyman and different can person photograph comparing, it is ants and mole crickets at all. It is ants and mole crickets at all..

This kind of thing, too beyond the mark really.

“Cautious all the time ground is living after I come to D area, see those hunger must lose human Everyman every time, I special fear, fear oneself can be eaten off by them. Nevertheless I am taking their fear that gun that you give me, do not have fribble so. Chen Qi, after last phase of an age, I am being protected by you all the time, no matter you are in,not be beside me. No matter you are in,not be beside me..

Chen Qi lose: “But I forgot what, connecting his even is everybody did not know. I know I am searching a teenager only, he is the person that I love most. He is the person that I love most..

Qiu Jinyu comforts: “Those who do not have a thing, since you had come back, he also can come back probably. You live here first below, always can when his. Always can when his..

What to think of, qiu Jinyu suddenly: “Was opposite, chen Qi, do you still need now… suck blood? Do you still need now… suck blood??

Chen Qi nods: “Cross a ten blood that the day is about to suck the mankind probably, otherwise easy out of control. Otherwise easy out of control..

Qiu Jinyu hastily: “Do you need now? I can bloodletting you. I can bloodletting you..

Chen Qi was stupefied to fall, laughing to refuse: “Only discrepant can person blood is useful, you need not feed blood to me. When moment, I myself can go to what B Ou Mi feeds. I myself can go to what B Ou Mi feeds..

Qiu Jinyu is a bit afraid still: “Then you go B area when a few more careful, my hear base has two 6 rank other can person. My hear base has two 6 rank other can person..

Time passes very quickly, the day is about on the horse black. Before the door skipping like the small bunny that Chen Qi sees Qiu Jinyu is hangdog like, get on door lock, still touched two chairs in the doorway.

“Need not worry too, sleep smooth and steadily, I can be defended here. ” Chen Qi say.

Qiu Jinyu appreciated the ground to see her, lie to the bed next, was asleep very quickly. Also do not know the reason that is because of Chen Qi beside, this shut-eye Qiu Jinyu sleeps heavily all the more.

The D area of night is horrible all the more and ghastly, as if will to funeral cadaver fall into enemy hands densely coveredly area. The hole that passes through wall looks outwards, together skinny the form that is like ghost shakes take things easy on the road in the street, hunger gets the eye with general wolf to had swept everything circumjacent.

Do not say to give complete sentence in their mouth, the syllable that blurs like funeral cadaver only and ” illustrious ” air current sound, appear in night very ooze person.

Looking at, suddenly the dim eye that fills hematic silk only appears in hole across, this eye is being opened greatly, like severe ghost peek is worn everything inside house.

Chen Qi and he is cold to inspecting, admonitory implication is very clear.

The master wife seeing room of that eye is awake, left slowly, footstep stagger.

Look at these people’s bony body, adv unimaginably really they still can prop up such body to move in the ground, is not to be grown directly climb not to rise forever.

In the time of this one evening, the eye of the peek in the hole was changed do not issue 5. Each hunger is searching any likelihoods to turn alimental into the thing to mad Everyman, even if that is them congener.

Meanwhile, on the side the sad wail sound that the man came out in the house and struggle sound, lasted full half hour. When sound is appeased entirely go down, chen Qi sees go in the house between the person wherefrom like ten dry cadaver through the hole, they are blood all over, not difficult dope out just the room produced what thing.

Eventually, day break, provoking one night goes eventually.

Qiu Jinyu still is in breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly, look Chen Qi is in beside, she special really set one’s mind at.

Looking at Qiu Jinyu peaceful sleep colour, in Chen Qi heart small warm, deride and taunt: “Little still lazy pig is same, bilk a bed not to rise everyday. ” this word a herself is stupefied. In the time in the past, qiu Jinyu as expected very as close as her, bilk a bed repeatedly this thing can be remembered by the body.

Late in the morning, qiu Jinyu is hitting yawn to awake eventually, say of ground of one face happiness: “Ah, good feel well! Did not sleep so spicily for ages! Did not sleep so spicily for ages!!

Chen Qi feels helpless only comical: “You a small lazy bug, also not be afraid that midnight was eaten. Also not be afraid that midnight was eaten..

Qiu Jinyu says a tongue, attack to go up in one caboodle snacks the appearance of one face happiness, small hamster is euqally lovely.

Satiate drink sufficient, chen Qi is pulling Qiu Jinyu to go out turn, want to look for the memory when base. Qiu Jinyu thought seriously, chen Qi wants to look for a memory, best place is in those days the villa that 3 people had lived together. But already a year many, should be that villa taken up?

And villa is located in B area, not be different can person cannot enter at all.

Chen Qi does not worry about these, she has dimensional other can, open up although a dimensional passageway of two people is used up bit bigger, also can finish. Then two people stand by high fence, come to B area through dimensional passageway.

Follow Qiu Jinyu’s footstep, chen Qi walks slowly on these familiar road. Now and then in brain can lighten out the picture of a few faintness, meeting float reveals the teenager’s very not clear face.

Chen Qi asks: “A what kind of person is Ning Zhichen? “A what kind of person is Ning Zhichen??

Qiu Jinyu is faint sadness hides in eye ground: “It is a very good boy, absolutely colourful appearance also has been the ability that use Jing none. He loves you very much, love you very much. Love you very much..

Do not know why, wind is a little oppressed, remember a picture suddenly. Below moon, a boy stands before him body, complexion is cadaverous. The cut of ferocious is on his neck, gurgle blood stream keeps flowing drip come out, incarnadine whole world of Chen Qi.

Before the villa that two people once had lived eventually. Time of a year goes, villatic and outside change is not big, still be familiar about it seems that.

Before Chen Qi walks up, go, experience the energy wave motion in air carefully. The breath inside is very familiar, chen Qi is stupefied, push directly open the door.

The home of man dress house inside the door is taken sit on sofa, see the person that the doorway appears suddenly, one ” lie groove ” blurt out.

“Disappear for ages, lin Xiao like that. ” path of Chen Qi accost.

The man’s face knits orange skin, it is all over the face not gay meaning: “Can fasten, our two ability are apart a day you are chased after, cannot say what ‘ disappear for ages ‘ . Cannot say what ‘ disappear for ages ‘ ..

What Qiu Jinyu sees two people is interactive, ask: “Chen Qi, are you known twice? Are you known twice??

Chen Qi nods: “I regard him as tell this world rather, pestering him very long period of time. Pestering him very long period of time..

Forest Xiao Ran is extremely angry, think satirize a few, eye of abrupt however pop astonishs: “Etc, etc! Who do you say? Ning Zhichen? Ning Zhichen??

See he appears to know Ning Zhichen’s pattern, qiu Jinyu indissolubles the ground views the past, at a draught terrified lived: This individual, grow so that seem with Ning Zhichen.

Chen Qi doubt: “Do you know him? “Do you know him??

Lin Xiao casts part of twitch one’s mouth like that, it is accurate path very: “I am his half-blooded elder brother, in those days Ning Yuanlan and my Mom had me to divorce before long, went looking for Ning Zhichen’s Mom next, had him very quickly. Had him very quickly..

Say, he is bungled be bungled the mouth sees Chen Qi: “No wonder you are acknowledge a mistake person, because,be so this ah. Because,be so this ah..

Atmosphere has temporarily some inflexible. After silent quite a while, door of Chen Qi stride, move toward 3 buildings.

Lin Xiao does not have dispute like that she enters the action in him home, consider oneself lie below sunshine oneself, become warped a cross-legged or with ankle on knee, at last still does not forget to let Qiu Jinyu close the door.

Forest occupy of talent of Xiao Ran yesterday this is villatic, chen Qi and the room change that tell this world rather are not so big.

The odour in air has come loose almost, on the sheet that tells dirt room in peace only, the lady perfume that if if not have,have,still has a few tastes.

Do not know how, chen Qi is abrupt have visions of a picture. The teenager that the blood on the neck still does not have stanch is extremely gaunt, connecting a lip is ghastly, but swipe of obstinate still ground has this delicate boy spirit, take out perfume random on oneself dress, neck and bed sheet gush, next lethargy goes.

Chen Qi bends over to go up in the bed, deep the breath that smell hears the remains on bed sheet. Regrettablly besides flavour of perfume of olfactory of that jasmine flower, other flavour is already abreaction.

The heart rises dully sorely dully, chen Qi dare be not waited for again go down, him for fear that the mood can break down suddenly.

She comes to oneself once room, entering order is the black of houseful and barpque doodle namely. Mix on the floor the head of a bed is skeleton head completely, also writing even the ceiling thickly dotted ” Shift ” .

Although what room host likes unidentified Bai Wei,write ” Shift ” is not ” Enter ” , chen Qi still by this therein the room with 2 full breath was astonished.

Is before recalling, so he is broken one therein 2 girls? This is too horrible also rather.

Chen Qi corners of the mouth twitchs slightly, keep a straight face bend over to go up in Zhang Hei’s then lubricious bed.

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The author sends word: The 10th chapter is fine jade fine jade remember, the meeting is slow before the likelihood a bit hotter, after passing, the face can come small erupt Da! Can have an explanation to full text to the 40th chapter, everybody can is convinced by my cerebral hole hey hey hey ~

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