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After a hour, two people walked out of this suburb, come to the side of a guesthouse.

Sun is being filled now, controlled at 11 o’clock about. Went so long, qiu Jinyu is original very long did not have a thing, now already thirsty hungry, dizzy. Feel to do not let Chen Qi oneself are an encumbrance nevertheless, she is being maintained by force all the time, abnormal sweating due to general debility ceaselessly from pore oozy.

Chen Qi feels person him distance behind is further and further, see girl complexion is cadaverous later, the lip is already complete retire redness of skin, look the appearance of fade fade.

Is she hungry probably? Chen Qi does not guess certainly, turn over the chocolate that those a few parents bring back from knapsack, extend Qiu Jinyu before.

The double leg machinery that Qiu Jinyu still is forcing him is stridden move a step, abrupt before appeared a few chocolate. Temporarily between, she is stupefied terrified is worn think oneself appeared happy psychedelic.

See the girl still is syaring blankly, chen Qi thinks this shoulds not her taste, want to receive turn around and stretch out one’s hand to take out other edibles.

Qiu Jinyu sees the chocolate before wants to insert a wing to fly away unexpectedly, where to still bear so that live, soft soft ground extends the arm come, capture chocolate.

At this moment she just regained some of consciousness, some dare not believe the ground asks: “Is this those who give me? “Is this those who give me??

Chen Qi nods, see big big tear drops in eye of Cong Qiujin Yu however, resembling is the bead that broke a string same.

Came again… Chen Qi begins to headache again, she taps the head that takes the other side lubberly, try to pacify her.

Qiu Jinyu’s tear still does not stop, chen Qi is helpless, pack up fingernail, with palmar gruffly erase the teardrop on her face.

Brush a half, the hand is stayed in suddenly by take everything into one’s own hands, qiu Jinyu presses that only slender and perfect hand on his cheek, blossom to Chen Qi the smile that gives clinking softness, use more tender sound say next: “Thank you. “Thank you..

Chen Qi inhospitality nods, him signal knew.

Qiu Jinyu goes no longer of dispute Chen Qi cool, look in her this girl is only at odds a few just. Although from the time that brief a week went only since virus erupts, can be her already experience enough the selfishness of much human nature is dark.

Elect the family member strive for desert time for oneself, be opposite for a biscuit in former days associate is painful next killer, wipe blood intentionally in the different with exiguous amount because of jealousy can person on the body… all this a variety of, what she sees is too much. Look morer, the heart is colder, until because of that woman, oneself are forced to attract funeral cadaver to go court death, this heart ability is truly cold hard rise.

Who knows just resolved let oneself become selfish and callous, appeared suddenly this, put only in her world, the light of only

And here Chen Qi still is thinking in earnest ground, the hand that a moment ago pulled her is so long, still feel family hair and cheek of what, can be oneself identity suspected? After all oneself had died to have period of time, two hands do not have temperature completely.

Actually Qiu Jinyu does not have suspicion completely, her experience passes other can person the special ability of acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person, see Chen Qi is so powerful now, of assume sth as a matter of course think she also is different can person. Different can person of what, appear the change on a few bodies did not pass normally again.

Qiu Jinyu eats off a chocolate, physical strength restored many. such, two people that conceive idea each went the entrance of guesthouse.

Chen Qi inclines the head listen attentively to a little while, there is subtle funeral cadaver low roaring in air. Sound him distance is quite far, not big to Qiu Jinyu menace.

Chen Qi carries the hand points to the chain supermarket on the side of guesthouse, signal Qiu Jinyu goes in depend.

There is the sound of funeral cadaver in the supermarket, have long-unseen crowd activity instead.

Already very long had not seen a crowd, chen Qi is returned unexpectedly now a bit excited. Do not cross oneself now this appearance, can let a person be at ease not quite probably.

Do not say the big ** on him back is blood-red first, it is oneself cadaverous cheek and dull eye, the vigilance that causes the mankind very easily also?

How does the closest thing make cadaver so easily bald-headed? Chen Qi does not know the a fewth times to flinching pitiful scalp, become aware cadaver gives birth to hardship suddenly, and row and cherish.

Resembling is the trouble that saw Chen Qi, qiu Jinyu is understanding pure: “Irrespective, although you cannot speak, but I can help you be communicated with them. But I can help you be communicated with them..

Look this effeminate woman also not so trash ah. Chen Qi satisfaction nods, draw out handkerchief of one party silk from the bag after that, hand Qiu Jinyu.

Had received the filar handkerchief of design quietly elegant, qiu Jinyu blushed actually. Her charming be ashamed lowers his head, soft tone say: “Thank, filar handkerchief is very good-looking, I like very much. I like very much..

Do not let you like! The dirty stuff erase that you get on my back quickly! Insanity of Chen Qi heart cries out, however in reality, inflexible body let her can see Qiu Jinyu with the eyes of ancient Jing Mobo only, after that difficult a little Qu Qi arm, those who point to oneself hind back.

Qiu Jinyu choke, what after the smile that hanging awkwardness next uses Chen Qi of filar handkerchief wipe up, carry on the back is smudgy.

Chen Qi watchs his figure carefully in vitreous inverted image, dress is very handsome, gent elegant. Although the face is cadaverous, anyhow eyes is a few cleverer, also do not have it seems that so resemble funeral cadaver.

This also is another advantage of Cosplay dress, no matter again how insalubrious complexion, want to put on this body dress only, violate and feel can reduce a lot of.

Still meet what somebody thinks meaning of ghastly in that way hereat of color of skin does it even. Be obsessed with the boy girls of 2 dimension culture, still carrying delicate makeup look and luxuriant dress in this troubled times, want to have kind of screwy and beautiful romance unexpectedly.

Two people go supermarket entrance. This is a China couplet supermarket, the goods and materials inside is extremely rich certainly, probably the survival here is met a little some more kind-hearted.

The fact proves, they still think too too good.

Chen Qi studied the lock of the gate. Cylinder is inside the door, chain has the arm is thick, look strong and clinking. This door is to use very strong glass to be made, there is an impression of the hand of a lot of bloods on the door, but glass damages without.

The person inside is very quick-witted, paper vitreous door Yan Yan is solidly with newspaper, prevent funeral to cadaver sees living person and launch attack.

In all fairness, the simplest now rough way destroys this door directly with pretty force namely, next swaggeringly go in. Scruple a little nevertheless act law of the mankind, chen Qi abandoned the idea of violent burst open the door.

Qiu Jinyu goes to the front of the door to cry: “Does the person inside listen get? We are transient people, want to go in rest stop on the way for a rest. Want to go in rest stop on the way for a rest..

After acoustical sound rises, inside the supermarket look at each other in speechless despair of a few men. The man of a thin and small runs to the supermarket hastily most inside, call in a low voice: “Old old, have outside think femaly, should put a person? Should put a person??

Tiger back rebukes lumbar man climbs from the ground, be foul-mouthed ground puts on trousers: “Father just took off trousers, of your his woman will disturb father favour… etc, woman? Woman??

Climb as the man, a when lying on the ground delicate form is exposed come out. His dress is messy, long long bang is lop obscure eye, whole person died like motionless.

Lin Anqin does not dominate his excessive fiend scene, the wife of this supermarket finished to death 3 days ago, his be used to is randy advocate, how to bear this kind is doleful. See that peaceful wife and children originally the childe is very pretty, do not bear eventually now left a hand.

Nevertheless the woman came now, he lets off childe of Home Na Ning naturally first, after all the man’s ** child which have a woman to be in be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy then.

Lin Anqin trembles tremble whiz whiz sash, the edge continues the movement on the hand, the edge asks the man of that thin and small: “Come a few people are there? Is that woman age old? How to grow? How to grow??

Movement of man of thin and small one deadlocked, embarrassed deride: “Kill, the old. A moment ago heard feminine voice suddenly, my patronage is worn excited, forgot to treat the condition outside guard the entrance. Forgot to treat the condition outside guard the entrance..

Lin Anqin’s brow stood to rise, agitatedly path: “You this trash! A woman confuses you so that mesmerize. ” next to spank of man firm firm fan goes.

That man dare be not sheered, unripe unripe sufferred this spank, whole person is hit to get a reel. His obsequious ground is standing, dare not reveal a bit to resent.

Talking kongfu, two people had come to the front of the door. Lin Anqin tears apart a small hole from close windtight newspaper, eyeball of have sth in mind of narrow one’s eyes thinks two people outside.

See Qiu Jinyu’s face, eye instant of Lin Anqin shined. This is an old beautiful woman that cannot see more, calculate hunger to get sallow and emaciated, it seems that still on schedul pole.

Especially that waist, that buttock, really absolutely.

Lin Anqin eyes is fervent. Then the individual is not had flatly it seems that behind Qiu Jinyu strange, thin do not pull a few still wear bizarre dress, look even if not of become a useful person. The look removeds after he saw Chen Qi, two gram eye is staring at Qiu Jinyu’s bosom to death to death.

Qiu Jinyu cried gently again: “Somebody? Can you let us go in rest stop on the way for a rest? Can you let us go in rest stop on the way for a rest??

Ground of eye be reluctant to part with leaves Qiu Jinyu bosom, observing the condition outside alertly.

There are these two people that see atttack force with respect to it doesn’t matter only outside, all around funeral cadaver is not much also, move toward a gate slowly.

See menace is not big, lin Anqin eye laughs at narrow one’s eyes. He draws out gate key from trouser pocket quickly, the movement opens a lock deftly.

Chen Qi and Qiu Jinyu hear the voice that iron chain collides, ” ” after a noise, vitreous door was opened. One looks the head of middleaged person smell of simple minded of honest and sincere comes, moderate land accost wears: “2 speed come, outside too dangerous. Outside too dangerous..

Chen Qi and Qiu Jinyu followed to walk into a supermarket as him, lin Anqin turns the head locks up the gate. Accompany those who follow a clarity to fall Suo Sheng, lin Anqin’s eyes went to taste gradually, the word that speak still is very honest and tolerant simple minded truly: “I call Lin Anqin, it is the person that takes the lead in this supermarket at present. Two outside so long, certain very not easy. Be inferior to staying here, I can protect you well. After all my virgin forest also is to have the person that exceeds capacity. After all my virgin forest also is to have the person that exceeds capacity..

So saying, lin Anqin still pretends the muscle on casual drummer arm, the regular grain that blames exceptionally spreads on his skin, looking like was to enclothe a scale.

“You are different can person ah! ” Qiu Jinyu is a little open-eyed. She has seen so much person in last phase of an age, different can person had seen two only. One is the girl that is killed dead by Everyman, another is Chen Qi. This Lin Anqin is the 3rd surprise that she sees can person.

Lin Anqin sees in reality of the theory that be like modest laugh pridefully: “So you call this different can ah. Actually different can person also that’s all right is very special, compare Everyman namely a little a few more powerful stopped. Compare Everyman namely a little a few more powerful stopped..

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