Ghost king drives the 134th chapt佛山sn报告er to abandon me its who

Who knows prince attain Jing cry just arrived half, stop abruptly. Sorrowful of sorrowful of shade of person of a demon was laughing to had bought his arm. Ren Yan is clever also by demon person entwine, besides anxious have no other way.

What demon manpower is big, prince attain Jing must want to back down, this is retreated pull between, become aware whole arm wants to be given birth to only pull general.

“Who comes… who will save save me! “Who comes… who will save save me!!

It is the last moment in despair eventually, a golden light breaks off that demon person for 2. Demon person did not change Hei Wu, be being broken off really however two fall to the ground partly, black blood aspersed prince attain one face.

A snow-white post-horse runs quickly from desist bridge and come, the person on the horse a Xue Yi, all over the face flurried. Bai Ma is irruptive in crowd of the hall that chase after wind, zun Chong is right bump, it is a person everywhere.

“Slowly slow! Stop — ” Xue Yi’s woman is holding equestrian neck in the arms panic-stricken: “I became wrong I am wrong, ought not to say you run slow! Ought not to say you run slow!!

Bai Ma holds his head high cock-a-hoop hoarse cries, jun Nuo is laughing to pat its ear however, very quickly discontinue, salute to submissively of door of one numerous celestial being.

In everybody, zhou Hongjun and she is close most, poked a crowd to go straight towards the past immediately, cry: “Be you? Be you! Be you!!

Jun Nuo laughs: “Should… be. “Should… be..

Zhou Hongjun takes gloomy countenance slightly however: “Talk rubbish what fudge! Be be, why don’t have a thing not to come earlier? Why don’t have a thing not to come earlier??

“The forehead is breathed out ah… changed body clothes, sit without red-crowned crane again ride, come late one pace. ” Jun Nuo is slow-witted slow-witted laugh move, popularly of the renascence after feeling to rob only is carefree, see Hai Yun and a surname of the first month that take in an instant, went straight towards the past at once, force of celestial being of finger tip hover, moment lets its cut heal.

Yu Huaijing squeezes a head to come over, ask: “Little sister, you… not quite same oh. You… not quite same oh..

Jun Nuo light tone laughs: “It is to holding the heart that dies surely in the arms to should rob originally, did not think a fault on the right side gives birth to a fire of the fetch that finish however. Do not have hunt life again henceforth contend for! Henceforth, I am living will be me the cheesiest and arbitrary, did not manacle, not dread look! Not dread look!!

Wingceltis of the first month is the glad hand that playing Jun Nuo very, binocular tearful eyes is hazy however a word says not to come out. Jun Nuo also is obliged to answer the hand that is holding her, shallow laugh move, look up again toward that search for in the crowd, see aside this ability puts down Jun Li silent the heart comes, laugh to him again.

The past past, should be preexistence only.

“That… ” Jun Nuo places mind, now.. asks: “Next war situation in a extremely dangerous state, war situation may be fought for an instant turn, why everybody here… “

Supercilious look turns over Zhou Hongjun, “Prince highness has your, must not attend a war before the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. ! Must not attend a war before the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. !!

Yu Huaijing fills: “Or the Supreme Being makes subordinate! “Or the Supreme Being makes subordinate!!

The word although so say, they also are to abreact at will nevertheless, plan to follow that order without how many person, all be to bursting out laughing to prepare reentry ground.

“Laugh! Still laugh! ” anger of Ren Yan clever now.. : “When prince is critical Er without any consideration, dare still sneer at actually nowadays? Di Lingqi is in, violating the person that make is with whole dragon fetch is enemy! Violating the person that make is with whole dragon fetch is enemy!!

“Be? ” the complexion of Jun Nuo instant that there still is a smile on the face originally sinks, the trend holds the post of Yan Ling.

She that become silent is reticent, the expression of one face gravity, jing must hold the post of Yan Ling to back down in spite of oneself one pace. Jun Nuo crosses Di Lingqi from the take everything into one’s own hands in his hand however, staring at that lifelike Hei Long, now.. is pulled forcibly tear apart two half.

This with one action is moved, those who surprised is Ren Yufeng and Ren Yan spirit not merely two father and son, also be to covering not only auditive prince attain, still have attendant everybody.

Prince attain angry path: “You ever can have thought, you give off demon honour to check again demon honour, also be make amends for one’s fault by good deeds only at most, without result had not had. Di Lingqi of tear to shreds can be capital crime! Di Lingqi of tear to shreds can be capital crime!!

Jun Nuo is slowgoing trend prince attain, the gas dense that respectful kills in the eyes, “Does prince feel I can be afraid of death? Now one battle, the battle of life and death. Be like this battle be defeated of person a group of things with common features, rao Dou is absent, dragon fetch fragmented. Why is the country absent to come prince? Helai Di Lingqi? Helai Di Lingqi??

Prince attain one character brings Nuo seeing gentleman so that everybody assentations in succession, become aware oneself are damaged imperially suddenly, busy path: “You and bewitching are friend, how authentic? How authentic??

“Bang — ” , the sound of a heavy hand. Prince attain right side by bite off, different face is hit by Jun Nuo however the be in power of a Gong Gong.

“You… you… ” prince attain Jing is gotten speechless.

Ren Yufeng however one sword thorn comes to now.. , jun Nuo does not shine not to avoid, aureate halation makes aegis stay in block of that sword situation directly.

“I am not a sage, I am clear remembered you killing me for nothing obviously, you sword penetrate into my cardiac moment but regret of a bit ashamed is done not have. I a moment ago saved you to because you are prince,be not, also not be blame save you cannot, because I become you,be it is an individual. Because I become you,be it is an individual..

Prince attain be frightened so that be stupefied by Jun Nuo, and Ren Yufeng by Junnuonajin lubricious protective screen one block, the instant discovers her the breath inside body differs greatly nowadays, before also dare not going up again temporarily.

Jun Nuo again however: “Person, inborn crack oneself up is high, cognizance bewitching nondescript, cognizance demon knows kill only, each does not have cognizance animal head. But they are person a group of things with common features and battle, don’t you feel to blush with shame? If you served as the person’s last conscience to be done not have repeatedly, the air transport that you regard Long Hun as Caesarean prince also in the end! . ..

Jun Nuo cold hum, pay attention to him no longer, one face about again: “Bewitching, animal, feather person, it is my friend, they attend a war because of believing me, because I believe them and do battle side-by-side to it. My gentleman Nuo makes friend, do not see breed, do not see unripe, do not view the past, lay one’s heart bare. Everybody of in every case cherish common people, had not died out conscience, endeavor please one battle! Endeavor please one battle!!

“Be good! ” the now.. in sky transmits praise, a Qing Guang falls from the day, just fall before Jun Nuo. Black clothes man, jade face student, composed laugh. This laughs, wang Zhe’s wind, in order to the gas that look askance, reveal right-down.

A bit… look familiar. Jun Nuo is slow-witted be stupefied be stupefied looking up and down, good one is unable to call to mind who is this familiar face, want to ask to feel abruptness again, can laugh only.

Black clothes man sees it seems that Jun Nuo’s awkwardness, laugh: “My ghost a group of things with common features make friend also lay one’s heart bare. “My ghost a group of things with common features make friend also lay one’s heart bare..

Ghost? It is so… Jun Nuo exclamations like that suddenly: “Does Jing mist hill leave fetch ghost? “Does Jing mist hill leave fetch ghost??

Black clothes man laughs: “It is good memory really! “It is good memory really!!

Jun Nuo heart laughs in his sleeve, you are to be in the past that still can forget from ridicule oneself once lost face.

“In former days you give me a heart, before I carry ghost a group of things with common features now, will return you this affection. King of ghost of Jing mist hill ‘ abandon me its who ‘ , come round to aid faery a helping hand! Come round to aid faery a helping hand!!

One’s voice in speech just fell, blast exclamation transmit. What exclamation this is not person a group of things with common features, however demon is numerous.

The soul that follows to leave fetch ghost and go at the outset, already all sufferred its to affect satori to become spirit, on 1000 ghost a group of things with common features attend a war, jing gets evil spirit numerous not battle is retreated oneself.

Jun Nuo Dan Xiao, to abandoning me its who: “Do not know ghost king settle on which demon, I let be killed to you, do not contend for with you absolutely grab. Do not contend for with you absolutely grab..

Abandon me its who doesn’t have expect she can speak the word such as this to come, it is to be stupefied first, burst out laughing however after that: “The demon that goes up as the ground then puts in me ‘s charge. “The demon that goes up as the ground then puts in me ‘s charge..

Two people photograph is inspected laugh, if old lad is general,be each other know very well the meaning of the other side unexpectedly. Abandon me its who grows sleeve one brandish,

Before life hold read aloud exaggerate, influence of gas getting evil spirit can become demon person. After the person is dead hold read aloud exaggerate, spirit can be become after satori. It is to have together hold read aloud, it is together hold read aloud eternal body not to die, the force of ghost does not suffer ghost king to affect, the force of demon person originates however the demon that oneself submit oneself to the rule of, because this ghost is the strong opponent of demon. Had ghost a group of things with common features to attend a war, demon is squelched thoroughly.

War situation is turned round again. Everybody of celestial being door becomes aware suddenly hearten, rise in succession desire again go into action.

Spirit holding the post of character sees record flees the block the way before desist bridge at once: “Prince highness has your, must not attend a war! Does friend of you celestial being know perfectly well reason to be why? Does friend of you celestial being know perfectly well reason to be why??

Ren Yufeng sees a son so, in a dilemma, the eye is seeing prince attain give to him come the eyes also can stand to desist bridge only act against one’s will, piece ask for a favor does not know what to should say however.

Nowadays impetus, not be his father and son 2 people say two can be prevented. Prince attain the majesty that what should protect is him, and personage of celestial being door wants honour the heart that is salvation.

His son does not understand to conflict among them, he must think however, be be in with can standing only aside, the holiday makes block the way, it is to do not have numerous to door of divine wind hall make known to lower levels however any commands.

5 accumulate in the van of divine an administrative unit in Xizang breaks this to confront each other, face about jumps down from the hall that chase after wind, with hydraulic or wind-force protects him peacefully be born. Temporarily the celestial being door that the intent attends a war not to think hall of wind following an expression is contrary again is asked in succession 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang helps,

Prince attain complexion changes greatly, grab come a sword, poke a crowd to run quickly to Jun Nuo, “You a siren, spread fallacies to deceive people, if whole the world listens only you one character, how does my Long Hun stand? How does my Long Hun stand??

Prince is prince from beginning to end, royalty is royalty from beginning to end, will thousands of years never had changed. In former days of gentleman of dragon fetch emperor imprint deeply as before formidably engrave in everybody brain, be with seeing prince move, it is unmanned unexpectedly dare block the way, can let clear the way come only even.

Everybody sees even if clear, prince attain the right for the sake of oneself and majesty, also look understand him everybody cannot block this one sword, do not be afraid of the woman that the ground is not afraid of besides that day.

“Clank ” , it is the sword did not arrive eventually already by flick. Prince attain tiger’s mouth-jaws of death is gotten by shake pins and needles, yataghan swiftly and be born.

That swings prince attain the sword is pointed, protect again in side of Jun Nuo body, it is that father that never has had care to her actually — Li Mo of cloud vessel Ge Zhujun.

Before spirit holding the post of character sees shape lifts a sword to be about to go up, be given birth to by Ren Yufeng however pull, drag somebody along kicking and screaming is pulled aside, hypocrisy runs quickly to care prince attain, actually get out of the way desist bridge passageway. Many celestial being are numerous see state, also consider what to get to kiss affection to make fun of greatly, turn and throw battlefield engage in battle.

Who knows Jun Li silent to heave a sigh, “I never know you are in what to face, also knowing you are right is wrong. Therein detail my unknown, cannot judge is right it is wrong. But have a bit, you are braver than me, compare me all the time brave. Since so much person is willing to stand in your body side, your make a stand against perhaps is right. Go, let go go! Let go go!!

No matter other people looks how to think, most open-eyed is Jun Nuo however. Although she from the heart in certainly Jun Li silent won’t kill her, never also can have thought he can protect her, stay temporarily be stupefied place, how is astonishment ground does not know this good.

Good, jun Nuo canthus slides a tear, light tone: “Thank, dad. ” this appellation goes to big as a child, this is close to also is to go to big as a child.

One face about a tear, jun Nuo jumps down the hall that chase after wind, however just by 5 accumulate the person catching of divine an administrative unit in Xizang, one discovery is she sent that market that tumbles down most aside her directly. And on that high hall that chase after wind, besides divine wind hall, it is not to have one person to still remember prince again unexpectedly attain command, enter cockpit entirely.

Allow in headroom bend and 7 evil spirit however battle gets fierce wind to rise suddenly, decadent. Qi bird is originally 7 evil spirit sit ride, because suffer 7 evil spirit the influence becomes monster, directly eruptive water of a gush, battle power is extraordinary. And red-crowned crane can dodge only merely, essential and faint backstroke.

7 evil spirit without what marvelous musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass, also make a person without what exclamatory is killed action, the body look that is Qi bird and him alone only is too quick, force of the battle that contain bend is striking hit him extremely hard however, do not take care to be able to be succeeded by their sneak attack however instead.

That Qi bird readily eruptive, fan of the heaven and earth that contain bend breaks up, carry comes billow of water of subterranean drainage water, billow of bend day billow and below, put out conflagration. Qi bird gush is over fire, body of one face about, another build aims red-crowned crane to spit a water to come again.

Fan of the heaven and earth that contain bend, wrap that billow nip to wear go at aside. Billow of two bend day goes toward whereabouts, just fall to emperor city apical to defend cement group, a path halation twinkles in that water billow. Look far, it is a path rainbow unexpectedly.

Look bend is taking the advantage of Qi bird again face about, add up to fan to be a sword, condense bewitching force, one sword saber or bayonet fighting and piece. Sword meaning is vigorous and firm fast, 7 evil spirit dodge not as good as, left shoulder is unripe unripe endured this one sword. Sword meaning is worn broken 7 evil spirit left shoulder, continue to be raided downward, group of ties of city of dash against emperor, drive straight in emperor city the first tall tower is broken off directly for 2.

Different birds sees be made in sky bully the position is browbeaten, turn and allow bend to fly to attack and come forward, the one after another is feral and unusual.

Look bend busies accept a challenge, look at helplessly actually 7 evil spirit from escape at the moment, in the heart greatly smooth fire, the agglomeration in the hand has bewitching power, break off a palm to be chopped directly, single-handed hew of birds of one numerous different two half, fall horizon. Feather person and different birds battle royal in sky, look bend did not leave firm hand, differ blast cast here battlefield angle 7 evil spirit and go.

Temporary disappear stops big fight in sky, the ground is extremely confused however.

Jun Nuo holds double Dao Li at alley mouth, by one bewitching one snake is in the angle in alley is open-eyed dumbfounded. She thinks bewitching Wang Napeng is in originally the Milky way and look bend one battle, atmospheric of that extensive great the manner certainly of bewitching force and extremely arrogant is easy to do can will gigantic snake is lacerate, but he is the move that be chased after by gigantic snake runs however now.

Na Peng begins to run quickly, drink: “Be stupefied what? Run! ” pass from side of Jun Nuo body very quickly.

Jun Nuo double knife closes, chopped go out, without any action type, just chopped merely go out. But this two knives, dao Feng is brisk, hunt hunt gives birth to wind, be mingled with is worn both sides tile breaks up fly, taking crack of ground green flag, raid Xiang Qing snake, it a suit scute lifts an in part.

“Oh, pretty good. ” Na Peng delivers favorable view, “I think you can be in drivel cries below his protection. “I think you can be in drivel cries below his protection..

Jun Nuo laughs: “I think bewitching Wang Napeng won’t be chased after by the snake run. “I think bewitching Wang Napeng won’t be chased after by the snake run..

Na Peng complexion sinks, anger: “I am fowl, air battle of my arrogate to oneself, not to be pooh-poohed crosses in this small market lane, and it wanders really too fast, I am essential… “

“Hum hum, be be! ” Jun Nuo nods laugh: “I did not sit ride, just not be good at air battle, do we change otherwise? I will cope with it, the Wang Napeng that ask bewitching aids force to allow bend surrender bird of Qi of double head of that antediluvian demon bird. The Wang Napeng that ask bewitching aids force to allow bend surrender bird of Qi of double head of that antediluvian demon bird..

Na Peng very think of Chou certainly: In the final analysis, still be to contain bend!

“What? Do you say that is antediluvian demon bird? ” Na Peng now.. warms up.

Jun Nuo laughs: “Qi bird already lived a life from antediluvian period, suffer 7 evil spirit the influence becomes monster, battle force no less than any are antediluvian demon. Battle force no less than any are antediluvian demon..

Na Peng listens to be about to go cheerly battle, now.. asks later again: “Is your person OK? Fasten me to not was in charge of you, you were given not carefully to eat by that snake, look bend blames me conversely. Look bend blames me conversely..

Jun Nuo is shallow laugh: “If you help me here, I was eaten by gigantic snake instead, be afraid of the meeting that contain bend to give birth to your Ju Chisheng tear down directly only.

Na Peng one twitch one’s mouth, sigh: “How can look bend like you such girl, glib, gibberish is much still, disposition is eccentric still, cut — “

Jun Nuo laughs to Na Peng, face about is greeted to get hurt pang insanity is cruel the gigantic snake that go, its grow at one’s convenience end sweep anything away furls tremendous arenaceous stone, direct below one knife behead, aureate halation be mingled with is between effective power, fall down Dao Feng, break off that gigantic snake head and body for 2. The tycoon rolls fall to aside, anguine body still vibrated ability stops to come down twice.

Na Peng however magnify mouth backed down one pace, run upon is returned in the head a moment ago that sweet laugh, it is bloody completely however in the eye kill with respectful, it is eventually ” ah! ” one acoustical laugh, bird of melt into roc develops horizon continuously. But firm in one irruptive sky, however by converging attack of birds of two tremendous different, wing has not enough time to be stretched completely by one left one right drag lives.

Feather person a group of things with common features sees state in succession rush to the rescue, assist be the first to be affected uses him claw of that pair of iron is caught to among them birds of a different, however by it gigantic wing, force so that shine to aside. Na Peng wild howl, bewitching force bursts forth in Shuang Chizhi oneself, bright of blue flare instant is lighted, different birds firing coke.

Assist the eye is seeing Na Peng is so fierce, before this wanting get on, help however now.. go no further, the way that flies down him looks, saw however look into the distance and the Jun Nuo that come, stay in that sky temporarily be stupefied.

Jun Nuo sees assist flashy, also be to be stupefied, turn and laugh.

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