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Also had not known how long, jun Nuo is listening all the time the look admires the heartbeat between, feel everything is very quiet only, very stable. If can, she also does not think again goggle go look that is alleged phlogistic demon and one numerous Xiu Xianzhi person.

However now.. , howl lowly, rouse exclaims one piece.

Jun Nuo trembled, busy path: “Phlogistic demon, it is phlogistic demon. It is phlogistic demon..

Look bend looks down Jun Nuo look, see the blaze on that phlogistic demon body also increases in little only, a few people that lean nearly had felt reeky, receding in succession.

Ring of the skill that contain bend passes the waist after Jun Nuo, eyelash trembles slightly, light tone: “I take you. “I take you..

Jun Nuo mind easily, turn and laugh mournfully: “Went out not to go. “Went out not to go..

Look bend is binocular one afraid, brows is knitted, extend a hand to go explore explore, without the least bit activity, and the dome glacial a layer that a moment ago defeated at the moment however seem never has chapped general.

Jun Nuo explains: “Zhuang Weihan was created phlogistic demon to seal condition, once no-no tower is marred, can enter only here cannot go out. Can enter only here cannot go out..

The brows that contain bend is knitted more greatly, cannot understand at all, why to want to expend Zhou Zhang greatly so.

Jun Nuo knows the doubt in his heart, shortcut: “Zhuang Weihan should be to fear phlogistic demon is broken piece, come to be saved after demon numerous perception, he wants to let demon have will not have time. He wants to let demon have will not have time..

Allow bend complexion small Yun: “Do then you return Gu body to make danger? “Do then you return Gu body to make danger??

“I also do not know, I do not have expect tower to be able to collapse at all, also do not have expect to be able to come so much person. ” Jun Nuo is subdued in what tell about his originally, abrupt one think better of, summary belt blames the ground to open up: “Contain bend, did you go out to still come in what to do? Did you go out to still come in what to do??

The brow that contain bend is carried, pretend to be angry: “I still do not have blame you push me, do you remove me to come quite first? ” mood is quiet and gentle very however.

“Hey… ” Jun Nuo besides groan it is not to know what to should say unexpectedly.

She does not hope to allow bend to disregard life and death for oneself, can allow bend not to wish however she encounters dangerous situation. Former generation after generation, be like,look bend perhaps had never been encountered oneself so person, do not want him to help, do not want him to take a risk for oneself, push him however.

Look bend was staring at Jun Nuo to look again, be like is the baby in seeing the palm of the hand, look so that she blushs, ability now.. laughs: “Such… quite good also. Where be anyway same. Where be anyway same..

“Be, quite good. ” the meaning that Jun Nuo understood to contain bend for an instant. It is good to be together, the canal is in elfland, still seal in phlogistic demon condition.

She laughs: “… at least assist He Hongjun had gone out. “… at least assist He Hongjun had gone out..

“Married daughter — “

Call out that transmits from far, jing gets Jun Nuo unexpectedly pop double eye, “I… me… dare not look. “I… me… dare not look..

Jun Nuo neck is so curt that Jun Nuo neck also twist half minutes do not move, ask: “You tell me, this is phonism. This is phonism..

Look bend looks up glanced sideways, shake his head gently.

Zhou Hongjun is being held in the arms small strange ran quickly, cry ” found at long last, hey? Is bewitching king also in? Is bewitching king also in??

Assist run, took aim to contain bend, the look that before doing not have, that kind of hate hates, turn and to Jun Nuo: “I am fierce, also searched without the least bit clew. Also searched without the least bit clew..

Jun Nuo grin laughs: “Fierce and fierce. ” but that smile, reasonable person sees, it is too far-fetched really.

Small surprise to struggling in Zhou Hongjun bosom: “So… involve my what issue! Why do you want court death to take me? Why do you want court death to take me??

Bag bag turns, it is to get together again eventually was in one case. Lot! Although not very is good! Jun Nuo is thinking, show a but forced smile.

Not second stalk, path: “Little cabinet advocate, that… actually… can you go out after all? That… actually… can you go out after all??

Jun Nuo saw him did not reply, because she also does not know.

“What? ” blast of small strange at the head: “What can go out? “What can go out??

Zhou Hongjun also sees Xiang Jun Nuo questioningly, look so that she feels nervous one blast.

“That… it is a long story… ” say to begin to carry, the heart reads aloud easily, assemble of sword of green top gem is moved, sword body turns in jumping her hand.

“The sword of one Pin Lingjian green top gem that this is run in the family of my Yun Dingge, this sword is encountered along with Xian Zujun of my cloud vessel participated in really in those days the battle of seal of that phlogistic demon, by dusty hereat 50 years. By dusty hereat 50 years..

Sword of top gem of Jun Nuo keep watch over the ripening crops, again: “Spirit of sword of sword of just now green top gem shows a body, before bringing my recall 50 years old job, among them a thing is to inform me, can enter only here cannot go out. Can enter only here cannot go out..

This word is to explain later assist, Zhou Hongjun He Xiaoji listens, also be to explain fire of those wind wind fire to cry dozen call public figure of killed celestial being door to listen.

Small surprise to listen immediately shout abuse: “I say no less than coming, you two boy must come down! Still must pull me to come down together! Still must pull me to come down together!!

Assist want to let it not at all, immediately answer back: “Are you to say you are divine animal? Him skill goes out! Him skill goes out!!

“I am divine animal, I am not a god! ” small strange in a huff: “Fee is so big interest is whole 7 no-no towers, be to let enter the person of the tower to go out? Move move toe to wanted to also know. Move move toe to wanted to also know..

Jun Nuo is helpless shake one’s head forced smile, see Xiang Rong tendency, want to say to nod not to know how to start to talk however.

Look bend holds her hand, laugh softly: “Just as well, I am in. I am in..

Small surprise to listen to turn and to the growl that contain bend: “You accompany you, I should go out! I should go out!!

Containing bend is the least bit however at the moment do not want to pay attention to other people, do not look small strange, eyeful has Jun Nuo only.

Jun Nuo laugh hands Zhou Hongjun sword of green top gem, path: “Help me search look for scabbard. “Help me search look for scabbard..

Assist receive first left a sword, pulling Zhou Hongjun to go, “Make them alone be being waited for. “Make them alone be being waited for..

“Your work dizzy head? “Your work dizzy head??

“If go out not to go really, are they to think they are being waited for more? Are they to think they are being waited for more??

Small strange one face is inanimate: “I can be not waited for with you. “I can be not waited for with you..

Jun Nuo laughs awkwardly, some are bashful, see look tendency however one pair desire the about that character stops again, mind 100 turn 1000 times.

Before look bend did not come, jun Nuo just is some are not abandoned. Subcelestial numerous and complicated is complex, although have a lot of miss, but relatives and friends left him still can fare, also she gets on not need constantly heart.

Can allow bend now.. to appear before, her bottom of the heart has however do not abandon extremely do not wish, she cannot bear really heart look bend exhausts mental efforts is safeguarded, got a dreariness finally to be stranded dead.

Look bend looks indifferently, oneself also are put indifferently. Who knows assist with Zhou Hongjun reappear, what implicative still move ought not to be come in by drag in originally is small surprised to also be taken, this still is the look does not get her really decadent wait dead.

Jun Nuo stretchs his hand again the arm of the bend that drag a look, laugh: “Do not go out, not important. Not important..

Do not know from when to rise, she is used to such coquetry actually. Also do not know when to rise, he also cannot refuse to spruce about of her this kind of charming actually.

It is to be inspected eventually laugh, be in charge of him to give birth to life and death to die!

Not the second listened their talk, had lost mind, absentminded later, holding a sword in the arms ” flop ” sit to the ground, “Hey, have pity on me a form of address for one’s wife and daughter still are waiting for me to find baby to go back displacement big house, how can live without me oh. How can live without me oh..

There 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang also somebody heard set phrase of a few wind, the inquiry comes before going up, not the second is obliged what to know his again retell. They are to had seen her the condition when draw, after seeing her draw again peculiar, also can choose to believe only.

As a result this message is passed 100 pass 100, passed very quickly in everybody leave. Bemoan for a short while sound, depressed and discontented sound, without arrange sound, as one falls. But, also dare initiate to Jun Nuo without the person again accusing, because of them the adversary that everybody is bewitching king.

And across phlogistic demon gradually come to, from time to time low growl two, human body of twist private parts, a flock of be hurt to get full ground by look bend 7 pouring 8 crooked people was to be full of more helpless with despair.

Differ blast, 5 accumulate Zhong Chengxuan of suzerain of divine an administrative unit in Xizang comes to Jun Nuo again before, respect salutes.

Jun Nuo thinks of a moment ago she by group when rise and be being attacked, this 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang attends without one person, though did not move to prevent, also had had good word offer advice however, what also calculate is right oneself are put have kindness, deferential also returned a gift.

Zhong Chengxuan saluted to containing bend again, ask: “See Your Exllency is repaired so for, sure not be average evil spirit a group of things with common features, still consult bewitching group name. Still consult bewitching group name..

Look overturn and pour out is cold hum, fan of heaven and earth retroflexions, be about to move.

Embarrassed of Jun Nuo embarrassed laughs, pull him busy path: “This can not hurt me! “This can not hurt me!!

“Hurt you, those who look on indifferently… blamed! Those who look on indifferently… blamed!!

“If calculate so blamed, I should die early countless times. ” Jun Nuo saw those 7 8 crooked, the person with ceaseless ** , “My this lifetime also is killed outstanding had divided bewitching, hurting the animal of person evil spirit that in me the knife leaves is countless more, if want account, I also calculate not clear ah. I also calculate not clear ah..

Another cold hum, bewitching king air of arrogance finishs now, stand high above the masses, inclined inclined looked askance Zhong Chengxuan.

Jun Nuo feels embarrassed laugh.

Zhong Chengxuan laughs awkwardly also: “Have ability such, hahaha. Hahaha..

Jun Nuo also laughs accordingly, can not be, here besides look bend can with phlogistic demon one battle, someone else can be waste residue. Oneself are not exceptional also.

After Zhong Chengxuan has greeted, pure colors at once: “Little cabinet advocate is place character taken seriously? Can be here entered only really cannot go out? Can be here entered only really cannot go out??

Jun Nuo is helpless path: “Should be, the memory of spirit of sword of green top gem should truly. But… ” she is to cannot bear eventually the heart gives a person despair, again: “Everything has exception. “Everything has exception..

Zhong Chengxuan mouth sighed to: “Deplorable I 5 accumulate divine an administrative unit in Xizang is all elite all… “

Well 3 now.. is stood by, hinder to abstain from somewhat in side at containing bend again however, timid ask: “But you a moment ago said ‘ exceptional ‘ be He Yi? “But you a moment ago said ‘ exceptional ‘ be He Yi??

Jun Nuo laughs, it is the person that once had had be mixed with oneself as expected, can discover the leeway in utterance actually, shortcut: “Because here is dreamland ah. Will tell from the truth, dreamland is empty condition, no matter empty condition is again true have certainly be contrary to Yu Zhen is solid, is total meeting has weak point? Is total meeting has weak point??

Not the second vacates stand up, wiped a tear, rush to ask: “What is flaw? “What is flaw??

Jun Nuo hunchs, “Do not know. “Do not know..

Not the expression in second eye bleak go down.

Jun Nuo is helpless sigh path: “I do not know, won’t not know on behalf of everybody. We more than 400 people always won’t want to be less than method without the person, always have clever and zenithal person, ? ??

This one word seemed to remind everybody general, immediately somebody was passed, very fast somebody begins gang discussion to rise. Zhong Chengxuan also rather 5 accumulate door of divine an administrative unit in Xizang is numerous consultative went.

Not the second is left look right look not to know how to should do, jun Nuo lets him help call Zhou Hongjun however.

Bacchic later, jun Nuo becomes aware only ear origin kosher, see look tendency however later with a pair you are being stared at by the smile of my detection oneself, become aware suddenly comical.

“What to laugh at? ” Jun Nuo is ineffable laugh accordingly.

“It doesn’t matter. Daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct had thought of the method that go out. Daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct had thought of the method that go out..

“Do not have. Where do I know, I am very stupid. ” move of Jun Nuo laugh, but that smile is extremely relaxed however arbitrary.

Look bend also is laughing, bestow favor on be addicted to.

“Do you pay no attention to me? Paid no attention to so? ” Jun Nuo now.. hopes to allow bend curiosity by every means.

“You want to say natural meeting says. ” look bend as before insipid as usual.

“But I think you ask me first, I say again. I say again..

Look bend sighed gently, bestow favor on her to bestow favor on acme, “That… what is the method that daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct thinks of? “That… what is the method that daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct thinks of??

Jun Nuo hey hey laugh, the heart thinks, still be at every turn lets really.

Laughing, not the second has been being taken assist ran with Zhou Hongjun, “Did not find. What scabbard to have? What scabbard to have??

Jun Nuo laughs, they take accost to rest, double however arm adopts look bend, a pair of stranger not close look.

Not the second should have sat down originally, however now.. changed a farthermost from him position suddenly. Looking is to be allowed an a moment ago all-powerful frightens bend terribly.

Small strange as before be foul-mouthed, grousing assist also take oneself with Zhou Hongjun.

Jun Nuo sighs: “Hey, you scold can be my friend and my kin, you say I should write down an enemy, lose you do not take here? Lose you do not take here??

Assist with Zhou Hongjun in the van warms up, not the second is stupefied to just react however come over, and small strange ignore Pull in your ears! , auditive fan two, just had turned the head comes, “Are you not casing I? “Are you not casing I??

“Can still you retain the lens of false or true? “Can still you retain the lens of false or true??

3 heads Qi Qi nods here, not the second is slow-witted however slow-witted shake one’s head.

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