The 3rd chapter is subdued

Mr A one old early in the morning is very one day angry, ask its the reason, beat dead not to say, just from beginning to end a piece of chill face.

My angry within an inch of is cruel go.

But wanting to encounter this kind of situation before is my err for certain what thing offended him, eating a meal absent-mindedly at the same time then, ponder over me after all at the same time err what.

If be small issue, general Mr A won’t be so angry.

As a result a meal has, I did not want to understand as before. Act on the principle that maintain an order, of my dog leg when seeing Mr A receives a bowl to take a kitchen, one-up say ” I wash a bowl today. One-up say ” I wash a bowl today..

Mr A listens, also went along with me.

When waiting to heat water, I began to consider again

“Old day, want not to understand really ah ” but cry out in the heart, wash a bowl to go also, prepare to wait for next fooling Mr A, “Invocatory ” his excuse.

The preparation in feeling I what had arranged everything feeling pleased handle extended boiler next washs a bowl, yes, in extending the hand into the water that heating directly… next everything can be described with turmoil of war.

I look at after the event sit opposite me to give me Mr A that medicine of scald of ungual ungual besmear scolds me not to grow brain at the same time at the same time, next one face subdues say ” you are dry today get angry, is if it were not for thinking you work all the time angry my meeting scald? Is if it were not for thinking you work all the time angry my meeting scald??

Saying to saying to couldn’t help choking with sobs, fear to issue what one second loses face before him to weep, the appearance that is forced to feel oneself are very angry rises answered a bedroom.

Bend over to cry at the same time on the bed at the same time from time to time blow the hand that blows oneself to have pity on, did not know when to be asleep.

After awaking again, discover Mr A lies beside me, at the moment heart or very grievance, face about does not want to face Mr A.

“Woke? Mr A is it seems that be made a noise to wake by my activity, dumb organ.

My ancient bronze mirror is in at be being returned at the moment ” angry ” in, do not want to respond him.

“Disposition is so big, was asleep crying. Was asleep crying..

“I did not cry ” hear Mr A says so, all along not easily I of give the impression of weakness am refuted immediately.

“Good, you did not cry “

Listen to Mr A to say, I face about back was opposite he, true good energy of life.

Mr A behind relied on to come over, pulled me by the right hand of scald, murmur ” know me today why so angry? Murmur ” know me today why so angry??

Be proud charming is like me, just won’t ask you now, hum.

See me do not have conversation, mr A continues to say ” you forgot what how the doctor says to go to a hospital last, I very fear to see you faint in where and I do not know, do not meet alcoholic drink later? Do not meet alcoholic drink later??

Wen Yan, I am stupefied, do not know what to should say, just face about is retractive in the bosom of this individual.

This is unripe have you, sufficient.

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