034 call old father and small father

I did not reply a public house, small letter told Cai Luojun to live outside, next, I and uncle walked the road of a many hour to return his home in snow ground.

His home is located in one place old village most inside 6 buildings, without elevator, I am true be fed up with climb stairs, but what I climb however is especially happy, hope stair grows better more even, had better do not have an end.

Uncle just closed the door, my take advantage of an opportunity held him in arms to kiss to rise, hear the voice with room loud door only, appeared then the sound of a woman, “Pa, you are resting first, I this… “

Feminine sound stops abruptly, I scare view the past, it is a girl, resembling is junior high school is born, she is standing in terrified of bedroom doorway terrified look at us, I unlocked uncle rapidly, laugh awkwardly to her.

She also laughed, say, “Just, enough of two people, I this is heated up. I this is heated up..

The girl took a kitchen happily, I however one face feels puzzled, the father that meets by chance oneself and a new man are affectionate in the home, she does not repel not only, what still laugh is so happy.

I questioningly, “Is she your daughter really? “Is she your daughter really??

Uncle nods, “Hum. “Hum..

I ask again, “We a moment ago in that way, she how not at all… “

Uncle says calmly, “She knows I am what kind of person, also accepted. Also accepted..

We just put down that heart that hanging, did not have abstain from, differ meeting, the girl is carrying warm, aroma the chop soup of 4 excessive comes out from the kitchen, took rice and two hot course, concern with the flesh, it seems that they love to eat the meat very much, so uncle just is met so hale.

New move also does not have the girl, self-invited ripe the sort of, self introduction path, “Hello, I call Mu Xia, it is the daughter of my pa, go up first 3. Go up first 3..

I am laughing to be answered, “Palace wood, nanjing person. Nanjing person..

The girl asks, “Where is the age? “Where is the age??

I say, “33 years old. “33 years old..

The girl oh, “You are bigger than me, I call you the elder brother. I call you the elder brother..

I am breathed out ah laugh, “Can. “Can..

Uncle is in made toward her aside a hint given with the eyes, serious talk, “Mu Xia, adult talks in this, must not interrupt, fast go back rest, will take an exam even tomorrow. Will take an exam even tomorrow..

The girl is reluctant pouty, before answering a bedroom, say again, “The last problem, are you the boy friend of my pa? Are you the boy friend of my pa??

I answer decisively, “Yes. “Yes..

The girl showed bright smile, get my affirmation it seems that, the be asleeping that her ability sets his mind at.

Hear the voice that bedroom door shuts, I say, “Mu Xiating is lovely, I like her very much. I like her very much..

Uncle is deaf pressing a face, be like intentional thing, he is silent small conference, say, “Will give this door tomorrow, we become stranger. We become stranger..

I indissoluble, “Why? “Why??

He says, “Don’t you mind me to there is a daughter? “Don’t you mind me to there is a daughter??

He takes my signal, after standing by, take the advantage of him carelessly, him crushing kissed on sofa go up, after a heat is kissed, I say, “I had admitted to your daughter I am your boy friend, because you have a daughter,go how possibly. Because you have a daughter,go how possibly..

He asks me, “I am poor, do not have record of formal schooling, the building is leased, don’t you mind? Don’t you mind??

I say, “You are in, whats do not mind. Whats do not mind..

Uncle seriously, “I was believed, must not regret. Must not regret..

My light laugh is worn say, “Do not regret. “Do not regret..

Uncle is happy path, “Can have a meal that now. “Can have a meal that now..

I nod, “Hum. “Hum..

At that time, I forgot us to know ability to be less than a few hours right-down, go to his and do not understand completely now, the me survive that is at ease gave him.

That evening, I and he lay on the bed to chat a lot of, he once was straight male, after be being broken to bend by the colleague, the colleague lost him, ran to marry, next, he left Wuhan, returned haing city to looked for a woman to also marry, a year many hind, they had daughter Mu Xia, because of family circumstances poor, life poverty-stricken, plus daily and trifling accumulation, be in eventually Mu Xia, his wife and he did divorce procedure, he takes care of a daughter to arrive all the time now.

Do I ask he hates predecessor and ex-wife, he says to had loved, also rise with respect to hate of have no way, even if think hate also is hated without time, earn money desperately everyday he already tired is terrible, take care of a daughter even, smooth and steady life just is the thing with his the most important at the moment.

After day break, mu Xia has cooked breakfast, gently knock, after the permission that gets us, she just comes in, those who laugh is especially bright, “Two father, breakfast has been done, rise have a meal. Rise have a meal..

The one face that I am made by this father is muddled force, my age became the father of others gently, I ask, “Mu Xia, do you call my father appropriate? You call me the uncle about the same still. You call me the uncle about the same still..

Uncle also assentations, “Remembered, call palace the uncle later. Call palace the uncle later..

Mu Xia objects say, “Be my father boy friend, namely family, I call father, one calls an uncle, much at odds, still be inferior to calling father read smoothly. Still be inferior to calling father read smoothly..

I ask again, “How are you then divisional Where is I and your father? “How are you then divisional Where is I and your father??

“Call old father and small father. ” she wants to did not want to speak a mouth, should be the way to deal with a situation that she had considered last night.

I burst out laughing path, “This is good, call small father, young do not show old. Young do not show old..

“That you quickly ah, I went out first. I went out first..

Mu Xia says to went out to take the door, of uncle ** look at me, “The small pa of my daughter, the otherwise before getting up wants first… “

Uncle extended that pair of devil’s talons toward me, the in the future that I frighten leans, say not to want, he still was in my pressing below the body.

Had eaten breakfast, I clear away bowl chopsticks at the same time, urge Mu Xia should go to school at the same time, just blink kongfu, I entered the part of appropriative parent, mu Xia comes over to help my to clear the table, because,say heavy snow, the school informs temporarily in the morning put a day of holiday.

She asks me secretly, “Small pa, are you and my pa serious? Are you and my pa serious??

I am answered, “Be. “Be..

She tells me secretly again, “You can be the first man that my father belt comes home, although I know he is a homosexual, but I am long so big, had never seen he and which man appointment pass, saw you last night, I am alarmed and happy. I am alarmed and happy..

I saw an eye lie on sofa to see the younger brother of one’s father of TV, light laugh, say, “I am really then lucky. “I am really then lucky..

Clear away a kitchen, we went to new world general merchandise, uncle puts forward actively, how do I ask to also did not ask a the reason why again, can foolish follow foolishly in their back, when visitting a bar that plunge drop, we stopped, uncle and wooden summer looked before bar very long, I know he is to wanted to profession to me, I am astonished all the more, we just are known the following day, he has maintained me into survive to want company, the person that patronize.

At this moment, uncle calls me, “Wood, look, which do you like? Which do you like??

I was swept before bar, say, “Do not like. “Do not like..

Uncle did not listen the meaning that gives me, say, “That sees other sign again. “That sees other sign again..

“Pa, looked trashy also, small pa is disrelished expensive, hate to part with you to spend money. ” the idea that Mu Xia saw me, blocked uncle.

Uncle looks at me to hope to get my answer, I nod, hey hey laugh, say, “The province chooses fund, mu Xia goes to school be used even. Mu Xia goes to school be used even..

Mu Xia interrupts come in, “My pa has been put enough the money that I go to school. “My pa has been put enough the money that I go to school..

My glare she is one, “This money still is inferior to buying the clothes with a few pretty bodies to your pa, you go first there see the clothes, I go a closet, come back very quickly. Come back very quickly..

I am searching the direction of closet to go, decide they leave my line of sight completely, sneak away quickly again a bar, baled that pair of ring that uncle takes a fancy to, paid a money, of be perfectly satisfied search them.

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