[the effect of capsule of element of the tuber of elevated gastrodia and action] advantage of _ of effect of _ capsule drug

[ginseng be good at lienal piece side-effect] _ affects _ harm

[eat prophylactic how to calculate a success] influence of _ harm _

[acid of Bu Jiale the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem is female 2 alcohol piece have what effect] note of _ effect _

[motherwort is cool sex or hot sex] characteristic of _ property _

[the action of bolus of bring back to life of department of gynaecology] advantage of _ effect _

[the action of cat eye grass and utility] influence of _ advantage _

[Yin amounts to handkerchief amine piece prohibit servant group] side-effect of _ of _ contraindication crowd

[name of depressed disease medicaments] classification of _ of _ medicaments sort

[capsule of chloric Ma Siting of rich horse acid] benefit of _ advantage _